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   Chapter 287 Prince Jing Is In Danger (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 7597

Updated: 2020-01-12 10:42

It was getting colder and colder until the end of the year. According to the information from the spy, the military forces of the Xia's army were also in a frequent flow. On the contrary, Liu Yinfeng had been discussing military affairs with Xia Houyan in the general's camp for several days. Although the secret guards couldn't get close to the military's camp, they knew that Liu Yinfeng couldn't wait any longer.

It was at the Lunar New Year's Eve. In order to avoid the sudden attack of the army of the state of Xia, all the generals stayed in the camp and waited for the rescue seriously.

Sure enough, at the evening of the Lunar New Year's Eve, it was just past midnight when the secret guard came in and reported that the army of the state of Xia was dispatched to the KY city along the Jing river.

Yun Shang put on her clothes and put on a fox fur robe. She called all the generals back to the camp. They had already made a plan for the enemy these days. They just made a simple arrangement and left the camp with their soldiers.

But Qi Lang and Yun Shang stayed, because for many times, the general only needed to command in the camp, and it was not wrong. After the several generals left, Yun Shang and Qi Lang quietly left the camp and headed straight for the Dragon Mountain.

"Report! The enemy force has moved three kilometers and is marching at a fast speed. The army led by General Wang has been guarded in the forest and is on full alert. "

"Report! The enemy force has moved seven miles. General Liu has led his team to the Spring Water. The enemy's camp will be there in about eight hours. "

The road to the Dragon Mountain was still very difficult. The guards kept on telling the news along the way. Yun Shang and Qi Lang arrived at the top of the mountain before it was dawn. They hurried to the west side of Yun Lake. In the past few days, craftsmen had been living on the mountain, and were already waiting for them.

"Have all the gunpowder been prepared?" Qi Lang asked hurriedly.

"Your highness, general Qi, everything is ready."

Yun Shang nodded, "if the army of the state of Xia reaches the highest point of the mountains and hills on both sides of the Jing River, the secret guards will report it to me by fireworks. And

Xia Houyan are heading to the Jingyang city with four hundred thousand soldiers."

Yun Shang was shocked. What happened? 400 thousand! She was actually deceived by Liu Yinfeng's deception, and she even forgot that the Jing river is from the KY City to the Jingyang City. She never thought that Liu Yinfeng would make a plan to attack the Jingyang city. There were 250000 Xia's soldiers outside the Jingyang City, which was the most threatening force. Now, Xia Houyan still brought another 400000 soldiers to Jingyang City, which was equal to 600000 soldiers in total. And the defending force in Jingyang city was only 200000. No matter how brave and battleful they were, they were not able to withstand the attack of three times more people.

Yun Shang said in a hurry, "message every general! Now go back to the camp!" Then she mounted her horse and galloped towards the camp.

When Yun Shang went back to the camp, she was wet all over. Qian Yin was surprised. "What happened, your highness?" Then she took Yun Shang's hand and entered the bedroom, intending to help Yun Shang change her clothes.

Yun Shang shook her head. Feeling extremely anxious, she called the hidden guard for more details. The guard told her that Xia Houyan and seven prince had been contacting frequently with letters a few days ago, but they sent all the messages in secret. The secret guard had blocked two letters before, so after taking them back, Yun Shang let the guard check for a long time and didn't find anything wrong.

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