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   Chapter 286 Prince Jing Is In Danger (Part One)

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Yun Shang noticed the hidden guard's odd expression. She took the paper and unfolded it. At the sight of the person in the portrait, she was shocked. Qian Yin sensed her nervousness. She went to have a look and exclaimed, "Your Highness! Isn't the person your highness?"

Yes, the woman in the picture was Yun Shang, but it was her in the men's wear. Yun Shang kept silent for a while, and then rolled up the portrait. She raised her eyes and asked the guard, "there is only one portrait on it, but there is no word on it. Then what did Liu Yinfeng tell them when he ordered to look for someone?"

The question vexed the guard even more. On seeing Yun Shang stare at him, he hesitated for a while, and said, "Liu Yinfeng told his guards that he loved the man in the picture, so he sent his guards to find him, and take him back intact."

Yun Shang and Qian Yin froze at his words. After a long while, Yun Shang regained her composure, trying to suppress the shock in her heart. She frowned and thought for a while before saying, "you don't need to report it to his highness. I will solve it."

The secret guard kept silent for a while. Before Prince Jing left, he told the secret guard that he must report everything related to lady jing's safety to him as soon as possible. And he would keep the secret. As for the rest of the things, he only needed to listen to her highness. The secret guard looked at the portrait in Yun Shang's hand. And Liu Yinfeng didn't know who the person on paper were, so her highness should be safe. Thinking of this, the secret guard nodded and replied, "yes, your highness."

After the secret guard left, Qian Yin said, "your highness, Liu Yinfeng is gay and you were dressed in men's clothes. you looked handsome and graceful. Does Liu Yinfeng really fall in love with you?"

"Nonsense!" Yun Shang patted Qian Yin on the head, rolled the portrait and put it on the desk. Then she turned around and said to Qian Yin, "I'll check general Qi's progress later. You can stay in the camp. It's not convenient for you to go out alone. I'll have someone talk to you. If someone reports

der to blow up things?"

Qi Lang nodded his head though he had no idea why Yun Shang asked about it: "indeed. But we don't need so many weapons or sand in the battles as our craftsmen are very exquisite."

Yun Shang answered. She looked at the cliff in front of her and said, "there's no such delicate craving. You should go back and find a secret place and buy a lot of gunpowder. You can direct out the material inside and then set it up. Let's see if it's powerful enough to blow up the stone. This is very dangerous. You must be careful. "

Hearing that, Qi Lang thought for a while, and found it interesting. So he agreed.

"Have the people nearby been settled?" Yun Shang asked again.

"Yes, they have. And I've also sent all of them to some mansions nearby." Qi Lang replied.

Yun Shang nodded. She felt relieved when she saw Qi Lang was capable enough and went back to the camp.

The task of gunpowder went on smoothly and well. Qi Lang's eyes were filled with surprise when he reported to Yun Shang the progress in recent days. Yun Shang also went to see it and was surprised. That method was only found from the book that Mr. Qing Cang had given her, but it turned out to be so powerful. She was shocked and relieved a little. Everything went as she wished. Yun Shang had just sent more people to monitor what happened recently. She was waiting for Liu Yinfeng to launch a deadly strike.

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