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   Chapter 284 Being A Disciple (Part Two)

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Yun Shang nodded, "general Qi is right."

"Then what should we do?" Everyone looked at Yun Shang with eager eyes. Since she had gathered them to discuss, she must have come up with a plan.

As expected, Yun Shang smiled and pointed to the place, Rosy Clouds Hill, where the Jing river began, then her finger moved upward and landed on the name "Yun Lake" above the Dragon Mountain.

"Yun Lake?" Stunned, Wang Chong answered, "Your highness took me to the Yun Lake yesterday, but I didn't find anything special about it."

Everyone was puzzled. What was the relationship between the Yun Lake and the Jing river?

Yun Shang observed the expressions of everyone and said, "the Yun Lake is on the top of the Dragon Mountain, and it covers a large area. The lake is very deep. And the west side of the Yun Lake is this. Next, it's called Rosy Clouds Hill, which is the origin of the Jing River..."

Before the others could react, Yun Shang continued, "I went to the Dragon Mountain yesterday and saw its surface. The cliff is very smooth here. There was no water in Jing river because the lake on the Rosy Clouds Hill was not big enough to get water, so if there was not enough rain, there would be no water in the Jing river. If the army of the state of Xia walk in Jing River, I will figure out a way to open a cliff near the lake, and the water in the lake will pour out and flow into the lake at the top of the Rosy Clouds Hill. At that time, there is water in the lake at the top of the Rosy Clouds Hill, and then the Jing River will have water. If the Jing river suddenly surges... "

"Haha! It is really a very clever plan! " Liu Hua laughed out excitedly, "they are now in a good time in marching, but water is suddenly pouring from above the jing river. If the jing river is full of water, it is also deep and bottomless. I'm afraid that hundreds of thousands of enemies will be buried at the bottom of it."

Yun Shang raised her eyes to look at the generals in the

ep. For some reason, tonight seemed extremely cold.

She tossed and turned the whole night. When she got up, her face was a little pale. Qian Yin looked at her for a while, and finally, when she was helping her put on her hair, she asked: "you didn't sleep well, your highness? Is it because his highness is not here? "

Yun Shang was surprised at Qian Yin's words. She lowered her head and panicked. To her surprise, she didn't stare at Qian Yin. Qian Yin was delighted as she knew what Yun Shang was thinking, and said, "Your Highness and his highness, how interesting you are. You didn't spend so much time with your highness in the past few months. It was only a day after you left, and your highness sent a message to me in a hurry that they are in Jingyang city now. His highness asked me to take care of you, and also asked me to give you another quilt at night. And your highness also didn't fall asleep. Gee... "

Yun Shang didn't care about Qian Yin's joke. She just heard the most important part of the sentence, "a message from his highness?"

Qian Yin listened and stared at Yun Shang in the mirror. "Yes, early this morning the dark guards came. They told me that as soon as Prince Jing got to Jingyang city and settled down, they were quickly sent back to report his safety to you, your highness."

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