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   Chapter 283 Being A Disciple (Part One)

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After getting up, Yun Shang asked Wang Chong to go to the Rosy Clouds Hill with her and have a look. She went back to her tent after making a detailed inquiry of the residents nearby.

As soon as Yun Shang returned to the camp, she summoned the main generals and went inside. The other generals were all here. Half an hour later, Qi Lang came in unhurriedly. Yun Shang looked at him and said with a sneer, "general Qi had a competition with me on the muster station that day. The bet was a decision-making power in the camp, but you probably forgot it. It's me who win. "

Qi Lang looked unhappy. When he arrived at the camp these two days, he found they all stared at him strangely. He knew that it was disgraceful for him to fight with a woman and lost. He hoped that everyone could forget about it, but Yun Shang mentioned it in front of everyone.

"You don't have to mention it in front of me. I will remember it." Qi Lang said coldly.

Yun Shang bent over to look at the map. She stood straight after hearing Qi Lang's words. Her eyes became colder. "I summoned all the people to discuss the war. The meeting was scheduled to begin half an hour ago. Everyone arrived except general Qi an hour later. I thought general Qi had completely forgotten about the competition." Yun Shang continued with a sneer, "things are changeable on the battlefield. I wonder how many things the enemy has done while we are waiting for general Qi. Since general Qi still remembers the competition, I'll punish him according to the military discipline. General Wang, if he is late for the meeting, how can I punish him? "

Hearing this, Wang Chong hurried forward, made an obeisance by cupping one hand in the other before his chest and said, "your highness, the generals who are late for an hour or above must stand for an hour in front of the whole army in the muster station."

Yun Shang nodded, "good. Since this is the rule of the army, there is no exception. General Qi, go to the training ground after the meeting."

Yun Shang saw the blue veins on Qi Lang's forehead showing a sign of anger. She smiled, "general Qi came back to the General Qi's Mansion yesterday. Do you me

igh. In winter, the mountains are totally unconcerned and it is difficult for us to hide the traces. Later, the terrain is reduced to a mountain forest. If there are hundreds of thousands of people hiding in the forest, so it is impossible for us to kill them all. "

The generals nodded at Yun Shang's words. Most of them had been in KY city for a long time, and they were very clear about the terrain around it. So they knew that what Yun Shang said was true.

"The army of the state of Xia wants to attack us along the Jing river?" Someone asked.

Yun Shang nodded, "from the information released by the hidden guard, Liu Yinfeng indeed has the same intention."

"Then what should we do? We are not convenient to attack near the Jing River, so we can only stay in our camp and wait for the Xia army to attack us, and then let them attack us?" Liu Hua frowned. "This is too passive."

"Why don't we go first? Let's go down the river first and go to the Xia camp? " Asked Wang Chong.

But Qi Lang, who had not said anything, suddenly opened his mouth, "No. The Xia's camp was very careful. It's the mouth of river courses at the end of the Jing river's mountain. It's not like this mouth as the mountain's situation is becoming more and more slowly, and the mountain there suddenly became a cliff. There is no river in there all of a sudden. If the army of the state of Xia guarded the mouth of river, it's difficult for us to go there."

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