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   Chapter 281 Farewell (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 7087

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Yun Shang was taken aback. What was he talking about? The fate of being the great one? Isn't it the empress? These words shocked Yun Shang. If she was the empress, then who was the emperor? Luo Qingyan?

Prince Jing seemed surprised, but he came to himself first. He pointed at Yun Shang and said with a smile, "Mr. Qing Cang, this is my wife. I invite you here because I hope you can help her and fight back the attack of the state of Xia."

Yun Shang also collected herself. Judging from Prince Jing's tone, it seemed that he was not surprised at Mr. Qing Cang's words, and he seemed to change the topic. Yun Shang remained silent for a while. Then she made a curtsy to him and said, "His Highness has told me about you. You are quite impressive. Please take a seat, sir."

Mr. Qing Cang smiled, walked to his chair and sat down. Qian Yin came out from behind the screen and saw an outsider. She bowed and said, "I'll make tea for this gentleman." Then she left.

Yun Shang and Prince Jing sat down next to Prince Qingsu. Prince Jing said with a smile, "the inner disciple is so naughty that he secretly asked the emperor to appoint another inspector in this camp. His opponent was Liu Yinfeng. Liu Yingfeng is good at deploying. The inner disciple knew nothing about arrays, so he almost died in his eight diagram before. "

Yun Shang smiled at Prince Jing, with a flicker of guilt in her eyes.

Hearing Prince Jing's words, Mr. Qing Cang nodded his head and said, "yes, you are right. Liu Yinfeng is my senior fellow's apprentice. He was brought in by my senior fellow after he betrayed the sect. Although he is young, he hasn't spent much time learning. However, he has a good comprehension and learned a lot. My wife had been lucky to survive when you helped her. Now that you trust me, I'll do my best. "

Hearing this, Yun Shang and Prince Jing smiled at each other and made an obeisance to him. "Thank you, sir."

Qian Yin came in with tea on the table. Prince Jing had talked with Prince Qingsu for a while. Then Yun Shang asked Qian Yin to take Mr Qing Cang out and arrange a place for him.


air.), which would make the place where they fell more dangerous. They lit the fires, trembling with fear. It was not until midnight that they went down the mountain. When they returned to the barracks, it was a quarter past midnight. Yun Shang returned to the camp and saw Prince Jing reading under the light. Yun Shang turned to Qian Yin. Qian Yin opened her mouth, but said nothing. "His highness stayed up all night."

Yun Shang walked to Prince Jing with a frown, "you've been reading overnight?"

It was not until then that Prince Jing noticed Yun Shang walk in. He looked up at her and found her hair a little wet and her lower part of her body almost wet. He frowned and reached out his hand to touch her hand naturally. "Where have you been? Why do you come back so late? Your hands are so cold and your clothes are wet. "

Yun Shang turned around and asked Qian Yin to fetch hot water before taking off her overcoat and putting it aside. "I went to the top of the Dragon Mountain and have a look. That mountain is too high. In this cold winter, the road is covered with ice, so we can't climb up halfway on horses, but we have to climb up. It is even harder to climb up, because the road is too slippery, so it took us so long to climb up. Now I almost knelt down. I can't keep my legs straight anymore. " Yun Shang smiled bitterly. "The mist was so heavy in the morning that my clothes got wet."

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