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   Chapter 279 Her Destiny (Part One)

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When everyone was ready, it was dawn. Prince Jing slowly came in, wearing a black robe and a brown cloak, and his eyes narrowed slightly. He looked lazy and cold, as if he didn't wake up. He walked to Yun Shang mindlessly and touched Yun Shang's nose with the back of his hand. He frowned and said, "it's cold."

Qian Yin hurriedly ordered, "I'll bring a fox fur for you, your highness."

Prince Jing nodded, took Yun Shang to sit down, leaned on her and began to sleep. The others had never seen Prince Jing behave like this. A moment of silence passed over the muster station. Qi Lang looked at Yun Shang beside the platform of the muster station and sneered. It was just a woman who was smarter than ordinary women and still wanted to make a fortune in the camp. Even if Prince Jing was protecting her, Prince Jing's martial arts was extraordinary. He wouldn't let a person who had no martial arts win him easily in front of so many people.

The muster station was full of people. Qi Lang walked to the high platform and raised his voice, "today, I invite all of you here because I and the supervisor set a competition here. The one who wins will be the one who is in charge of the camp. Everything in the army should be controlled by that person, and the loser can have no complaint. Since you guys are here, you will do a witness for me and the inspector. "

People started to gossip. Yun Shang heard many sounds with doubt. "You don't seem to know kung fu at all, commander." "Then how can she win? Don't she have to lose? "

But Qi Lang had already looked at Yun Shang. "Supervisor, please go up to this stage."

Yun Shang smiled and glanced at Prince Jing. Knowing that he was not asleep, she said, "go back to your tent if you want to sleep. I will come back soon. I just slept for a short while last night. I'll go back to catch up on sleep later."

Prince Jing sighed, sat up straight and said, "okay." Then he stood up and walked to the camp.

Qi Lang looked at Prince Jing in confusion. Yun Shang stood up and walked toward the platform. She sto

lized how heavy his usually powerful blade was. Before Qi Lang recovered from the pain, Yun Shang stretched out her foot again to trip him up. Before Qi Lang could stand still, he quickly stood up, reached out his hand and grabbed Qi Lang's arm. When he was about to stab the blade back, he felt a mark on his neck. He stopped hurriedly and dared not to move any more.

The audience exclaimed. They looked at the fight in disbelief. They had never thought that Qi Lang would lose so soon.

Qi Lang's face convulsed and his mind went blank.

After taking back the dagger, Yun Shang took two steps back and made a bow to Qi Lang and then to the soldiers standing in the middle of the muster station. "General Qi, please forgive me."

A woman in green rushed over with a white fox fur robe in her hand. She said to Yun Shang: "Your Highness, here is the fox fur robe."

Yun Shang nodded and turned to look at Qi Lang, "I hope you won't go back on your words."

Qi Lang's face turned pale. But Yun Shang walked down the stage, patted her clothes and let Qian Yin put on the fox fur robe. Qian Yin said to Yun Shang, "Your Highness is about to compete with the general. It will be warm soon. his highness insisted me to bring the fox fur robe for you. So you have to take it off later."

Yun Shang heard her and flashed a smile in her eyes. Then she headed for the camp.

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