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   Chapter 278 Night Battle (Part Two)

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Qi Lang sneered: "Prince Jing will leave the KY City in less than three days, because this afternoon, my spy reported that Lord Hua Guo of the state of Xia once arrived at Xia's camp outside Jingyang city and Lord Hua Guo is a major general of the state of Xia. Since he is going to go, then the general of Jingyang City is apparently not strong enough. And Zhang Qi is the general of the Jingyang City, and earlier, he worked for Prince Jing. Prince Jing will certainly go and support them. "

Lord Hua Guo arrived outside the Jingyang City? Yun Shang was surprised. Why didn't she hear of it?

But since Qi Lang had been doing business in the KY City for so many years, it must be true that such a news was not wrong.

Lord Hua Guo... Yun Shang frowned. He was Prince Jing's grandfather.

A man's voice from inside interrupted Yun Shang's thoughts. "In that case, let's have no scruples any more. I have already been annoyed by it. What's more, a beautiful woman like her is pointing fingers at military affairs. What do you want to do? I'll try my best to assist you. "

Qi Lang laughed grimly. "There are numerous ways to make a person disappear in the battlefield. The safest way is to let her die there. The state of Xia seemed to be peaceful these days. But according to the information from the spy, Xia's military counsellor went out to have a walk every day, just in order to prepare for the next round of attack. Once we are on the battlefield, I will try my best to keep her by my side. At that time, when the two armies are in fight, I will arrange you to be the bowmen to cover for the attacks. You can wait for my signal at any time. I will make a gesture, and you will shoot arrows at her secretly and poison her with the arrows. At that time, she will surely be dead in no time. "

Qian Yin pulled the corner of Yun Shang's clothes. When Yun Shang turned her head, she saw Qian Yin pouting towards her, as if asking her if she took action. Yun Shang thought for a moment, nodded, and went straight to the door. She opened the bucket of the camp door. She sneered, "the general's plan is really good. I really admire it."

People in the camp turned pale when they heard the voice. As soon as Yun Shang set foot in the camp, she heard the sound of pulling out a sword. She looked at Qi Lang with a bland smile. "I don't know that general Qi thinks highly of me and even thinks of such a way to deal with me. General Qi is really a genius."

Hearing Yun Shang's words, Qi Lang knew that she must have heard everything. His face changed several times in the light. Then he gritted his teeth and laughed ferociously. "Your Highness, you come just at the right time. I had planned to let you enjoy the peaceful life for a few days. Now that you are here, I won't allow it to happen. I wonder why you haven't taken Prince Jing with you, your highness. "

Yun Shang knew tha

ng looked at her with a smile, "as I said just now, I just want General Qi to put aside his prejudices against me and fight against me with all our might."

Qi Lang narrowed his eyes and smiled coldly, "Your Highness, if you want to convince me from the bottom of your heart, you should show me some convincing skills. The only thing we value is force. So, I'd like to have a competition with you. If you can beat me, I'll do whatever you say. "

Yun Shang flashed a proud smile in her eyes. "Is that true?"

Qi Lang looked up with a smug look. He had checked on the princess many times. The princess really didn't know kung fu. When the princess was sick earlier, he had secretly asked the doctor in the General Qi's Mansion. The doctor said that the princess' pulse was weak and chaotic, and she indeed didn't know kung Fu and was weak.

Even if she was good at pretending, she couldn't convince the doctor that she was good at martial arts.

"Words once said can't be taken back!" Said Qi Lang loudly, looking at Yun Shang contemptuously.

Yun Shang thought for a moment, smiled and said, "this is a narrow place, and it's not a good place for practicing martial arts. General, why don't you move to the training ground with me? Can you call the soldiers in the camp and his highness here to testify? If I lose, I won't meddle in the affairs in the camp anymore, but if general Qi loses, you should accept my conditions. "

From the moment Yun Shang spoke out the things she and her family had done, Qi Lang knew that he could not kill this woman easily today. After listening to her, Qi Lang knew what she was up to. He would never risk her life by any excuses in front of so many people. But her conditions were so tempting that he nodded and said: "okay."

Yun Shang nodded and turned to the outside of the camp, "gather all the generals to the main camp, and tell the general and his highness to come here."

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