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   Chapter 276 Pressing

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 6996

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Fortunately, Qi Lang did not make Yun Shang to wait too long.

Yun Shang heard a report from her secret guards that Qi Lang was tossing and turning for a long time at night that night. He was so angry with his fifth lady that he sent a message to the camp the next morning, intending to take in some of his trusted people to have a talk.

That day, the general on duty was Qi Lang's subordinates. Yun Shang ordered Liu Hua and Wang Chong to inspect the camp from time to time. They had better guard the entrance to prevent anyone who was not allowed to leave the camp.

Seeing that the messenger had left for a long time, Qi Lang brought back a message from his messenger, "all the captains of the camp cannot go out of the camp. They was told by the supervisor yesterday that we must keep a strict watch on people in and out of the camp, and no one is allowed to go out unless it is necessary. Only the captains who are not on duty and have the supervisor's letter can go out."

Furiously, Qi Lang smashed the sword on the table and sneered. "She thought she can get away with me as she has Prince Jing on her side. She seemed to have forgotten who was the king of the KY city. It's only a month, and she's so crazy to try to control all the soldiers in the camp! " After a while, Qi Lang changed his armor and went back to his tent.

He ordered his men to come to his tent for a discussion, but he was told that all the captain was taken away by the inspector, who said that they were going to inspect the drill ground to check the soldiers' performance.

Qi Lang waited for a long time with his teeth clenched. Then Yun Shang led a group of soldiers into the tent. "General Qi summoned some captains and generals. You have something to discuss. In this camp, the so-called important matters must be related to the marching army. You have been in the KY city for a long time, so you should know a lot about the surrounding things. So I want to know more about what general is going on here.Will you blame me for my uninvited visit? "

Qi Lang's mouth twitched. He pressed the blue v

e on your side." Prince Jing looked at Yun Shang with a gentle smile.

Yun Shang felt strange. She looked down at her clothes, but found nothing unusual. She wondered why Prince Jing had been watching her recently. He was also so gentle?

Yun Shang stopped talking about it. She pointed to a river near the KY City with a smile, and said, "I saw this river on the map before, but it's not on the sand basin. It's strange, but after I asked Qi Lang, I soon realized that the river has been dried for a long time. There is no water in the river unless it rained heavily these days. So I didn't find it on the sand basin."

Prince Jing nodded, staring at the map in Yun Shang's hand.

Yun Shang frowned. "I've heard from my guard that Liu Yinfeng often visited the river these days."

Hearing that, Prince Jing put down the book in his hand, picked up the map and looked at it for a while before he said, "river courses are always hit by the river all year round and should be flat. It is convenient for them to March. Moreover, this river is flowing from KY City to the Jingyang City all the way through to the encampment of the camp. Both sides of the river are steep mountains. If they walk along the river courses, it is also not convenient for us to stop them. It's difficult. "

Yun Shang nodded. Her fingers slid upward again. "There's a lake here. It's said to be a little big."

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