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   Chapter 275 The Lecture In The Camp (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5218

Updated: 2020-01-10 00:23

General Liu hastily withdrew his army from the wind valley after he sneaked into the enemy's camp. He wanted to cooperate with general Qi to capture the army of the state of Xia in the middle, but he didn't expect general Qi to escape completely and even didn't plan to join in the rescue. As a result, General Liu could only have 50000 people in a group, but he must be outnumbered if he fought against the enemy's army. General Liu calmly directed the army to break the siege, and more than ten thousand people were brought out at last. "

Yun Shang looked around, and said after a long time, "today l tell you the whole thing, just because I think you are the captains of our army. Although the captains in the army are under a few hundred people, you are still an indispensable talent in our army. I believe that everyone here stands here has a heart to protect our country. I also believe that you will set your mind in the future and are able to achieve something. But in the army, obedience was the first thing. Many people must have known that Prince Jing is in the camp. Although he is honored as the God of war by the people of the state of Ning, he has a deep understanding of obedience. In this camp, he is not the chief commander. If the chief commander has orders for him, he will never disobey. "

As a soldier, the first thing is obedience, and the second is absolutely obedience. I have told you everything that happened that day without reservation. You have a clear idea of the truth. Today, I summoned everyone here to clarify the military d

Prince Jing bantered. "What if Qi Lang feel wronged but pretend that nothing has happened?"

Yun Shang walked to a chair in front of Prince Jing and sat down. She took a book from the table and said, "if he could stand it, then he would be not Qi Lang anymore. Liu Yinfeng knew Qi Lang well, and so did I. Before leaving the Imperial City, I had collected a lot of relevant information. After I came, my secret guards never stopped monitoring him, and all his movements were under my control. So I'm pretty sure that I can make it. "

The fact that she summoned all the captains to give an admonitory talk soon reached Qi Lang's ears and told him about the battle that day in front of so many people. Though she didn't say anything to blame him, but Qi Lang still felt embarrassed, so Qi Lang's eyes would soon become red with anger. And when he knows she is going to punish his second son, he will think that she was doing something to annoy him. And even if he tolerated it for a while, she can still irritate him again in the future.

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