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   Chapter 274 The Lecture In The Camp (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 6520

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Silence fell outside. Yun Shang waited with a smile. After a while, she heard Qian Yin, who was bending over the tent, eavesdropping, "Your Highness, he left."

Yun Shang nodded and lowered her head. After a while, she said, "tell the officers with higher rank like the captain of the army to wait outside."

Qian Yin said yes, and then went outside. After a while, the voice of Wang Chong came from outside the camp. He said that he wanted to see Yun Shang. So Yun Shang let him in. Wang Chong arched his hands and said, "Supervisor, general Qi and the other four captains are not in the camp except because they were making a circuit of the city, and the others are all here."

"Really? Other four captains? Who are they? " Yun Shang said peacefully.

"There are two sons of the Qi family. And the other two captains, one is called Li Xian and the other is called Sun Zhong." Wang Chong said calmly, expressionless.

"Really? General Qi and the two sons of the Qi family are not in the camp right now. What a coincidence? Are those four people on duty today or not? " Yun Shang knew the result in her heart, but she still pretended to ask.

Wang Chong looked up at Yun Shang and answered, "I'm here to inform your highness that today, it was Qi Yufeng and Li Xian on duty, but I don't know why Qi Yulang and Sun Zhong are also not here. So, I requested to read the note and found that today they were assigned with an inspection tour of the city gate."

Yun Shang smiled, stood up and walked out of the camp. "Let's go and have a look."

Dozens of captains and several generals in the camp were standing outside the camp. Some people looked up at Yun Shang curiously. Yun Shang smiled and looked at the people in front of her. After a while, she said, "today I summoned all the captains and generals here because of the battle a few days ago. To be honest, although I wasn't in the army that day, I had already made a detailed arrangement

ickly withdrew the army. "

"What about the middle road army led by general Qi?" Yun Shang smiled coldly, "there are more than a hundred thousand people including the central army. In the Wind Valley, they met the army of the state of Xia led by the crown prince of the state of Xia and the military counsellor, Liu Yinfeng. After a fight, the army pretended to be defeated and retreated, luring general Qi's troops to the middle of the wind valley. Then with the advantage of the terrain of that place, they set an ambush array, waiting for general Q so they could catch him! General Qi totally forgot what I said before. If there was anything wrong, he would retreat to the mouth of the wind Valley immediately. Why did he need to withdraw to the entrance of the valley? The entrance was a small one, so if they wanted to go out, at most four people in a row could pass the gate at the same time. And they could even guard the entrance of the valley to ensure the safety from the enemy troops. When the enemy came here, they would kill each of them. However, general Qi went on his own and insisted on fighting with the ten men ambush array formed by the military officer Liu Yinfeng. After the death of so many soldiers in the army, general Qi realized that it was too late to withdraw the army.

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