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   Chapter 273 Using Violence To Solve Violent Problems (Part Two)

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Yun Shang was pretending to be shy in front of others. But after being teased today, she couldn't help but blush. She gave a hateful look at Liu Hua and said slowly, "I remember I had a bet with you and General Wang before the battle. I bet on which path the Xia army came from. I guessed that it was Wind valley. General Wang guessed about Liuyun mountain, and General Liu guessed it was Spring Water. But we haven't passed through any enemy force in the Spring Water that day. General Liu, are you going to invite us to dinner? "

Hearing this, Wang Chong also patted his thigh and laughed. "Yes, I've forgotten it. Now that lady Jing has mentioned it, you'd better make a reservation as soon as possible.Yuman Tower is often overcrowded. We can't eat without a advance reservation. When do you plan to invite us?"

Liu Hua didn't know whether to cry or to laugh at their words. After a while, he apologized, "please don't do this. You've conspired with each other to bully me. I'm not as merciless as General Wang. Now that I've lost, I'll accept it."

Yun Shang smiled. "Well, now that I have won general Liu, can I bring a family member with me?"

Liu Hua was stunned and then realized Yun Shang was talking about Prince Jing. He coughed and almost choked on his own saliva. "How daring you are, your highness." Prince Jing was looking at Yun Shang with a smile, seeming not to be angry. As the rumor goes, Prince Jing really has a good relationship with his wife.

The five people chatted while drinking tea. In the middle of the night, the camp gradually quieted down. Listening to the armors occasionally coming from the camp, Yun Shang felt quite peaceful. After saying goodbye to the other three men, she went back to the camp with Prince Jing slowly.

Back to the camp, Yun Shang asked Qian Yin to wash her face and brush her teeth. Then she sat on a couch and looked at Prince Jing, who was washing his face. "Offending Qi Lang like this today will only make him desperate."

Prince Jing put the handkerchief on the wooden shelf lazily, and walked to the edge of the bed to take off his shoes. "I've told you before that if this person can't absolutely obey you and has evil intentions, you can directly get rid of him. Is an opportunity. "

Yun Shang kept silent on Prince Jing's words

Although Prince Jing was viewed as a God in the hearts of the people of the state of Ning, he might not have such a great impact on Qi Lang. Qi Lang stayed in a remote place in which he was the king of the world. All his families acted in an overbearing way from his son Qi Yuzhi to Qi Wanzhi. He was used to being arrogant. Now, being trampled by others like this must result in great hatred.

Yun Shang sighed. It was not easy to subdue Qi Lang.

Prince Jing knew what was bothering her, so he smiled and said, "I'm more experienced than you in dealing with such people. The only way to d

which was even louder than before.

Then came Qi Lang's voice. It seemed that he was trying hard to suppress his anger, "Wanzhi, get down on your knees."

It was quiet then.

Yun Shang heard Qi Lang's voice. But she didn't hear him clearly because he was both anxious and angry. After a short while, Qian Yin came in and said with a smile, "Alas, it seems that she is not very tough. But she dares not to speak after being slapped twice, but she is unwilling to kneel down and walk the circle. General Qi has been persuading her, but it seems useless."

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows. Qi Lang's voice was getting louder. "Prince Jing and her highness are reasonable people. If you apologize sincerely, they won't put you in an awkward situation. Please apologize..."

Yun Shang couldn't help laughing. "It seems that he is trying to play a trick." It seemed that Qi Lang had forgot that as soon as Yun Shang arrived at the KY City, she hit his son Qi Yuzhi dozens of times because of his unruly and overbearing manner. Yun Shang had never been soft hearted back then, let alone now.

Yun Shang smiled and said: "now that Miss Qi is unwilling to do so, then don't be nice to her. Ask two hidden guards to take her to the city. If she doesn't kneel, then kick her legs until she knelt down."

"Yes, your highness." Hearing this, Qian Yin went out delightedly. After a while, she heard the scream of Qi Wanzhi, but it was all gone soon.

"I'm here to see your highness, please." Qi Lang's voice came from outside the tent.

Yun Shang sneered with a hint of sarcasm in her eyes. "It's not only about his highness and me, but also about royal dignity. How dare your niece disregard royal dignity? Even if I kill her, no one dares to say anything in front of me. But you have to think it over, General Qi. She's just your niece. Your family is all in this city, and there are over a hundred people living in the Qi clan... "

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