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   Chapter 272 Using Violence To Solve Violent Problems (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-09 14:18

Silence reigned in the yard for a long time. Prince Jing's voice, magnetic and spoiled, was no longer cold as before. "Shang'er, the fish is really good. Have a try?"

Yun Shang didn't reply. She raised her eyes and looked surprised. "Isn't she the woman who called his highness savage in the market? How could a dancer be so hot tempered? Does she have someone to back her up? "

It never occurred to Qi Wanzhi that Yun Shang was the first one to start the conversation. And the first thing that came into her mind was to point out that she was the girl who had scolded Prince Jing in the market and she even suspected that she must be backed by someone for having such a short temper. In this way, she not only belittled her as a dancing girl, but also put her uncle and aunt in a dilemma. If they didn't explain who she was, their plan would be in vain. If they did, they would admit that they were indeed backing her up.

Qi Wanzhi ground her teeth. Her aunt had told her that the Lady Jing was hard to deal with. She went to investigate, only to find that Lady Jing was a weak and frail woman. She didn't pay much attention to her as her aunt said. Unexpectedly, it was her who attacked her first.

There were various kinds of ways in Qi Wanzhi's mind. She stood up and was about to retort, "I'm not a dancing girl. I'm the daughter of the Qi clan."

But before she could finish her sentence, Prince Jing said in a gentle voice, which made Qi Wanzhi's body tremble with fear. "It's just a dancing girl. If you don't want to watch her, I can have someone to take her out. I promise you that she will never appear in front of you again, in case she upsets you."

"No, your highness." suddenly, the voice of Qi Lang and his wife and Qi Wanzhi was heard. "You can't kill me!"

In the end, the voice of Qi Lang and his wife was drowned. Qi Wanzhi stood up and stared coldly at Prince Jing and Yun Shang, "I'm not a dancing girl. Even if you are prince Jing, how can you kill others as you please? Even if you have to respect the law... "

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eg and took a big bite. The leg was roasted to crisp and oily, but it was tender inside. As the meat was firm, it was different from the ordinary meat. Yun Shang nodded and said with a smile, "it does taste good."

Hearing this, all the people laughed. Then Wang Chong picked up the wine pot from the side and said, "we are not allowed to drink on duty at night. I put the tea into the wine pot. That's the only way to relieve my thirst. Come on, fill your highness' Cup." Then he poured a cup of tea and handed it to Yun Shang.

Yun Shang was not able to pick up the cup with the pig leg in her hands. She squinted at Prince Jing and said, "I can't hold the cup. Prince Jing, put it next to me."

Prince Jing took the tea and put it beside Yun Shang. Seeing the full mouth of Yun Shang, he couldn't help laughing, "eat slowly. No one's taking it away from you." His voice was soft, with a hint of smile.

The three people on the other side looked at each other blankly. After a long time, Liu Hua smiled and said, "it's said that Prince Jing is a cold and heartless person. Although you was in the camp a few days ago, you seldom appeared in front of us. Each time you appeared in front of us, you was as same as the rumor. Today, when I took a look at you, I found that the rumor is not true." Then he laughed, "at least his highness is gentle to her highness."

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