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   Chapter 271 An Attractive Woman (Part Two)

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Prince Jing took a sip of tea and looked at the decorations indifferently. Then he turned his head without saying anything.

Yun Shang also noticed that because of Prince Jing's visit, Qi Lang asked servants to prepare a lot of accessories, and all of them were of high value. Yun Shang knew what Prince Jing was thinking. She smiled faintly, "Qi Lang had been in the city for many years, and naturally many people fawned on him. When I came here, general Qi was the only one they people listened to. But they didn't listen to his majesty at all. He has packed many valuable things because he was worried that I would find out. But the furnishings here are not worse than our prince Jing's mansion. "

Prince Jing's hand, which was put to his mouth, froze for a moment. He lowered his eyes to take a sip of the tea and asked, "are you saying that my mansion too shabby?"

Yun Shang felt a little annoyed as she found Prince Jing had been acting like this since he came to the KY city. It seemed that she had offended him deeply.

"If I didn't know his highness well, I would think his highness is jealous." Yun Shang sighed.

Prince Jing paused again. He had a cup of tea and went to the desk to read. Yun Shang had read a lot of books on the way from imperial city to KY City.

Prince Jing looked at the painting for a while and said, "you have read a lot now. You have books about poems and songs, astronomical geography, farming, military tactics, everything."

"I'm bored. It's good to read more." Yun Shang gave a bland smile and frowned. "I didn't know Liu Yinfeng was good at making arrays. The array around his yard is very powerful, and I almost died. I heard that when Qi Lang met Liu Yinfeng in the wind Valley, he also set up an array that made Qi Lang unable to fight and finally lost miserably. I only know a little about arrays, and I have read some books about it. But it's the most common, even the most common one. I'm sure I can't make it. It may be a problem even with breaking it. I'm afraid I'll suffer some losses from it. "

Prince Jing meditated for a moment and said, "Liu Yinfeng is good at reading other people's fighting tactics. He is afraid that he is figured out, so he won't use the same method in every battle. I haven't heard that he is good at arrays, so I don't blame you. If you want to know more about arrays, I have someone to introduce to you. He has taught me a lot about arrays. But he is not in the KY City now. But I have told the carrier pigeon that he have to come here to help you. He might be here in a few days. " After a moment's silence, Prince Jing continued, "he is very proficient in the formation, but he has a quick temper. Please bear with him, but he won't be too unreasonable for you because I informed him in advance."

Yun Shang was overjoyed. She walked to Prince Jing, held his hand and said, "thank you, your highness. With his help, I'll be like a tiger with wings."

Prince Jing glanced

suddenly lit up on the platform. In the light of the only red lantern, a red figure gradually appeared. She was so graceful and graceful. She was dressed in red, holding a sword in each hand. As the music started again, the red figure started to dance with the sound. The sword grew faster and faster, and people dazzled when they saw the figure. The sword was vigorous with a red dress, but because of the graceful figure, it was more vigorous in the air.

After the song, the red lantern went out and the figure in red disappeared in the darkness.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief. They were all shocked. Qi Lang lifted his eyes to look at Prince Jing. The prince was putting a piece of Osmanthus cake into Yun Shang's mouth. Qi Lang frowned and didn't know whether Prince Jing saw the performance on the opposite platform. He was speechless for a moment.

Lady Qi, who had already returned, said with a frown, "Your highness, the dance is so gorgeous. A woman can perform such an amazing sword dance, she is also very rare."

Qi Lang nodded and smiled at Prince Jing. "What do you think, Prince Jing?"

"What?" Prince Jing seemed to be brought back to earth. He looked at Qi Lang indifferently, "Oh, just now I was just busy picking food for my wife and didn't pay attention to it. But to be honest, no one can stand up to the title of 'breathtaking beauty', except for my wife, Yun Shang."

Yun Shang was almost choked by the osmanthus cake. After a while, she managed to calm herself down and ate the cake. She said with a smile, "Your Highness, you always make fun of me."

But Qi Lang fell silent again on hearing what Prince Jing and Yun Shang said. Lady Qi frowned and said, "I think the girl who danced seems to be familiar."

Hearing that, Qi Lang turned around, "what? You feel the same way, my lady. Then call the dancer here and reward her. "

Not long after, a woman in red came up and knelt in the courtyard. "Your Highnesses, I am Qi Wanzhi."

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