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   Chapter 270 An Attractive Woman (Part One)

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Although the fire of war had not yet spread in the KY City, it was much quieter than the city when Yun Shang just came. Many people packed their belongings and were ready to leave for safety. Many shops in the city were closed, and the street was packed with less and less people.

Yun Shang sighed. Her heart sank. The villagers were struck by the continuous fighting, which made them homeless and unable to go home. This was the most frightening thing for them.

"I'm relieved to have you around. I'll go to the Jingyang City and the Dexi City in a few days." Prince Jing walked by Yun Shang and whispered to her.

Yun Shang was a little stunned, feeling a little disappointed. After a while, she nodded. "When Li Jingyan and Xia Houjing occupied the imperial household, I thought they were going to attack from Jingyang, but later I thought the generals from the Xia army to Jingyang City wouldn't be a big trouble, instead, the people here were the most people to be worried, so I came to the KY City."

Prince Jing nodded, "Liu Yinfeng might have also carefully studied my tactics. So, I refused to make any decisions before. You've never been to the battlefield, but he cannot find your information anywhere. Great. But you still have to pay attention to Qi Lang. he is a proud man, but you embarrassed him several times. He must have hated you from the very beginning. Be careful. It's true that he is a military officer. But if he can't be used by you, he should be removed without hesitation. You can not stall anymore. "

Yun Shang understood Prince Jing's words very well. He had his own worries for her. She was still a bit hesitant when it came to removing Qi Lang, as few generals could fight in the state of Ning. But what Prince Jing said was right. A talented man could not be taken advantage of by you, which would most likely become a hidden trouble for you.

While they were talking, there was a sound of horse's feet coming from behind. The horse was galloping so fast that Yun Shang heard a scream, and then a girlish voice followed, "go away. The horse is crazy."

Yun Shang frowned

bvious. "

"Really?" Prince Jing glanced at Yun Shang. His cold expression was gone. He smiled at Yun Shang and said: "my charm is unparalleled. Every woman in the world is favored by God. Is my wife one of them?"

Yun Shang was choked by Prince Jing's question. She snorted and said nothing.

After strolling around the city, Prince Jing and Yun Shang went to the General Qi's Mansion, which had been well prepared. As soon as they entered, Qi Lang was kneeling down to greet them with a group of his people. Prince Jing glanced around the room that was kneeling on the ground. He looked at Qi Yufeng, and called him to look uo. When Qi Yufeng raised his head and looked at him, Prince Jing turned around and looked at Yun Shang and said, "the eldest son of the General Qi's Mansion is indeed handsome. No wonder my lady also wants to have him as a concubine..."

Yun Shang felt speechless and sighed. Why was Prince Jing so playful? Yun Shang had explained it to Prince Jing earlier, but he just wouldn't let go. She glared at Prince Jing and dragged him into the yard. The courtyard, which Yun Shang used to live in, was added with something that belonged to men. Qian Yin had already come back ahead of time and packed up. When she saw Prince Jing and Yun Shang coming back, she curtsied and served tea. Knowing that Prince Jing didn't like her maids to serve him, she retreated with other maids.

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