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   Chapter 269 The Couple (Part Two)

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When she woke up again, it was already in the morning. The prince had already gotten up. Yun Shang touched the bed next to her and found that it was cold. So the prince must have gotten up for quite a while.

Yun Shang saw a white dress beside the pillow. The white one seemed to be prepared for her. Yun Shang stood up and dressed herself. The clothes they prepared for her fitted her perfectly. She still wore men's clothes.

After putting on her clothes and tying up her hair, Yun Shang walked around the screen and went out. Seeing that Prince Jing, dressed in black, was reading a book behind the table, Yun Shang felt nervous. She hid behind the screen and after backing down, she realized that she was dressed. Why was she so afraid of him?

After checking her clothes, she walked out of again. She coughed and said, "Your Highness."

Without raising his head, Prince Jing nodded slightly. "Well, there's still some food on the table. Just eat something first."

Yun Shang turned around and saw a bowl of porridge and some pickles on the table. Feeling a little hungry, she didn't care much about anything else. She walked to the table and picked up the bowl to eat.

While she were eating, the door was pushed open. Yun Shang raised her eyes and saw Qian Yin standing at the door, craning her neck and forgetting to come in. Seeing Yun Shang sitting at the table, Qian Yin smiled and ran to her. "Your Highness, you are awake!"

Yun Shang smiled and nodded, "what? Have I been in a coma for a long time? "

Qian Yin nodded repeatedly, "yes, four days. We would still be trapped in the yard if Prince Jing didn't break the array. "

As she recalled Prince Jing's words that he bathed her and had slept on the same bed with her for days, Yun Shang flushed again. Then she bowed her head and ate without saying anything to Qian Yin.

Qian Yin sneaked a glance at Prince Jing who was reading the letter, and said gently, "Your Highness, I just met a few generals in the camp. They asked me to ask your highness when you could summon them. In this way, they can report to your highness about the battle recently. Your highness, you have to deal with a lot of things."

Yun Shang thought of the days that she had been in coma, and it could be said that many things had happened in the battlefield. In such a situation, every moment of what happened could affect the entire war situation. She quickly said, "I'll go back after the meal..."

Before Yun Shang could finish her sentence, someone interrupted her in a cold voice, "Refuse all the generals. Tell the general that Her Highness has just woken up and is still weak. She is not supposed to work too hard. Let them wait."

"What?" Yun Shang was stunned. "But..."

"What?" Yun Shang shut her mouth immediately upon Prince

tect me well. However, I don't want to be a burden to you or a coward woman who only seeks your protection behind you. Prince Jing, you are of unusual status. Perhaps the responsibilities you needs to take will be even greater. I hope I can slowly grow into a woman comparable to you. "

Prince Jing kept silent for a while. Then he put his hand on Yun Shang's, held her hand, turned around, looked into her eyes, and sighed. "It's not that I don't allow you to do these things. I just hope that you can protect yourself well and don't put yourself in danger."

Yun Shang smiled and nodded cautiously. "I know. I won't be so rash in the future."

Noticing that Yun Shang's hands were getting cold, Prince Jing covered her hands in his hands for a while, stood up and said, "Qi Lang changed the original plan without your permission, which caused a great loss to the army. But he insisted on blaming several generals who had disobeyed him, which resulted in his loss. He sent Lady Qi to invite us to the General Qi's Mansion today. I'm afraid that he might come up with some new trick. Since we doesn't have anything important to do today, we might as well take a look at it. When we are fighting in the battlefield, the greatest fear is that some people disobey the orders and go against their wishes. Once all of us cannot work together against the enemy, it will always be a trouble. We'd better solve it as soon as possible, or there will be accidents in the future. "

Yun Shang was taken by surprise before she realized that the prince was explaining why he agreed on Lady Qi's request just now. She nodded with warmth in her heart. "Your Highness is right. We can stay there for a while. But I just wake up, I don't know what's going on now..."

Prince Jing glanced at her and said, "let's go for a walk in the KY city. I'll talk with you on the way."

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