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   Chapter 268 The Couple (Part One)

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This made Liu Yinfeng's heart ache. He rushed into the yard and went straight to the room that the man lived in. He looked for a few circles inside and outside, but did not see the man, and even his servant wasn't there.

"Go and search the corpses within five miles of this yard carefully. Carry out the corpses of all the people outside and don't ignore even an inch of this place." Said Liu Yinfeng, in great panic.

Liu Yinfeng looked around the yard again, but did not see the man. He frowned and heard from a guard, "Sir, all the corpses have been placed outside the yard."

Liu Yinfeng nodded slightly and went out.

There were five corpses placed outside the yard. Liu Yinfeng checked them one by one, but he didn't see the man called Xiao Yun either. he was relieved a little, but also a little worried, wondering if he was taken away by someone. He believed that the people who could break the array were not ordinary people. He hoped that Xiao Yun would be smart and would not get into trouble.

At the thought of this, Liu Yinfeng decided to double check again. He wanted to know which force it belonged to so that he could find the man by the way.

Yun Shang woke up in the third night. She felt pain all over her body as soon as she woke up. She opened her eyes at last but nothing came into her sight. Yun Shang rubbed her forehead, not knowing what was going on. She sat up, but felt something unusual on her body. When she touched it, she felt a shudder all over her body and there was not even an inch of cloth on her body.

What was going on?

Yun Shang held her breath and listened carefully for a long time. Then she heard faint footsteps coming back and forth from outside and the sound of armor rubbing.

Camp? Or military road? Yun Shang felt a little nervous. Wasn't she at the small yard where Liu Yinfeng lived?

"Qian Yin..." Yun Shang called aloud and was about to get up. But someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.

Yun Shang was startled. Who was it? Who was on her bed? She raised her other hand in a hurry and launched an attack on the man. The man pressed her down on the bed. He said in a slightly hoarse voice, "are you trying to kill

n Shang closer and held her in his arms. Yun Shang froze and dared not move.

The man behind her yawned and spoke with some tiredness, "I'm a little tired these days. Don't move. I have a better sleep beside you. You've just been poisoned, and it has made you sleep for a few days. You just wake up and you're still weak. Don't worry, I won't do anything to you. "

Yun Shang breathed a sigh of relief. A lot of questions had been put aside. With things turning out like this, there could not be a peaceful conversation.

"Since you want to sleep, turn off the light," Yun Shang said gently. Since Prince Jing said he wouldn't do anything to her, then he wouldn't. Yun Shang felt relieved. She just slept for a few days and was not sleepy. It was dark again in the camp without seeing what Prince Jing was doing.

Yun Shang leaned against Prince Jing and dared not move. She felt a little remorseful. Since Prince Jing said that he would not touch her, he should let her put on clothes. She couldn't stay at ease in such a way. Yun Shang opened her eyes and listened to the sound of the person behind her gradually calm down. She thought that he would arrive at KY City in a few days, and it must be a tiring journey. He heard that the situation over there was extremely tense, and she was afraid that he hadn't had a good sleep for a long time. She faintly felt sad in her heart, and sighed faintly. She thought about it again, but she also fell asleep.

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