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   Chapter 267 Sweet Moment (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 10108

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Qian Yin bit her lower lip and spoke to herself, "oh no." when the prince was angry, he would probably only listen to Lady Jing. But now that lady Jing was in a coma, someone was going to get hurt, and she just hoped that she was not the one to suffer. She thought randomly for a while and hurried to follow.

Prince Jing got on the horse with Yun Shang in his arms, adjusted his posture to hold Yun Shang in his arms, then raised the whip and dropped it heavily on the horse.

When Qian Yin ran over, she only saw Yun Shang leave. She shouted in her heart, 'Your Highness, I'm still here. Don't leave me alone!'

Considering Yun Shang's weak body, Prince Jing managed to ride the horse steadily. But his horse was really fast. It only took about five hours to get to the military camp outside the KY city.

Since Qi Lang had already received the news, he had to bring the generals of the military to meet him. His men knelt down before the main tent. They saw a man in black with a black cloak coming over. All of them fell to the ground in a hurry. "Your Highness."

Prince Jing didn't seem to see them. He went straight into the tent without hesitation, and a cold but majestic voice came out. "Call for the military doctor."

The weather in December was very cold, but the simple words from the army still made the other generals shiver, as if their bones were quivering.

In a hurry, the general doctor came. The military doctor knelt on the ground and checked Yun Shang's pulse. After a long time, he trembled in Prince Jing's murderous eyes. "It's nothing serious with her highness. She is just a little weak. She will be fine after drinking some tonic, which means she doesn't need medicine."

Prince Jing held the cold hand of the woman in his arms, frowning. He didn't speak for a long time. When the military doctor was thinking about changing his mind and giving the woman some medicine, he heard a faint voice, "you can leave now."

The doctor was relieved and got out quickly with the medicine box. Several generals were standing at the door and looking at him with burning eyes. The doctor trembled and said, "Her Highness is fine."

Hearing his words, the generals heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing Prince Jing's worried face, they thought something had happened to that beautiful woman. They were worried, because on the one hand, they had gradually trusted Yun Shang these days, and on the other hand, they were afraid that the famous cold faced prince would blame them.

While they were thinking, the door of the camp was pushed open again. Prince Jing's figure appeared at the door. The generals lowered their heads in a hurry. "Your Highness."

Prince Jing nodded, "have some tonics delivered. By the way, bring me some buckets of hot water."

Qi Lang ordered his servants to start. Then he turned around and said, "Your Highness, the army of the state of Xia..."

Before Qi Lang could finish his sentence, Prince Jing interrupted him. "Now the inspector in this camp is my wife, not m

nsellor is a man of great wisdom. Although I'm good at fighting, I don't know how to deal with complex tactics. I can only rely on you for this battle. Don't even think about punishment or what. If you really want to think about it, you should spend some time to think how to win the war for me. Only in this way can you compensate. "

"Got it, your highness." Liu Yinfeng nodded indifferently.

Xia Houyan sighed, "you have been busy for the past few days and have not been idle at all. You haven't learned martial arts yet, so you should go back and have a rest. Only after a good rest can you fight a tough battle."

Liu Yinfeng bowed and left the camp, heading to the yard where he lived.

But when he went far into the yard, he felt something wrong. The array he made seemed to have been moved and broken.

Liu Yinfeng was surprised to see it, but he was also afraid that the men who broke the array were still inside. So he returned to the camp and took the guards with him.

There were obvious signs of fighting in the array. Little by little, Liu Yinfeng followed the signs and saw two corpses of the men in black lying in the array. He went to the man in black and searched carefully, but found nothing. They seemed to be afraid that their identities would be revealed because of their death, so they didn't bring anything that could reveal their identity. Liu Yinfeng frowned and walked slowly towards the eye of the array in the middle of the array.

Then he saw a grey figure fell in the array. He was a little worried and walked to him immediately. It was really Uncle Liu. he squatted down and put his fingers in front of Uncle Liu's nose, only to find that Uncle Liu had lost his life.

Liu Yinfeng looked pale. He slowly stood up and ordered in a low voice, "bury Uncle Liu for me."

The guards stepped forward and left with the body of Uncle Liu. Suddenly, another thing occurred to Liu Yinfeng. There was still someone else in the yard, the man he brought back from the wind Valley.

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