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   Chapter 266 Sweet Moment (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 7374

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But there were more than 10000 soldiers of the state of Xia. Another fifty thousand people led by Liu Hua were seriously injured. When they finally worked together to break out the siege, there were only less than 10000 left.

Thanks to a map of Wind Valley drew by Yun Shang, they was able to escape from the ambush of the army of the state of Xia. The map marked the detailed terrain of wind valley. Even when Yun Shang was investigating the terrain, she had set many traps in some hidden places. With the help of these traps, Liu Hua managed to escape from the heavy siege and returned to the camp with only a few thousand people left.

When Liu Hua returned to the camp, Qi Lang was furious. "How dare you ignore the military discipline and openly disobey my order!"

Liu Hua frowned. He hadn't even taken off his armor. Holding the sword in his hand, he rushed in. "General Qi, who is oblivious to the military discipline? The inspector has already made her arrangement, but you do not obey her orders and act on your own. General Qi, do you know that in addition to the wind Valley, the Liuyun mountain had also encountered countless enemies. If it weren't for the 50000 soldiers led by me and the hundred thousand soldiers of general Wang, when you return here, this camp would not be ours anymore. "

After hearing what Liu Hua said, Qi Lang slapped on the table and shouted, "you are fucking insane! Guards, let me show you the military law. Let me show you who is in charge here. "

As his voice faded away, a secret guard lifted up the curtain and came in. Qi Lang's face looked even paler. "This is the military camp! Even if you are Her Highness's Secret guard, you are not allowed to wander around in the military camp. "

However, the secret guard didn't care about what Qi Lang said at all. He just said indifferently, "Prince Jing has ordered that all the generals should tidy up a tent. He will come back with her highness tomorrow morning at the latest."

Except for Wang Chong and Wang Yan, all the other people were shocked, and there was an obvious shock in their eyes. Wang Chong touched his nose and said, "just at the time when all the generals left the camp, Prince Jing c

ince Jing was omnipotent in the mind of everyone in the state of Ning.

About half an hour later, a black figure emerged from the array. Then the figure became very clear. Qian Yin could see clearly that Uncle Frank was being surrounded by the secret guards and kept on retreating.

The array was broken. Qian Yin was overjoyed.

Before she came to her senses, she heard Prince Jing asking coldly, "what happened to her highness?"

Qian Yin then realized that Prince Jing had already stood in front of her. His eyes fell gently on the person behind Qian Yin, but his face was as cold as ice.

Qian Yin quickly put Yun Shang down from her back, held her with one hand, and whispered, "the day before Liu Yinfeng left, her highness wanted to run through the array, but accidentally slipped into a dead door and was hurt by the toxic smoke. She has already taken antidotes. But the smoke is too strong. I'm afraid her highness will be in a coma for a few more days. "

Prince Jing kept silent for a moment. He stared at Yun Shang with a murderous look in his eyes. Then he stretched out his hands and held Yun Shang in his arms, walking outside.

Qian Yin was shocked. Was Prince Jing angry? Although Yun Shang and Prince Jing had been married for a few months, and Qian Yin, as Yun Shang's closest maid, had little contact with Prince Jing, she was still unable to read his mind. She could tell from his face that he was angry, and he seemed to be very angry.

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