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   Chapter 265 Prince Jing Is In The KY City (Part Two)

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The arrow was about to hit Liu Yinfeng, but was stopped by a man with a military uniform. Qi Lang's face darkened at the sight of this. Xia Houyan, the crown prince of the state of Xia, he was quick to react.

However, the army of the State of Xia started to retreat at once.

"Follow them up! Go! I will take Xia Houyan's and Liu Yinfeng's heads back today." Qi Lang narrowed his eyes and stared at the figure in cyan. He was going to take Liu Yinfeng back and let that woman see that Liu Yinfeng was just so-so. Yun Shang had humiliated him in front of the soldiers the night before. He would make her pay for it today!

"Father, something is wrong. It seems that it is a trick by Liu Yinfeng to lure us in." Qi Yufeng went to Qi Lang in a hurry, and said with a frown, "her highness once told me that Liu Yinfeng is a powerful man. But today, looking at the appearance of the army of the State of Xia, something is wrong... Lady Jing said that Liu Yinfeng was a cunning man and he would retreat as soon as the plan was changed."

On hearing the first half of the sentence, Qi Lang thought for a while. But his face darkened when he heard the name of Yun Shang. "Her highness is just a woman. She knows nothing! No matter how capable Liu Yinfeng is, it is just a rumor." Then he jumped off the stone, pulled out his sword and ordered, "chase them! Today, we are going to completely defeat the army of the State of Xia. "

"Father..." Upon hearing that, Qi Yufeng frowned. He felt that something was wrong today, but his father had refused to listen to him. As a captain in the army, he could do nothing.

Qi Lang chased after the retreating army of the State of Xia and retreated for about five or six miles. They saw the people suddenly stand in a line, who looked very messy just now. They walked in a neat way. They seemed not panic at all, different from before.

Suddenly, two lines of troops appeared. They stood in the front, arranged like an arrow, pointed out in the middle and spread backward with their wings.

The soldiers behind him quickly changed their formation and formed eight teams, protecting Xia Houjing and Liu Yinfeng in the middle.

In addition, on the two sides of the army of the state of Ning, the forces of Xia also appeared. Almost all the soldiers of the state of Ning were besieged in the middle.

"It was a trap." Wailing gradually echoed in the troops of the state of Ning, and Qi Lang looked a little embarrassed. He looked coldly at Xia Houjing and Liu Yinfeng and scolded, "what are you afraid of? If someone disturb the army again, he will be killed!"

"General, Liu Yinfeng is good at using the array. We have to attack before the Xia army finishes. Only in this way can we possibly win the battle. We will be in danger once they finish making the array." The deputy general whispered to Qi Lang.

Qi Lang nodded, drew out his sword and shouted, "kill him!" Then the vice general beside him rushed at the army of the State of Xia with soldiers.

But before the formation was completed, the first troop formation

ve killed the enemy fast will be rewarded!"

They answered. Their cries were earth shaking.

When Qi Lang heard the voice, his face changed. Judging from the horrifying number of casualties, he knew that the situation was hopeless and he would not be able to break the array of Xia's army in any case. So he gritted his teeth and thought the best way was to run away. "Retreat!" he shouted. Then he turned around and retreated.

Seeing Qi Lang was retreating continuously, Liu Yinfeng didn't order to chase them. Instead, he said to his army, "don't chase any running enemies. Everyone hided in an ambush as they were just now and wait for the armies from the state of Ning to attack us."

The soldiers of the state of Xia set out to ambush in an orderly fashion.

About four hours later, the sound of horses' galloping sounded, getting closer and closer, but they stopped at the place where the Xia army was ambushed. "General, there are many dead bodies here. It seems that a fierce battle had just happened, but However... the majority of soldiers are of our side... "

The head of the group was exactly Liu Hua. Hearing his words, Liu Hua frowned and said, "is it because general Qi lost and the Xia's army went after him?"

He paused as a gleam flashed across his eyes. He said loudly, "there's an ambush. Give orders to our people to speed up and pass through this area."

Just then, the sound of armors came, and many guards of the State of Xia appeared. Liu Yinfeng stood in the top. He looked at Liu Hua with a smile, "General Liu, nice to meet you."

Frowning, Liu Hua said, "Don't fight them. The whole army, pass here quickly."

After giving the order, the army of the State of Ning moved much faster. Xia Houyan smiled, "General Liu has burnt our army's food. Do you want to leave? You can't do that! Kill them!"

However, Liu Hua was not in a hurry. On the one hand, he took out his blade to resist the Xia army's attack. On the other hand, he ordered the army of the state of Ning to leave as soon as possible.

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