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   Chapter 264 Prince Jing Is In The KY City (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 7391

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"Cuckoo... Cuckoo... " The sounds of cuckoos rang out in the valley. "After we pass the corner, let's take a break and wait for the army to come." a voice said. The strategist could guess correctly. The terrain of the wind valley was complicated. Although it was a little troublesome to march, it was the safest. We'll get out of the valley in a few hours. We must take the KY City this time. "

"Hahaha..." The other man laughed. "We have been the front line for so many years. I think it's the most comfortable for us to fight with Mr. Liu. We will make a great contribution by defeating the KY City. And we'll certainly be rewarded at that time. After the reward, I will take my family to live in the city."

The voice was getting closer and closer, and gradually, a small group of people came out from the corner. Twelve people were there.

"Cuckoo... Cuckoo... " The first man who walked in the front extended his hand to his mouth, and the sound of the cuckoo singing was out from his mouth.

Soon, another voice echoed in the distance. Just then, there were suddenly three roars from the valley. The twelve men wearing military uniforms were put around the neck by the machete thrown out. In an instant, all their heads were cut off.

Immediately, a figure popped out from behind the stone and quickly cleaned up the scene as if no one had passed by.

About half an hour later, the sound of horse's galloping was heard again. This time, more and more people came. Behind the sound of horse's galloping, there were neat footsteps. Other sounds were no more than the sound of horse's galloping and footsteps.

Gradually, a figure came out from the corner. At the front walked some soldiers who were riding horses. Behind the soldiers, there were Liu Yinfeng in black and Xia Houyan, who wore a military uniform. Two men who looked like generals followed them, and then some soldiers of the state of Xia.

The procession passed slowly. In the clearing wind Valley, the sound of horse's hooves and footsteps could be heard without a stop.

"Cuckoo... Cuckoo... " Two sounds of the cuckoo birds suddenly came through. Just as the soldiers on the front who were riding horses was about to respond,

hong, Wang Yan and the guards left outside the camp. They were surprised. "Prince Jing? Is it really Prince Jing?"

Wang Yan nodded with excitement. "Yes, it's true. Prince Jing is much younger than I expected. Moreover, the prince really loved his wife and came all the way to see her. If I were to join Prince Jing one day, I would be willing to end my life on the battlefield. "

"Yes." A tinge of admiration flashed through Wang Chong's eyes. When he was thinking about it, he suddenly saw a signal flare up from far away. Both of them trembled and quickly changed their expression. "They are facing the enemy in the Wind Valley. Let's go to support them as soon as possible."

Then they hurriedly asked the vice general to go to the command and the two went to the muster station together.

In the Wind Valley, Qi Lang was standing on a rock, watching the soldiers fighting underneath. His eyes fell on the man in blue opposite, and a flash of disdain crossed his face. Even the well-known military counsellor Liu Yinfeng was just so-so.

Liu Yinfeng saw that the soldiers of the state of Xia were facing some disadvantage, so he waved the flag in his hand. Then the soldiers beside him lifted up a gold gong and knocked four times.

Qi Lang sneered, "if you cannot win, you have to run away. Let's see if you can get away." Then he took out the bow, and put on the arrow. He directed the arrow at Liu Yinfeng, full of the bowstring, and suddenly loosed it.

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