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   Chapter 263 The Battle Began (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 10423

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Before long, uncle Liu brought the water. Qian Yin carried Yun Shang into the bathtub and sat down. She untied her clothes and poured the hot water into the bathtub. Afraid Uncel Liu would break in, Qian Yin sat on the edge of the screen and held Yun Shang in case she slipped into the water unconsciously while looking outside the door.

After a while, Uncle Liu brought a bottle of water for her. Qian Yin quickly said, "just leave the water outside the door. I'll take it myself later."

Uncle Liu didn't understand why, but he had to do as she said.

After changing the water for five or six times, the water gradually became clear. Qian Yin breathed a sigh of relief. She was relieved to see that Yun Shang wasn't as pale as before. Then she lifted Yun Shang up, and helped her get dressed. Then she helped her lie down on the bed.

Yun Shang was in a coma. A message had been sent to the military camp outside the KY city.

The army of the State of Xia had set out.

Holding the sword tightly on his waist, Qi Lang said to the soldiers in the camp with a winning smile, "all the thirty thousand soldiers, gather in the muster station. Let's start!"

The soldiers answered in a neat voice, but he didn't see that other generals exchanged a secret look secretly with each other. It seemed that Qi Lang was not going to fight as Yun Shang planned. Last night, while receiving the news that the army of the State of Xia had set out, many generals also received a message from Yun Shang that Qi Lang would not stay in the KY City in the future, whether he would win or lose.

Confused, a general asked why. The secret guard said that if Qi Lang defeated the enemies this time, he would be rewarded and transferred out of the KY City. If he was defeated this time, he would definitely be hold accountable. Then he would no longer have the high position.

They knew what Yun Shang meant. But if they broke Qi Lang's order, they would not have to worry that Qi Lang would take revenge on them. They all knew how to deal with the situation. Although Yun Shang was a woman, she was a princess in the country. If emperor Ning sent her to be the supervisor in the KY City, they would know the Emperor's favor to her. Moreover, she had a identity, and she was Prince Jing's wife. Prince Jing was the God of war in the state of Ning. For Qi Lang, who hadn't fought for years, Prince Jing was the belief of a general. And it would be a blessing for them to be chosen by Lady Jing.

All of them were at high positions in the army base of the KY City, but there was an apparently sect in this camp, where Qi Lang had trusted only two or three of them. They had long been dissatisfied with this sect. What Yun Shang said gave them a glimmer of hope.

Yun Shang had made an investigation of the sects in the camp. All the people who had spoken were not Qi Lang's trusted subordinates, so Qi Lang knew nothing about the other sect.

By the time they arrived at the muster station, the three hundred thousand soldiers had already been ordered to set off. Qi Lang said a few words to boost the morale of the soldiers. T

at beautiful woman, he had some appreciation in his eyes. "Thanks to your persuasion, brother. I didn't know that her highness is so good at fighting."

They chatted all the way back to their tent.

As soon as Qi Lang arrived at the gate of the Wind Valley, he ordered all the people to rest there and wait for the other two groups of army to come. After waiting more than two hours, there was no sign of any large army.

Qi Lang frowned and heard the deputy general: "why haven't they come yet? Did they encounter the enemy on their way here?"

A little anxiety flashed in Qi Lang's eyes, but he concealed it in a short time. He was confused and thought, 'it's impossible. They should have arrived here by regular journey. Maybe they met the army of the State of Xia. Even if they really met the enemy, there should be an arranged signal, too.'

But why was it so calm? No one came and no signal came.

As time passed by, Qi Lang's face got paler. More than 6 hours had passed. He couldn't wait any longer. He was afraid that the army of the State of Xia might take the lead. Qi Lang immediately ordered the soldiers to pull up and enter the Wind valley.

The terrain of the Wind valley was complicated. It was at the bottom of the valley, but there were also a stream bamboo forest and a large tree trunk. It was a good place to hide. The mountains on both sides were very steep. It was impossible for an army to go up to the mountain to attack the enemy.

After they entered the Wind Valley, Qi Lang arranged an ambush for the army according to the topographic map drawn by Yun Shang. He was waiting for the appearance of the enemy and giving the army a quick blow.

According to the message sent by Yun Shang's hidden guard, the Xia's army had set out for some time. According to their walking route, they would pass here about an hour later.

Everyone was hiding behind natural barriers in the valley, holding their breath and not daring to make a sound. Gradually, the sound of little hooves of the horses was heard, together with the sound of whispers...

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