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   Chapter 261 The Quick Report (Part Two)

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After coming to the KY City, Yun Shang realized that the battle in reality was not as simple as she imagined. Although she also seemed to be so confident, she had spent a lot of time in secret and studied the art at all costs.

Xia Houjing and Li Jingyan were tough rivals. But Prince Jing had won so quickly. The most important thing was that he had get the house back. The State of Ning would be in a more dangerous situation if the enemy owned most of its properties.

No wonder that Liu Yinfeng was in such a hurry today, and something really happened. He might also be surprised by the news he just received today.

Yun Shang took a book but couldn't read any more. If Prince Jing won, he would take advantage of the victory to pursue Xia Houjing and Li Jingyan, or support them at the frontier?

Now that they had lost a battle, so Liu Yinfeng was determined to take over the KY City. If he couldn't get the KY City, he would lose the battle. What's more, they had to take it down as soon as possible. Liu Yinfeng was afraid that Prince Jing would come to support the KY City. If Prince Jing came, their chances of winning would be slimmer.

Yun Shang's heart sank. The Xia clan would attack them two days later at the latest.

However, her current situation... Yun Shang frowned and thought for a while. Then she made up her mind to get the jade flite back. If she couldn't get it back, she had to run away when Liu Yinfeng attacked and left. Although no secret guard helped her, she and Qian Yin still had a chance to win. However, the ancient magic array outside the house was a big problem.

The army moved on. As long as she walked out of the room, she could meet the shadow guards. The shadow guards could spread the news to the army base, and it was not too late for the forces outside the KY city to react quickly.

Having made up her mind, Yun Shang called Qian Yin over and drew her decision in her palm. Qian Yin was surprised and nodded, with joy in her eyes. It must be very boring to stay here these two days, Yun Shang thought.

The next morning, when Yun Shang got up, she heard someone talking outside. She put on her robe, and opened the door. Liu Yinfeng stood under the eaves of the study in the South and said something to a man. The man was about twenty-five or six years old, looking tough and a bit domineering. Yun Shang glanced at him and noticed the pattern on his clothes. The hem was embroidered with five clawed dragons. Her eyes darkened.

It was Xia Houyan, the crown prince of the state of Xia.

Liu Yinfeng was the first to notice Yun Shang's appearance. As Yun Shang frowned and looked at Xia Houjing, he paused and stepped forward, just blocking Yun Shang's sight. When Xia Houjing saw Yun Shang, a amazed look flashed in his eyes. He interrupted Liu Yinfeng who was talking, "why did such a beauty come to your yard?"

Yun Shang and Liu Yinfeng frowned at the sam

. With that on mind, Yun Shang craned her neck from the screen and saw Liu Yinfeng sitting on the bench in a daze. So she hid herself.

After a long time, soft footsteps sounded. Yun Shang heard the door was closed and walked out behind the screen. She went back to the couch.

Something hard pressed against her. Yun Shang reached out her hand and felt a thrill. It was her jade flute.

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and thought, 'perhaps Liu Yinfeng left it here before. He might think it is useless to him, so he chose to give it back.'. Unexpectedly, he made a huge mistake.

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows, took up the jade flute, blew it several times and sent the massage out.

Yun Shang sneered, and thought, 'Liu Yinfeng, I'm afraid you'll be killed this time.'

Qian Yin saw Yun Shang playing with the jade flute when she came back. She was delighted and asked: "is the man willing to return the jade flute to you?"

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and said nothing. Seeing that, Qian Yin sat down beside Yun Shang and whispered in her ear, "Sir, Uncle Liu is a kung fu master. We must be careful."

Yun Shang nodded. She knew Liu Yinfeng didn't know kung fu, and he must have martial arts masters protecting him. However, since uncle Liu was also a kung fu master, she didn't know how high the military base was. Qian Yin would have this chance to get close to Liu Yingfeng. And it was just as Yun Shang had expected.

However, fortunately, she had the jade flute with her.

At midnight, Yun Shang heard footsteps coming near. Before she opened the door, she heard Liu Yinfeng speak to uncle Liu in the courtyard. "During the days when I was away, take good care of Mr. Xiao."

Uncle Liu responded. Then Yun Shang heard the door was opened and Liu Yinfeng went out.

It was getting dark. Yun Shang turned off the light, lay on the bed, and started to whistle the jade flute when she didn't hear any sound in the yard.

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