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   Chapter 260 The Quick Report (Part One)

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However, Yun Shang didn't expect that Uncle Liu sent a message to her early the next morning, saying that Liu Yinfeng would invite her to the main hall for meal today. Yun Shang didn't know what Liu Yinfeng was thinking, so she followed him.

The main hall was next to the room where Liu Yinfeng lived. When Yun Shang went there with Qian Yin, Liu Yinfeng was already waiting at the table. There were simply six dishes on the table, which could not be described as a feast. Without saying a word, Yun Shang went straight to the opposite side of Liu Yinfeng and sat down. Liu Yinfeng picked up the chopsticks first and started to eat.

Yun Shang didn't know what he was thinking, so she didn't bother to guess. Instead, she finished her breakfast quietly.

After Yun Shang put down the bowl and chopsticks, Liu Yinfeng said, "I heard from uncle Liu that you have finished the books I sent the day before yesterday."

Yun Shang nodded, "I've read it all. They are ordinary books, and I have read some of them before. The journey and miscellaneous notes were different from what I read before. The title of the diary was the glory of the State of Xia I had never been in contact with, which looked interesting. You had written the notes on the pages, right? You had read carefully and had detailed notes on the book. But I couldn't concentrate on my study, so I go through it very fast. "

Liu Yinfeng meditated for a moment and said, "in that case, I will ask Uncle Liu to send you some more books. I guess you also like the the Four Arts, but you don't have a Guqin in your room. I'll ask Uncle Liu to buy you one later."

"What?" Yun Shang was surprised with her mouth wide open. She said awkwardly, "No need. How long are you going to keep me here? But my old mother who is sick is still home waiting for me... "

Yun Shang looked at Liu Yinfeng with a hint of plea in her eyes. But Liu Yinfeng pretended not to see her and stood up. "When it's time for you to leave, I'll let you go. You can rest assured to stay here. I'll have someone to take care of your mother." Then he walked outside. After a pause, he continued, "Well, you can come here and h

n, she would definitely not be allowed to follow her. Next time, she must learn her lesson and bring Qin Yi with her.

They had lunch and dinner together in the main hall. But he seemed to be so busy with the affairs in the army that he ate in a hurry. Often he got off the table and went into the study before Yun Shang had half bowl.

Yun Shang felt annoyed. She didn't know anything about the State of Xia's army at all even if she was at the same yard with Liu Yinfeng.

At night, a guard reported that Prince Jing had won a battle five days ago. According to the guard, Prince Jing had rounded the gate with thirty thousand soldiers and entered the Yuan River from behind. The enemies kept on defending against them. But they didn't expect that Prince Jing had so many soldiers of good water.

After Prince Jing entered the city, he rounded up all the people and stood in front of them. He surrounded the enemies' two sides, forcing the Xia's army to have no way to go. However, there were only twenty thousand soldiers in the co general's hands. With all their might, thousands of soldiers still guarded Xia Houjing and Li Jingyan to break the siege and flee north.

Yun Shang was shocked by the secret guard's words, as she felt unbelievable that the prince had won the war in just a month. Although Xia Houjing and Li Jingyan hadn't been caught yet, they couldn't pose a threat to the Ning soldiers more than ten thousand.

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