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   Chapter 258 The Dispute In The Camp (Part One)

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Yun Shang didn't worry about Qi Lang and the others who didn't know she was now in Liu Yinfeng's place. The secret guards had always been accompanying her, and were very familiar with her whereabouts. She found that although the small yard was small, there were some ancient arrays around it. Yun Shang was afraid that her guards would put her in danger if they followed her rashly, so she asked her guards to stay far away from her.

Yun Shang could only rely on herself now. If she made a mistake by accident, she didn't have the confidence to go back alive.

But Qi Lang should have known the fact that she met Liu Yinfeng in the Wind Valley and her message that Liu Yinfeng is bound to attack them from the Wind Valley.

Yun Shang touched the jade flute in her sleeve and felt relieved. No matter what happened, she still had time to call in reinforcements.

However, Yun Shang didn't expect that when she woke up, Uncle Liu came over with a white robe. Uncle Liu said respectfully, "Mr. Xiao, you must be very tired after a long journey. My master ordered me to send a set of clothes for you, and by the way, please give other things to me."

Yun Shang's face twitched when she heard the words. She turned to look at Qian Yin. Then she heard Uncle Liu say, "I'll bring the gowns of the servant, Mr. Xiao. I have prepared water for you. Please take a bath."

Yun Shang nodded and followed him into the bathroom. Qian Yin followed Yun Shang in and said, "I'm here to serve you during the bath."

Uncle Liu didn't insist. He put the clothes aside and bowed slightly. "I hope that Mr. Xiao can give me all his clothes and other things. Please don't worry. I will take good care of them."

Yun Shang sighed and said indifferently, "As now I am living in your house, there is nothing I can say. I will just follow your orders."

Only then did Uncle Liu leave the room. Qian Yin said angrily, "Sir, you have never been insulted like this. That man is going too far. Let's call for help."

Yun Shang knew that the maid was saying these words so Uncle Liu could hear, who had not gone out yet. She sighed, "We don't know who that mister is? You are so rash. What if we offend him? I

had said was there, which was a kind of fantasy. She had nothing to do. After coming to the KY City, she seldom had time to have fun. Yun Shang asked Uncle Liu to move a bench for her. Then she asked Qian Yin to spread a quilt on the bench. She lay on the bench and began to read.

All the poems and songs were quite ordinary. Yun Shang looked through them, then said disappointedly, "I've read them all before." Then she took up a cruise, which was a masterpiece of the State of Xia. Most of the landscapes of the State of Xia were there, with notes next to it. The handwriting was good and wild, like that of Liu Yinfeng's. Yun Shang got the most precious treasure. She had studied the mountain, landscape and water of the State of Xia in the past. Only those things were known to all. In the journey, there were some detailed things, such as the climate in the valley, as well as the plants, which were helpful for the marching of the military.

Yun Shang read it quickly and memorized every detail in it. Then she picked up another unimportant book, in which wrote land and customs of the State of Xia called the Linyue City. She thought carefully about the location of the city and continued reading.

When she was halfway through the book, she heard footsteps coming from the yard and then the door closing. It seemed that someone went out of the yard. Yun Shang stopped turning over the pages of her book. It was nine o'clock. Liu Yinfeng went out?

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