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   Chapter 254 Convincing The People (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-06 00:13

"What?" The sudden cries of pain startled Yun Shang and her companions. The horses became restless. The sounds were mixed with a kind of excitement, which didn't seem to be heard.

"General, this..." Behind them came a general's hesitant voice. But Qi Lang didn't say anything. Yun Shang worried that Qi Lang might look unwell now.

After a while, Qi Lang said in a low voice. "Since her highness has sent the shadow guards to carry out the pursuit, she must be able to deal with it. The soldiers below are the elite soldiers in the army, and any death or injury is a loss to the State of Ning."

Yun Shang chuckled, "General Qi, I'm afraid you have forgotten. If I didn't try my best to stop them, I'm afraid you're the one who's in the valley now..."

No one spoke again. Yun Shang's eyes flashed and she continued, "I respect the General. He has fought more battles than I have eaten. Sometimes, I just hope you won't act on impulse as you have experienced too much."

Yun Shang didn't want to hurt the people in her camp, but she knew that if Qi Lang was used well enough, he would be like a sharp dagger. If he wasn't, he would even lose the cities in the State of Ning. The only purpose of her words was to make him understand the enemy's situation and then make a decision. He would feel ashamed of what he had done today.

Yun Shang took out the jade flute from her sleeve and blew on it. Then three men in black knelt down in front of Yun Shang's horse. The generals behind her seemed shocked and seemed to be in a trance, as they didn't expect that someone was hiding beside them.

"Tell our men to go back to the entrance to the valley, and kill all the soldiers of the State of Xia guarding at the entrance to retreat. The second team and the third team sneak into the dense forest on both sides, and kill them one by one before the Xia's army found out! The fourth and fifth teams go to the place where they stood a little far away and shout loudly, 'The army of the State of Xia fell into a trap. Brothers, let's kill them!' Remember to shout aggressively. Then, the sixth group of men will guard at the place where the people go down the mountain, and someone will be killed if he runs down the mountain!" Yun Shang ordered softly without any emotion in her voice. The generals, who were used to acting in public, was also stun

uard reported, "I've found out that the Crown Prince of the State of Xia and the military counsellor have lurked here for four hundred thousand miles. They will set out after I get the news."

Yun Shang nodded, "Liu Yinfeng is indeed smart. General Qi must be seriously injured or dead this time if their plan worked out. Now that the master is in danger, the army cannot be peaceful. This is the best time to attack."

Qi Lang's face changed. After a while, he went to Yun Shang's horse and knelt down. "Your highness, thank you for saving my life."

"No need for that. I'm just an outsider when it came to leading the army. This time I won by a fluke, only because I know much about Liu Yinfeng as Liu Yinfeng knows nothing about me. As an old saying went, 'know the enemy and yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles.' that was a principle that Liu Yinfeng understood. General Qi had been in the battlefield for decades, and he knew it well. However, due to his temperament, he believed that as long as he had experienced something, he could fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. You are a major general of the State of Ning. The reason why I've saved you this time is that I don't want our state to lose a person for use. However, I also hope that you can know where your weakness is. Don't be arrogant and conceited anymore. Life is the most important in this battlefield." Yun Shang sat on the horse. Her white cloak was blown up by the wind, her long hair fluttering lightly. She looked calm, but with an inviolable awe inspiring manner.

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