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   Chapter 253 The Bet (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 10180

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After a while, Qi Lang came over with a cold face. A flash of impatience flashed through his eyes, but he hid it quickly. He curtsied to Yun Shang. "I didn't know you were here. Please forgive me."

Yun Shang smiled coldly. "General Qi, you are being too polite. But it seems that you have forgotten the imperial edict for which we came to the KY City earlier. Father sealed me as the inspector, while General Qi hasn't told me about the night attack from the State of Xia. Maybe General Qi wants to... Disobey the decree?"

Qi Lang's face went pale. He fell to his knees and said, "I don't dare. It happened all of a sudden. I haven't told you yet. Please forgive me."

Yun Shang felt warm in her heart as she heard the man's words. Fortunately, the General finally admitted that Yun Shang was a supervisor, and not only Lady Jing.

"General Qi is busy in the army. I understand that, so I came here myself. But do you want to talk to me here at the gate?" Yun Shang turned her back and stared at Qi Lang.

Qi Lang stood up at once, "please, follow me."

Yun Shang was led to the meeting camp by Qi Lang. There were many men with military uniforms in the camp. Judging from the style of their armor, they should be generals of high rank. And their eyes were fixed on Yun Shang the moment she stepped into the tent.

Qi Lang led Yun Shang to the seat under the host's seat and the guard stood in two lines. He glanced at the five men in black behind Yun Shang and frowned. Then he said to the generals, "This is your highness, supervisor who was made by his majesty."

Hearing this, the soldiers looked at each other. After a long time, they knelt down and said, "Nice to see you, your highness."

Yun Shang smiled, "Please don't be courteous. Get up, all of you. I came here just because I heard the Xia army sent four thousand people to attack the barracks. Do you think of ways to defeat the enemy?"

The soldiers looked at each other for a long time, but nobody said a word. Yun Shang was not in a hurry, waiting quietly. After a long time, a man came out and said, "the Xia army is so shameless. Although only four thousand soldiers were sent for the sneak attack, it also killed eight thousand of our soldiers. It must have a great impact on the military. Therefore, General Qi is going to fight in person and lead the elite forces of our army to pursuit the enemy……"

"Hahaha..." Yun Shang, who had already heard Qi Lang's thought from her guard, couldn't help bursting into laughter when she heard his words. "General Qi, it seems that Liu Yinfeng is indeed a wise man. He has known you well enough. Believe it or not, if you lead your men to chase after him now, you will soon be surrounded by Liu Yinfeng' men. At that time, if General Qi doesn't die, he will soon be surrounded by Liu Yinfeng. And if you dies, do you think the State of Xia will win the game? "

Qi Lang's face darkened as he pondered for a while before he said, "why bother yourself fighting against him? I'm sure I'll come back safe and sound after I

d a canyon in front of them, but it was not too deep and not long. And it also hid deep in the map. It was difficult to see it if one didn't observe it carefully. He didn't expect Yun Shang to know that.

"That canyon is short and not deep. If we fight against a large army of one hundred million, it won't have much effect. But if we only fight against a few thousand people, it will be excellent. Moreover, the valley is a dense forest, which is more convenient to hide. If I were Liu Yinfeng, I can make the escape, and I will surely choose this valley. We just need to hide on the valley, and the other people who chased by our enemies all enter the valley. Then, guard the entrance in front and back of the valley, and attack by rolling stones... " Yun Shang said indifferently, but the generals behind her was shocked and looked worried.

Qi Lang frowned. He had been in the KY City all the year round, and he knew that valley. As Yun Shang said, that valley was short and not deep. If the army passed through it, it wound long around, and that small valley didn't work. So he never cared about this. As now, the valley was deadly.

The soldiers in front were already entering the canyon slowly. Yun Shang took out a small flute, blew it on her mouth, and they did not hear any sound.

"It doesn't ring." A man mumbled.

Yun Shang smiled and put the flute into her sleeve. "It's a message to the secret guards. No one can hear it except the guards. I'm warning the secret guard disguised as General Qi in front of me."

Yun Shang and Qi Lang and the generals didn't follow the troops into the valley. They climbed up to the mountains in the valley and found a secluded corner to hide. As soon as they hid, they saw some figures moving in the dense forest.

The generals behind them all held their breath and looked at them, with a hint of killing intent in their eyes.

"Kill! ……" All of a sudden, there was sound of someone's shouting and killing. From afar, it seemed to be from the mountain in the opposite.

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