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   Chapter 252 The Bet (Part One)

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In these days, although Yun Shang tried again and again to get rid of Qi Lang's move, she still did not want to interfere with him in the army as this city was his turf. If she made a mistake, all she had done would be in vain.


Yun Shang turned to the man in black who was kneeling in the front and frowned. "I remember that you told me the other day that you were already in the camp of the State of Xia and even sneaked into the army. Why didn't anyone report the Xia's attack in advance?"

The man quickly said, "The State of Xia did not make too much noise. I guess today's attack may only involve one of the elite forces of the State of Xia, the number of which is no more than five thousand, or one of the teams that did not launch a mission with the State of Xia at all. But no matter what, this team attacked at night and did not disturb our soldiers. I'm afraid that there are not many people in the army and they dare not really dare to disturb the men from our side to capture the city."

Yun Shang thought for a moment and agreed with him in her heart. In fact, not only the secret guards, she also sent many of her guards to the Xia's army to gather information. But none of them reported the action of the Xia's troops tonight.

Yun Shang nodded and waved her servants down. It would be hard for them to fall asleep with all the noise outside. Yun Shang called Qian Yin to help her get dressed. She turned on all the lights in the room and sat on the bench with her eyes closed. She was thinking about the map of the State of Ning and the State of Xia that she had drawn again and again some time ago.

There was a knock at the door outside, and neither Yun Shang nor Qian Yin opened their eyes. After a while, they heard footsteps coming from outside. One was a maid waiting for them in the outer hall, and the other was a stranger's.

Just when she was thinking about it, a voice came. "Your Highness, the army of the State of Xia is attacking. I'm a servant girl of Lady Qi. My master asked me to tell you that it's a bit messy outside. Luckily, it's not a big deal. There's no ne

It was quite messy and crowded in the camp probably because of the sneak attack.

"Who are you? This is a military stronghold. No outsiders are allowed to enter." A number of soldiers gathered at the gate, holding two spears horizontally in front of Yun Shang. They stared at Yun Shang with amazement in their eyes.

Yun Shang didn't speak. The secret guard with his military sword lifted the long spear, and when the soldiers were about to launch an attack, he took out the token of the secret guard, "the secret guard is here."

The soldiers knew the name of the secret guard though they hadn't seen the token before. They stared at Yun Shang with awe and frowned.

"This is your highness, Princess Jing, and the supervisor set up by his majesty. She is going to discuss military affairs with General Qi in the camp. You should get out of the way!" The secret guard beside Yun Shang stared coldly at the soldiers who stopped in front of her.

The soldier was only stunned for a moment and then quickly said: "Please forgive me, your highness. Outsiders are not allowed to enter the camp. Please allow me to report to the General first..."

Yun Shang nodded, "Just go then. I'll wait for it." Even though they just talked a few words, Yun Shang gave full play to her coldness which she had learned from Prince Jing. The soldiers guarding at the door couldn't help but take a few more looks at her.

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