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   Chapter 251 The Incident (Part Two)

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Just then, a maid came in a hurry, bowed to Qi Yufeng and said, "Master, Qian Yin, Princess Yun Shang's mais, is here to visit you."

Upon hearing that, Qi Yufeng looked forward to seeing the girl. With his eyes fixated on the door, he was focused regardless of the presence of the other people present. When the others heard that the princess had sent someone, they looked at the door curiously. Although they couldn't see the princess, it was not bad to see her maid. The princess was the canary in the Imperial City. They are guarding here and wouldn't see the real princess for the rest of their lives.

Qian Yin, dressed in cyan, walked in, feeling somewhat uneasy under people's gaze, but she showed no discomfort on her face. Her eyes swept across the crowd, and then she bowed and said, "Nice to see you, Mr. Qi. The princess sent me to bring you some tonics to thank you for your help yesterday." Then she waved to those women behind her.

Eight maids followed her, with a plate in their hands. There were a wide variety of things in the plates, including some precious supplements like ginseng. Some of the plates contained rare treasures.

Qi Yufeng glanced over the plates, with a hint of displeasure in his eyes, but he quickly suppressed it. "I'm her Highness's subordinate. It's my duty to protect her. I don't deserve them."

A strong man beside him became a little angry. "Our captain got hurt because of that princess. And you just compensated him with these lousy tonics?"

Qian Yin smiled, not angry at the man's vulgar words, but only said gently, "general, don't worry. The princess has told his majesty what happened yesterday. His majesty likes her very much, and he will definitely remember to reward Mr.Qi. Besides, the princess has also written to Prince Jing. Prince Jing will be very grateful to you too, Mr. Qi. "

Suddenly, another man said, "Oh, I almost forget that Princess Hui Guo has been married. Now that she's married, how can she stay alone with our captain in the middle of the night? Is she not reconciled to loneliness? "

Qian Yin's eyes flashed with pride. She didn't expect that her master could predict things like that and knew someone would use such a problem to embarrass her. Fortunately, her master had taught her how to deal with it.

"I have always been with her highness. She was not alone with Mr.Qi. And she just met Mr. Qi on the way. However, no one will believe me. Your highness said that if Mr.Qi insists on threatening her with saving her life, she won't mind. You just need to tell the princess and she will personally give you the honor to be her man, Mr. Qi."

Qian Yin looked calm and s

g was worried about Prince Jing. She bit her lips to expel the ominous thought from her mind, and tried to find a reason to convince herself. "No, he won't. He is a man of power. How could anything happen to him?"

The night grew late. After finishing her dinner and washing her face, Yun Shang went to bed very early. When she was sleeping soundly, she suddenly heard some noise outside. Frowning, Yun Shang closed her eyes and went on sleeping. But it was too noisy to fall asleep, so she had to open her eyes and unhappily stare at the dark room and listen to the sound outside.

Yun Shang listened carefully for a while and found that there was something wrong. Besides the sound of the servants, there were other sounds that seemed to come from a distant place, but it was very loud. Yun Shang listened carefully for a while, and then gradually came to her senses. She jumped out of bed, regardless of wearing only her underwear.

"Qian Yin, Qian Yin..."

Qian Yin lifted a glass lamp and came in, dressed Yun Shang, and spoke in a hurry and fast voice. "I heard the noise just now, and I've sent the secret guards out to spy. I think we'll soon have the result."

Yun Shang nodded, feeling uneasy.

In a short while, several men in black rushed in and knelt down in front of Yun Shang. "Your Highness, the Xia army is attacking..."

Yun Shang was surprised at the news. After a while, she came to herself. These days, the Qi clan seemed to have hidden actual situation in the battlefield from her. She had also secretly sent people to investigate, but got no information.

In addition, Yun Shang was too busy dealing with all kinds of tricks of the General Qi's Mansion recently to remember that she was at the border, the closest place to the battlefield.

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