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   Chapter 249 The Competition At The Banquet (Part Two)

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The man kept silent for a moment. He looked at Qian Yin with caution and said, "according to the art of war, a hundred battles are invincible, the people are not good. What kind of good warrior should one be? "

"A soldier who would not submit to others without a fight." Qian Yin replied without hesitation.

Although it was already September, the man was sweating. After a long time, he asked, "why only the armies of the State of Xia dare to stationed outside the city? Why don't they dare to attack the KY City?"

The question relieved everyone. The princess and the servant girl had just arrived at the KY City. They didn't know anything in the city, so they didn't know the reason.

Qian Yin laughed ironically, "This gentleman's question is so strange? Dare not to? The State of Xia isn't dare not do that. It was just because the name of their military counsellor was Liu Yinfeng. The best thing about Liu Yinfeng was to know oneself and enemy. As a result, he could have known all the generals present pretty well. The reason why he didn't let the army attack us was that he knew the general who was responsible for defending our city was Qi Lang. General Qi could fight without saying anything. But he has a weakness, that is, he is proud and conceited. Liu Yinfeng does not attack because he knows General Qi's weakness well. It is his strategy."

Just as Qian Yin finished speaking, there was silence. Yun Shang saw the veins standing out on Qi Lang's forehead. Yun Shang smiled and thought, 'Good girl. I was afraid she doesn't know how to put it.

Then Qi Lang broke the silence. "This lady mentioned Liu Yinfeng, saying that he is quite good at knowing oneself and his enemy. But I want to know his weakness. So where is Liu Yinfeng's weakness?"

Yun Shang smiled. "Liu Yinfeng likes men. And the man he loves is the seventh Prince of the State of Xia, Xia Houjing. Can that be his weakness?"

As soon as Yun Shang finished speaking, all eyes were on her, but Yun Shang did not intend to go on talking at all, but Qian Yin continued, "About a month ago, your highness had sent someone to investigate Liu Yinfeng, knowing that he has no other interests and makes no other move. But she has asked us to pay attention to the arrangements in Liu Yinfeng's mansion. Our men found a lot of paintings in his study. And those in the paintings are all Xia Houjing, the seventh Prince of the State of Xia. "

Someone banged the table and stood up. "No wonder when we brought a fairy woman there, Liu Yinfeng also stayed

a sound of air breaking. Behind her shouted both Qi Yufeng and Qian Yin. "Your Highness, be careful!"

Yun Shang certainly knew what had happened. But she didn't want to reveal her Kung Fu in front of Qi Yufeng, so she was pulled back by Qian Yin.

The three men in black came forward. They took out their swords and charged forward. Soon, Qi Yufeng fought with the men in black together.

Qian Yin was about to help her, but Yun Shang stopped her by holding her hand and shook her head. Qian Yin was confused but she didn't show it. She just supported Yun Shang and watched the fight with the three men.

Although Qi Yufeng was strong, he was alone. After a while, he had been a little out of shape. A man in black seized the opportunity to pounce on Yun Shang. Yun Shang held Qian Yin's hand and stopped her. When the man was about to get close to her, like there were eyes on his back, Qi Yufeng turned around and rushed to her, holding her.

The man in black brandished his sword and tried to stab Qi Yufeng. Hearing the sound of cloth tearing, Yun Shang heard the voice of a guard, "Assassins! Quick! Assassins!"

The men in black exchanged a knowing look with each other and left quickly.

Yun Shang smiled and thought, 'What a coincidence.'

"Are you okay, your highness?" With a thin sweat on his forehead, Qi Yufeng stood up, frowned and asked with hesitation, "have those assassins hurt you?" His voice was tinged with eagerness.

Yun Shang shook her head, bit her lip and said gently, "I'm fine. Those assassins didn't hurt me. How are you feeling, Mr. Qi?"

"I'm fine," Qi Yufeng coughed lightly. Yun Shang saw him shake before he suddenly fell to the ground.

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