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   Chapter 247 The Banquet (Part Two)

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"What?" Qian Yin paused, and then smiled. "I see... If she really becomes one of the ladies, things will be much easier. Right?"

Yun Shang nodded, "yes. This is finally a good news... " Yun Shang returned the parchment to Qian Yin, "dispose of it."

Qian Yin nodded and took out a brazier from the drawer. She picked up a fire starter and threw it into the brazier. When she saw the parchment was burned to ashes, she extinguished it with water and took it out.

After having breakfast and lunch, Yun Shang took a nap and was about to go out for a walk, when a voice with some tiredness came from outside. "General Qi's wife wants to visit you."

Yun Shang took a seat and nodded to Qian Yin.

Qian Yin lifted up the curtain and went out, followed by a woman. She was in her forties. She had a normal appearance and was a little plump. But her face was pale, as if she had been ill for a long time.

"Your Highness..." Lady Qi bowed to Yun Shang.

Yun Shang stood up with the help of a astral hand and said gently, "Lady Qi, you are being polite. Now I am visiting you in your mansion. By rights, I should go to see you, but I was tired after a long journey the other day, so I took a rest early. I caught a cold today, so I didn't get up early. I'm afraid the illness will affect you, so I'm late."

"I dare not, I dare not." Lady Qi put on a stiff smile and asked after a while, "Your Highness, do you call for a physician?"

Yun Shang nodded, "I didn't feel well since I got up early in the morning. I have asked my maid to send for a doctor. The doctor said I'm fine. But my health is not good in the first place. In addition, I've been on a rush these days. It's not a big deal. Now I've taken my medicine. But how about Mrs. Qi? Do you feel better now? Yesterday, the seventh lady went to the front hall to receive me. I didn't know your health until I asked General Qi. "

A trace of disgust appeared on Lady Qi's face, but Yun Shang noticed it soon. "I'm old and not as healthy as before. I'm also ill with my old illness. Thank you for your concern, your highness."

"If you need any herbs, just tell me. I've brought many of them, some of which are rare." Yun Shang smiled and said, "I saw two gentlemen yesterday. They are both good-looking and pretty. I think you are blessed."

Qian Yin brought the tea and placed it on the table beside them. Yun Shang took up the teacup. The water temperature was just right. When she lifted the lid, the crumbs of the tea floating on the teacup were left. When she looked down, her eyelashes trembled slightly. She looked gentle and considerate. Lady Qi was stunned. She stared at Yun Shang for a while and smiled. "You flatter me, your highness. They are just two young boys. They are not as handsome as you said." Although she said so, her eyes were full of pride.

Curved her eyes, Yun Shang took a sip of tea and said gently, "it's said that Mr. Qi was hit

th of the courtyard, and many tables were set under the opera table.

When Yun Shang arrived, the yard was already full of people. Qi Lang and Lady Qi were waiting for her at the gate. As soon as she arrived, the two men led her to the table in the north and sat down.

As soon as Yun Shang took her seat, she noticed all the people were looking at her. But they didn't speak a word. They just smiled and talked with Lady Qi.

Except Qi Lang and Lady Qi, all the people sitting at the main table were men and women that Yun Shang had never seen before. Yun Shang glanced around the hall indifferently, and her eyes fell on the stage in the distance. On the stage, some eloquent people sat or stood, some played the instrument, some rang the bell, and some beat the drum.

Qi Lang stood up and said in a deafening voice, "The banquet is to welcome Lady Jing. Lady Jing has come all the way with his Majesty's blessings and condolence. Today, we, who are in the position of kinship in the Imperial City, express our gratitude to his Majesty on behalf of thousands of common people."

Everyone stood up and raised the wine glass. Yun Shang smiled softly, and also stood up to propose a toast. She raised her head and drank the wine in one gulp.

They all applauded and drank the wine in their glasses.

When everyone was seated, a show began. It was called "orchid of flowers".

The main role was played by a beautiful woman. She was neither heroic nor excellent. As a general, she was quite gentle and soft in the military exercise.

Yun Shang heard a light snort from below, "She is just a woman who knows nothing about the military. Does she really think she can be a hero to save her country in distress? A woman should just be raised in a boudoir and embroider flowers. Does she really want to go to the battlefield to kill the enemy? I'm afraid that when she is in the real battlefield, she will be too scared to stand on her feet. "

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