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   Chapter 245 General Qi’s Mansion (Part Two)

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After a long time, a man in his forties walked into the front hall. "My Lord, the Chrysanthemum Yard has been cleaned up."

Qi Lang stood up and said with a smile, "Your highness, the yard has been cleaned up. Please follow me there."

Yun Shang nodded and stood up. "General Qi, please don't bother. General Qi must have a lot of things to deal with before the State of Xia's army arrived. Just tell the butler to take me there."

After a pause, she continued, "The guards I have brought are the secret guards of his majesty. Please find a place for them, General Qi."

Qi Lang responded in succession. Yun Shang glanced at him indifferently and walked out of the hall. The butler followed the princess in a hurry. He bowed to her and said, "Please follow me, your highness."

The Chrysanthemum Yard was really full of chrysanthemum flowers, which was of various varieties and a few pots of treasure. Yun Shang walked into the room with a smile. Many things in the room were all new, but there was nothing careless. She glanced at all the furnishings in the room. They were indeed very delicate.

"I didn't prepared it in time, so I have to make do with you. If you don't like it, just let me know." The butler said respectfully with a slight bow.

Yun Shang nodded, "okay." Then she entered the bedroom.

"Your Highness, you've been on the way for a couple of days. After the long trip, you must take a rest. Please get out." Qian Yin said lightly from outside.

Then the butler answered respectfully, "yes, of course. I will leave now. I've arranged some servants to wait for you at the gate of the yard. If you need anything, just tell them. "

Yun Shang heard the footsteps fade away. It was a long time before Qian Yin raised the bead curtain.

Qian Yin walked in and looked around. Then she said, "General Qi is very interesting. If other people hear that your highness is here, they will collect the valuable things in this house as soon as possible, in case you see them and get them. But General Qi didn't seem to be afraid. These desks and ornaments are priceless. "

Yun Shang grinned, "How can you know that he didn't put away the things he thought it was valuable? However, Qi Lang had been locked here for a long time, so he didn't know what should be put into the storage bin. He was afraid that he might collected some expensive stuff. For him, the stuff displayed here was just ordinary. Besides, he has always been conceited, and will not be afraid to offend me. Thus, it seems that General Qi Lang is very comfortable. "

Qian Yin clicked her tongue and said in a cold voice, "It's arrogant of Qi Lang to call a concubine over to serve tea as he is so rude to you."

The corners of Yun Shang's mouth twitched, but she didn't say a word. After a long ti

h to the pavilion, "Beauty, I'll let you know the meaning of my punishment today!"

"Bastard! Get on your knees and apologize to the wife of Prince Jing!" A roar of anger came through. As soon as Qi Yuzhi turned around, he saw her father, who was staring at him with a gloomy face.

Before Qi Yuzhi could react, her father walked up to the stunning woman and knelt down. "Your Highness, I'm terribly sorry for having failed to teach my son. Please forgive me."

"Your... Your highness? " Qi Yuzhi's face froze. His countenance changed for several times. He turned around and looked at the woman with a cold expression. He could not help but swallow hard.

"Kneel down!" Qi Lang roared, staring fiercely at Qi Yuzhi.

Upon hearing that, Qi Yuzhi became weak and knelt down.

Yun Shang glanced at them for a while and said, "General Qi, I guess you are too busy to teach your son."

Qi Lang straightened his back, "My son offended your highness. I won't forgive him."

Yun Shang was about to say something when the butler of General Qi's Mansion came in a hurry. Seeing Qi Lang and Qi Yuzhi kneeling down in front of Yun Shang, he paused and slightly bent over to wait by the side.

Yun Shang smiled and looked at the butler. "You are in such a panic. Is there something wrong in the mansion?"

"Yes, your highness," said the butler. "It's not a big deal. A guest has come."

"Really?" Yun Shang answered indifferently. Then she turned her eyes to the two persons in front of her, and said with a faint smile, "Today when I just woke up, a secret guard told me an interesting thing happened at the tavern today..."

Yun Shang said peacefully. Then she noticed that the butler shivered a little.

Yun Shang continued, "General Qi, I want to know how one should be punished if he gets into a private fight and hurts someone in the KY City."

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