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   Chapter 243 In The KY City

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Perhaps it was because of the selection, Emperor Ning felt that he owed a lot to Lady Jin, so he agreed to her request without hesitation, even if this request was somewhat difficult to accept.

Emperor Ning was afraid that Yun Shang would suffer losses at the frontier, so he sent a small group of secret guards to follow her and obey her orders. Along with which, he also presented an imperial edict, a golden medal, and a sacred sword that could make Yun Shang act without waiting for the Emperor's approval. When the imperial edict arrived at Prince Jing's Mansion, Yun Shang was also surprised. Although she knew Lady Jin agreed with it and it should be no problem, she didn't expect that it came so soon.

Seeing the astonishment on the butler's face, Yun Shang worried that something unexpected would happen if she didn't tell Prince Jing about it in time. So she asked Qian Yin to pack up her belongings and set out with her people the next morning.

It was inconvenient for a woman to walk outside. Yun Shang changed into men's clothes, and they had arrived at the outside of KY City after about ten days.

It seemed that the KY City hadn't been influenced by the war at all. The people in the city were still leisurely and the street was full of people and seemed to be prosperous. Yun Shang couldn't help frowning, feeling that this situation was somewhat strange.

Yun Shang left all her guards outside the city. When she came into the KY City, she didn't go to the Qi Mansion directly. Instead, she found a fancy tavern and went inside.

There was no private room in the tavern, so Yun Shang sat in the hall on the second floor. After ordering some food, Yun Shang looked up at the waiter and said with a smile, "Hello, we came from the NX City. I heard that the KY City was fighting, so I come here to see if my business in the family is affected. But, why does it look like that we are not fighting at all?"

The NX City was a prosperous city in the State of Ning. Yun Shang was afraid that she would say that she came from the Imperial City to attract the attention of others, so she just made up the story casually.

The waiter grinned and said, "You don't know? We thought we would have to close the door if the war began. But it turned out that the people of the State of Xia are afraid of General Qi's fame. It's more than a month now, but the soldiers of the State of Xia only dare to station dozens of miles. Only occasionally send someone to see, like a turtle, they don't dare to come at all. I don't think we can get into a fight. General Qi is a major general of the State of Ning. He has a strong force. I'm afraid he's as mighty as Prince Jing."

Yun Shang put her hands on the table and talked with the waiter with a smile, "Really? I was worried for nothing. With General Qi in charge, our KY City must be safe without mishap. "

She gave the attendant two taels


The woman nodded and said, "yes."

Mister Li still didn't let her go. He raised his head to look at the servant and said, "I saw this woman first."

The servant glanced at Mr. Li with disdain and walked into the room. A moment later, the door was slammed open, and with a bang, Qi Yuzhi rushed out in anger. Behind him were several sturdy servants. "Which bastard dares to grab my woman?"

As soon as he lowered his head, he saw what was happening in the hall. He snorted coldly, "Li Qian, are you insane? Beat him for me!"

As soon as he finished speaking, his servant jumped down from the second floor, grabbed Mr. Li's hand, and pinched it so hard that Mr. Li's face was a little distorted in pain. "Qi Yuzhi, if you dare touch me, my father will not spare you."

"Hahaha! Tell me that you won't spare me easily, and I'll still hit you today. Well, if you have guts, ask your father to punish me. I'm not afraid! Hit him to death! "

Everyone in the tavern kept screaming. After a while, Mr. Li picked himself up and huddled on the ground motionless. Yun Shang guessed that Mr. Li was dead. Qi Yuzhi then stopped and snorted coldly, "You deserve it." Then he called the woman in veil, "Yue Niang, go upstairs."

The woman held the instrument in her arms and hastened upstairs. Then she followed Qi Yuzhi into the room with her head down.

Qian Yin closed her mouth and said, "Your... Master... How could he be so lawless... "

Yun Shang sneered, "Lawless? I'm afraid that in the KY City, Qi Lang would regard himself as a law."

After the meal, Yun Shang wandered around the city and then went out of the city. She got her palace clothes back and asked the hidden guards to find a carriage which looked very magnificent. After getting on the carriage, she let half of her secret guards sneak into the city and half followed the carriage. After that, she went into the city and went to General Qi's Mansion.

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