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   Chapter 240 The Encounter Of The Love Rivals (Part One)

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It was probably because of the thought that Prince Jing was leaving tomorrow that they stayed in the hall. Yun Shang asked servants to prepare a beautiful couch for Prince Jing. Half leaned on the couch to read a book, while Prince Jing sat behind the table and read the pamphlet presented by the secret guards. She was reading a book, and the whole room was quiet except the sound of her turning the pages.

When Yun Shang woke up the next morning, she found Prince Jing was not by her side. She reached out her hand to feel the bed. The bed next to her was already cold. He must have been gone for a long time. She sat up after a while. Hearing the noise in the room, Qian Yin hurried into the room.

"How long has his highness been away?" Yun Shang said gently.

Qian Yin quietly observed Yun Shang's face, and saw her as calm as usual. She said gently, "An hour and a half, his highness saw that Princess Yun Shang had a good sleep, so he told me not to disturb you."

Yun Shang nodded and asked Qian Yin to prepare the toiletries, but her mind was in a mess. If he left, then it would take a long time to see.

Yun Shang spent the whole day in her palace, browsing through a book on the bed and absent-minded. She used to lead a comfortable life like this when she was alone. But now, it seemed that she was used to the company of Prince Jing, which made her feel a little bit uncomfortable without him by her side.

After Prince Jing left, Yun Shang thought that since Li Jingyan and Xia Houjing were no longer keeping watch on the Imperial City, Ning Qian must be bored in the palace, so she sent someone to call Ning Qian over. Ning Qian made someone told the people that the Empress was not in good health,

ven raise his eyebrows. Because I am still a princess, aren't I? And the wife of Prince Jing. "

Jing Wenxi moved and showed surprise in her eyes. After a while, she sneered, "I underestimated you. You are not as gentle and kind as I thought... What would the Emperor and Prince think of the princess? "

"Think of me?" Yun Shang smiled without saying anything. "Do you think father and Prince Jing don't know what I am like? Or didn't her majesty tell you that I was the one you need to be careful most? "

Jing Wenxi changed her face. She remembered the Empress's words when she asked her to come to the palace the other day. "I know you are smart. I'll let you do it. But when you get to Laifeng Palace, the one you need to be careful most is Yun Shang."

Jing Wenxi remembered the Empress's words at that time, but she was confused. She had seen Princess Yun Shang several times. She was just a weak woman, quiet and harmless. What's more, she seemed to have stayed in the Ning'guo Temple for a long time. All the girls had grown up in that temple were only interested in eating, worshiping Buddha, and had no idea of all these dangers.

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