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   Chapter 237 Visit The Huo Family (Part Two)

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"That's according to the Buddha's decree of Lady Avalokitesvara. Yesterday, the moon was so round, and was eaten up by the heavenly dog. I knew it. Princess Hui Guo is only eight years old and knows to pray for rain for the people. How could such a woman be jealous? Your Highness has suffered from injustice, and even the God can't tolerate it. "

"I'm afraid Jing Wenxi is telling the lie. My uncle in the Imperial City told me that Jing Wenxi's love for Prince Jing is well known in the Imperial City. She must be unwilling to accept the fact that Prince Jing adores Princess Hui Guo so much that she tries to ruin her reputation. I'm afraid the accident of her brother has something to do with her."

Gradually, some people saw the carriage in which they were sitting. "Eh? Prince Jing? Is it Prince Jing's carriage? Is there anyone else in the State of Ning who can speak out the words' Prince Jing '?"

"Is the Princess Hui Guo in the carriage too?"


The people in the carriage listened to the sounds from the outside, but they were as quiet as mountains. After a long while, Prince Jing looked at Yun Shang's face and said with a smile, "using rumor to suppress rumor is a good way to deal with it."

Yun Shang smiled for a while and said, "What the people want will be the fate. Hehe..." A hint of mockery was reflected in her eyes.

What the people want will be the fate. Prince Jing lowered his eyes and thought it over. He was shocked. He didn't believe in fate, but he had to believe in what the people wanted.

The carriage stopped in front

at once."

Yun Shang shook her head and said with a smile, "I'm fine. Miss Jing came to visit my mother. Just two days after she was sent to the temporary imperial palace, my brother got pimples and she stayed in the palace for two days. Now Miss Jing is sick, of course I should visit her. After taking care of my brother, Miss Jing left the temporary imperial palace well prepared. But Mr. Jing had a pimple right away, which might have been Chenxi's fault. If I didn't come to see her, I would be worried..."

As Yun Shang spoke, the crowd fell silent. Yun Shang's voice was soft but clear. But as soon as she finished, people started to gossip again.

"Prince Jing and Princess Hui Guo still come to visit them due to her poor health. How dare they keep his highness and her highness outside the door! How dare they be so rude!"

"Your Highness said Miss Jing had been well prepared before she left the palace. The pimple is not easy to be infected. He wouldn't have been infected if he hadn't touched something the patient had used."

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