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   Chapter 234 Interlocking

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"You were also there then? Why didn't I remember anything about it? " Yun Shang frowned and looked upset.

Prince Jing giggled, but curled his lips, "I'm not that invisible to you? Alas, I've been thinking of you for seven years, but you've even forgotten. " Then he put his arms around Yun Shang's waist, and carried her towards the side hall. "I don't mind helping you recall..."

Yun Shang flushed. She struggled to free herself, but Prince Jing held her back. The prince had no choice but to let her go.

Jing Wenxi was still kneeling at the door, but she shook slightly and clenched her fist in the sleeve. The people around her looked at her with sympathy at the beginning, but now they wanted to know more.

Hearing the discussion behind her, Jing Wenxi clenched her teeth and turned a deaf ear to it. She knew how awful those words would be without her guess.

"Just now I thought she fell in love with Prince Jing, so she saved him. I thought Princess Yun Shang wouldn't allow her to enter here. I also felt sorry for her. But I didn't expect that Prince Jing didn't like her at all. It turned out that she ran away to take the arrow and wanted to seize the opportunity to get on him. A woman should dare to do such a thing. It's really... "

"The princess has a good relationship with his highness just now. He is so obedient to her. I've never seen his highness be nice to anyone. I didn't expect him to smile."

"I heard that Jing Wenxi is a daughter of an eminent family. She is so ridiculous. I don't know how her family taught her to be so shameless."

"Don't you know? She is the daughter of a concubine, but she is favored by her father. That's all. She is uneducated. "

Jing Wenxi straightened up, bit her lips, and her eyes were filled with hatred. 'hehe, are you despicable? Yes, she was a bitch. So what? Jing Wenxi is a daughter of a concubine. So is Yun Shang different? But now she is a princess. How noble can she be? Can Prince Jing love her just because she is the princess? Jing Wenxi wasn't convinced!

Jing Wenxi raised her eyes and looked in the direction of the side hall. She smiled coldly. Were they in love? So what? So what if she won the hearts of these servants? Did she think this would solve the problem? I will make Yun Shang the spiteful, greedy lady. I wonder what she will do when people say she is a bad girl.

All the injustice I suffered today must be ten times, and even a thousand times as much as Yun Shang.

The crowd gradually dispersed. Jing Wenxi got up and shook before she could stand.

Jing Wenxi didn't expect to see that. Lady Jin frowned and said, "Miss Jing doesn't seem to be a good person. I can see that she hasn't given up. Shang'er..."

Emperor Ning smiled. He wasn't worried about his daughter at all, but he didn't like Jing Wenxi's scheming. He said, "I have asked someone to investigate the truth. If Jing Wenxi is determined to harm our Chenxi, I will directl

"Your Highness, is there anything I can do for you?"

Yun Shang nodded and asked, "my guard reported that Jing Wenxi had gotten some bitter almonds from the hospital. I'm not a good teacher, so I'd like to ask the old maid what else the bitter almonds could be used to treat my cold, fever and gasp with other medicine?

Madam Zheng changed her countenance. She thought for a moment before she said in a low voice, "if it's the bitter almond, then it's still poisonous except for being cured."

"Poisonous?" Yun Shang was stunned. She had no idea of this. "How could it be? I used to eat the almond... "

Madam Zheng shook her head, "no, your highness. You've usually eaten the bitter almond, but the ordinary one is the almond, which has five poisons. The bitter almond is a herb, and it's not very common to eat it. The poison is contained in the tip of the skin and two ends. When you get the medicine, the doctor will tell you to remove the skin and tip of the almond when boiling it. Normally, you'll be poisoned after having about 40 pills or so. If you eat too much, you will die. "

It was an undeniable fact that the almond had so many secrets. However, Yun Shang nodded in response to the answer and wondered in her mind, 'is Jing Wenxi trying to almond my almond and give it to me?'? Did she want her to suffer from the almond and die in the end?

Yun Shang thought for a while and finally decided to keep quiet. She told Madam Zheng to take good care of Lady Jin and Emperor Ning and not to ask them to eat anything like almond. After that, she dismissed Madam Zheng.

Yun Shang slept all night and waited for a long time, but she didn't get Jing Wenxi's order. She then heard that Jing Wenxi fell down on the street in the morning, with her eyes closed in great pain, and she shouted, "Princess Yun Shang, I was wrong. I dare not. I don't like the prince any more. Please forgive me."

But according to another news, Mr. Jing had a pimple.

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