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   Chapter 231 Peach Blossom (Part One)

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Yun Shang smiled and agreed. She lowered her head and looked at the map of the State of Xia.

Prince Jing's blood relatives must be in the State of Xia. He always pretended that he didn't care about Lord Hua Guo and treated him with indifference. However, when it came to taking his family as an enemy, she always felt sorry for him.

After she married Prince Jing, she was more and more shocked by his power. It had been twenty years since her father ascended the throne. If Prince Jing was determined to ascend the throne, the State of Ning would have long lost its surname. Prince Jing didn't mean to, but he just didn't want to. Even though the late emperor had only taught him for two or three years, he always felt that he had been very grateful to the late emperor, and he didn't want to be in a dilemma with his father.

Although he looked cold on the outside, he still felt warm in his heart.

But now, he had no choice but to be an enemy of his family.

Yun Shang smiled bitterly. In fact, she had always had a dream recently. In her dream, Prince Jing was wearing a dragon robe, and when the ministers kowtowed to him, she saw Lord Hua Guo and Xia Houjing.

Since this dream came to her mind, she always wondered what she would do if Prince Jing returned to the State of Xia one day?

Emperor Ning kept silent for a while and said, "I have only one son, Chenxi. He is Shu Jin's son. If nothing goes wrong, the throne will belong to him sooner or later. However, I'm not young anymore and I don't know when it is a limitation. If I die, will you and Prince Jing spare no effort to assist Chenxi?"

Yun Shang's hands trembled for a short while. Then she said, "father, do you know that the Empress controlled the imperial household? She asked the Grand Councilor Li to replace all the guards in the palace. He also asked her to gather all the concubines to Jinluan Hall and threaten father."

Emperor Ning didn't know why Yun Shang brought this up. He nodded, "I know you've settled this."

Hearing this, Yun Shang smiled faintly. "It's said that a married daughter is like splashed water. It's just that the Empress has been married to his majesty for m

I'll have to tie the youngest Prince's hand with soft cloth, so that he wouldn't be itchy and scratch his hand. If he scratch it open, there will be a scar left in the future."

Yun Shang nodded, "Madam Zheng, please tell me if there is any need to be afraid of. I'll make some anti-inflammatory drugs for Chenxi. It can relieve the itch."

"Okay." Madam Zheng said yes, and walked out of the inner hall with Yun Shang.

Emperor Ning put down the empty bowl and put Chenxi back on the bed. He looked up at Lady Jin. "When did she become a doctor? Why didn't I know that? "

Lady Jin lowered her head and covered the quilt for Chenxi before she said gently, "She has been ill for a long time, so she can become a doctor. Shang'er has always been in poor health. When she was recuperating at Ning'guo Temple, Master Wu Na sent a monk and Shang'er who are good at curing illness. I'm afraid she learned it from that person. "

Emperor Ning said nothing, but there was a faint doubt in his heart. He had sent someone to investigate that during her recuperation in Ning'guo Temple, Yun Shang had spent most of her time in the temple, writing, calligraphy and writing, and rarely going out. He also heard nothing about the contact with any monks. But, recently, Yun Shang seemed to have changed a lot after she came back from Ning'guo Temple. She was not only good at medical skills, but also had her own power. She even had a certain idea of war.

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