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   Chapter 230 The Mystery Of Pimple (Part Two)

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Lady Jin had already fed Chenxi. Although Chenxi was obedient, he was only a newborn baby, and the decoction was dripping all over his face. Lady Jin said with a smile, "look at this boy. He's no different from Yun Shang when she was a child. Every place would be covered with the medicine."

Yun Shang smiled as Lady Jin took out a handkerchief from her sleeve and wiped Chenxi's mouth. Chenxi giggled as he put the handkerchief into his mouth. Lady Jin lightly patted his face and giggled, "handkerchief is not yummy, but it's not yummy! I don't know why he likes the handkerchief so much. Every time I wipe his mouth, he always puts it in his mouth."

Yun Shang's heart skipped a beat. A thought struck her. She quickly stood up and said, "I see."

Lady Jin and Madam Zheng looked at Yun Shang in confusion. Yun Shang pointed at the handkerchief in Lady Jin's hand and said, "I know why I couldn't find anything in this room. Wenxi, did you wipe Chenxi's mouth with the handkerchief?"

Lady Jin and Madam Zheng were shocked. They thought of what had happened a moment ago and turned pale. "You mean Jing Wenxi's handkerchief is a crux?"

Madam Zheng contemplated on it for a long time and said, "right. I remember that Miss Jing came with a water pink handkerchief embroidered with hibiscus flower. Two days later, when she came back from shopping in the city, she replaced it with a handkerchief embroidered with plum blossom. The handkerchief didn't match her clothes at that day, and I took a few more glances at it. It seemed that the handkerchief didn't fit her clothesThe lady also told me that she saw the handkerchief when she went shopping and bought it as she thought it looked good. I didn't have any doubts at that time. But now when I recalled it, I felt that the cyan brocade handkerchief seemed to have been used for a period of time and it didn't look like a new one. Then Miss Jing kept wearing the cyan brocade handkerchief. It seemed that she liked the prince very much. The old maid who served the prince that day also said that Miss Jing would soon take away her work She has been with the youngest Prince for a few days. There must be a chance for her to... "

Madam Zheng's face turned blue as she said, "it's all my fault. I've been afraid that something might happen to the youngest prince, so I've been paying special attention to the clothes, transportation and transportation around him. I didn't expect that things would go wrong in such a place." Then she stood up and continued, "Jing Wenxi went to take a bath just now. I had someone steal the brocade handkerchief from her. I'll see if it's because of the handkerchief."

Lady Jin noticed Madam Zheng's remorse, so she held her back and said, "it wasn't your fault. Jing Wenxi is a thoughtful woman. She has a strong mind. You should investigate the truth and make sure that she didn't set anyone up. We'll take more care of Chenxi from now on."

Madam Zheng nodded and went out.

Yun Shang still buried her head in thought. Although it wasn't sure that Jing Wenxi did it, Yun Shang thought if her guess was right, how d

he State of Xia knows his weakness very well. He might be good at taking advantage of the battlefield to solve the problem. "

Emperor Ning was a little surprised, "Prince Jing told you this too?"

Yun Shang smiled, "just because I saw this place on Prince Jing's map the other day. I'm curious about it. Besides, I've told his highness that women and villains are difficult to deal with. If my father sends me to be the inspector, perhaps I can try to solve the problem of General Derek Qi. since he is so arrogant, I'm even more arrogant than him. I'm afraid he won't do anything to me because of my current identity. "

Emperor Ning laughed. "That's a good move. But I saw you were looking at the Deer City just now. Am I right? "

Yun Shang nodded and said, "I saw father wrap the Deer City in a circle, so I tried to figure out why you only trapped it."

Emperor Ning raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Really? Then tell me, why? "

"I guess it must be related to the position of the Deer City. It's not a big city, and it's not very eye-catching on the map, but it's a little special. Its outermost part is the border of the State of Xia, while its northern part is in the abdomen of the State of Xia. It's only about 1 hundred and 20 miles away from the Imperial City of the State of Xia. If we can capture it, it's easy to get close to the Imperial City of the State of Xia." Yun Shang said gently.

Emperor Ning nodded. "Then why don't you think that nobody has ever tried to capture the city?"

Yun Shang smiled, "it was also from a remote place. The mountains beside it were towering into clouds, so it was impossible to barge in from a mountain. But if we go across the sea, the battlefields will be large to the limit. First of all, the construction of the boats, the selection of the soldiers, and second, if we indeed go into the water, we can't provide enough war supply."

Emperor Ning remained silent for a long time. Then he said, "I thought you only know about the strife in the family, just like other women. Unfortunately, you are a woman. "

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