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   Chapter 227 An Unexpected Incident (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 7295

Updated: 2019-12-31 00:14

Yun Shang was shocked and her mind went blank. She almost fell down from the horse.

Prince Jing's heart skipped a beat as he saw the scene. He roared at Yun Shang, "Yun Shang! What are you doing? " She was riding on a horse and lost in thought. Did she know that if she fell down from the horse, there were thousands of troops behind her even if she didn't die. If the soldiers behind her didn't have time to rein the horse, they would trample her to death.

Yun Shang heard a roar of Prince Jing before she came to her senses. She felt as if her heart was burning on the fire. She gritted her teeth and held the reins. "Jing Wenxi, if mother or brother get into trouble, I will kill your whole family."

She only regretted that she hadn't remembered such an important episode when she heard that JingWenxi went to the Laifeng Palace.

Hearing her voice with hatred, Prince Jing was in a daze. Did something happen to Lady Jin?

Yun Shang turned around while thinking, "mother is in danger. I'll go first." Then she whipped her horse and the horse under her galloped away like an arrow from the string.

Prince Jing frowned and thought, 'if Xia Houjing and Li Jingyan really lead their troops to stop Emperor Ning from leaving, she will be in danger. So he shouted hastily, "come back!"

However, the woman in front of Prince Jing didn't know that at all. Her mind was full of mother and her newborn brother. Prince Jing gnashed his teeth in anger and said, "Yun Shang, are you tired of living? If caught by me, you will pay for this. " After saying that, he raised his voice suddenly. "What is the secret guard waiting for? Go and chase her! If she dies, you will die! "

A gust of wind blew from his head, which made Prince Jing's heart tense. But there were soldiers behind him, and he didn't know what would happen along the way, so he had to go with the army.

Yun Shang rode all the way, and the horse under her was worn out. She gritted her teeth and thought to herself, 'I'll learn Qinggong (*TN: A Chinese martial arts technique that supposedly helps one lift and travel in the air.) some day.

Since Emperor Ning had made his decision to go back to the pala

dn't see. When the carriage came to this place, It stopped. The coachman screamed and seemed to run away. Then mom reached out her head and wanted to see what happened, and she saw... "

Yun Shang nodded, turned around, and mounted the horse. After a moment of silence, she said, "the road is not very safe today. You'd better take your mother to another one." After a pause, she knew that there must be secret guards following her, so she called one of them out and ordered him to send the woman and her son out. Then she waved the whip and continued to walk forward.

There are more than a thousand people in the forest. Yun Shang noticed that there seemed to be few dark guards in the forest, and father didn't seem to be at a disadvantage. She checked the carriages ahead clearly and saw the logo of royal household on them. She didn't know whether they were empty or were ambushed on the road, so she had to leave the carriage without seeing mother and father. She should have felt relieved. Now it was the best news that she didn't see the dead body. Thinking that there was an ill intentioned woman by her side, she became even more anxious. Where were my mother and others?

Yun Shang kept silent for a long time. She bit her teeth and called all the shadow guards out. "I know Prince Jing sent you here to protect me, but I'm fine now. I'm worried about father and mother, so you use Qinggong to go there first to check if they are nearby."

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