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   Chapter 226 Sword Shadows

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It was an ear with blood on it.

Wen Xi screamed.

The Empress glanced coldly at the ear and snorted, "Do you think that I will believe these are Hua Jing's ears when someone cut them off and send them to me? Yun Shang, I just thought that your skills have improved a lot, but I didn't expect you to be so unskilled. Such a clumsy way is of great use to you."

Yun Shang smiled, but her eyes were calm. "Mother, why don't you read it carefully? Are you scared? I heard that there is a birthmark on sister's ear... " She paused.

Frowning slightly, the Empress glanced at the thing on the ground again. There seemed to be a touch of rouge on the back of the ear, like a plum blossom. The Empress turned around quietly and clenched her hand in the sleeve. Her long nails pierced into her palm, causing pain.

"It's just a birthmark. But many old people of certain ages in the palace know about the characteristics of Hua Jing. It's not strange to make a fake one. Yun Shang, don't waste your time. If you can, just send Hua Jing to me. I believe you." Then the Empress went to a chair and sat down, without saying anything.

Yun Shang grinned, "servants, take it to feed dogs."

The secret guards put the things into the box and picked them up. Yun Shang smiled and walked to the Empress. "Oh, I forget that mother is used to deceiving herself. In that case, I don't have to say more. Somebody, lock her in the secret chamber."

The chamber was located in the Empress' palace. It was a small punishment room on the wall behind the bed, where the empress used to deal with some people in private. She accidentally broke into it in her previous life, so she got to know that. Now it seemed to be a wonderful place.

Yun Shang summoned Ning Qian, disguised as the Empress, and left after she told the things.

As soon as Yun Shang left, Li Fuyi ran to her, with anxiety in her eyes. "We lost all the ladies. Do you know who did it?"

The Empress was sitting in front of the mirror, dressed in disguises. She looked at her own face in the mirror. When she heard Li Fuyi ask such a question, she frowned and said, "what are you doing? Do you really think that you can get into Qiwu Palace as you like? "

After hearing this, Li Fuyi was a little stunned. She looked at the Empress and couldn't help but be angry, "sister, you have to grow up. How long can you be the Empress? Do you know how much time my father has spent in plotting the kidnapping? If you break father's plan, I'm afraid that you will die without knowing why. "

Hearing this, the Empress laughed suddenly. "Yes, how long can I be the Empress? Do you think you will have a good end? Even if father ascended the throne, so what? You are just a late Emperor's consort who has been abandoned by everyone in the past. Where can your dignity be? "

"One more question, sister. Where have the ladies in the imperial household gone?" Li Fuyi glared at the Empress, with anger in her eyes.

The Empress smiled, picked up the comb on the dresser, and combed her slightly messy hair. "Where did they go? Didn't you tell me to arrest all the concubines and send them to Jinluan Hall?"

"There is no one at Jinluan Hall!" Li Fuyi banged her hand on the table.

"Really? Is it? There's no one in Jinluan Hall, which made me suspicious. There are people working for the Emperor. If you are not careful enough, it's likely to go wrong. Just as you said, I can't bear the consequences if father is in trouble. So, I will send them to my secret chamber. " The Empress turned around and looked at Li Fuyi with unpredictable eyes. "I don't know. You are in charge of my affairs."

After saying that, she turned to the mirror. "No wonder you said you have been ill bred. Your mother taught you to be obedient to your sister? Do you really think that I don't know what's going on in the palace these years? I know clearly that you killed your mother in order to get father's favor? "

Li Fuyi's eyes flashed a murderous look. "You're right, sister. I crossed the line. Since you had already made a plan, then I won't blame you." Then she gave the Empress a meaningful look, turned around and left Qiwu Palace.

Ning Qian breathed a sigh of relief after watching Li Fuyi leave. It was lucky that her master had taught her how to behave, or else everyone would find out the truth. Ning Qian stood up, turned around, picked up the lamp on the table, and went into the dark room.

There was only one chair in the dark room, and the Empress was sitting on it, with a cloth tied to her mouth. Her eyes were fixed on Ning Qian, who had come in. When she was in the dark room just now, she felt strange that why there was someone outside who answered Li Fuyi, and her voice was the copy of her. Now she knew, without the help of others, that this was the reason.

She had heard about the skill of disguising oneself, but she didn't expect Yun Shang to have such a capable person by her side.

A question flashed through her mind. What on earth was Yun Shang going to do?

Standing in front of the Empress, Ning Qian looked at the Empress with a smile and said, "Your Majesty, please don't worry. I'm sorry that I didn't greet you bef

shields, shot towards the archers on the wall. In a short moment, they reached the gate. As soon as Prince Jing gave the order, the gate of the Grand Councilor's mansion was knocked open.

In the Grand Councilor's mansion, there were archers lurking under the rockery of wildflowers, trees and rockeries. Yun Shang and Prince Jing were aware that something was wrong. According to intelligence, there were more than 40 thousand soldiers in the Imperial City, who could contend against the enemies at the gates or at the Grand Councilor's mansion for a while. However, with only 30 thousand men among them, they were completely invisible in the Imperial City. But they were still trapped in the Grand Councilor's mansion. Some archers were resisting. At present, they were no more than thousands.

"Find him for me! Find Li Jingyan for me!" Prince Jing shouted and many soldiers rushed into the Grand Councilor's mansion. The Grand Councilor's mansion was stuffed with a lot of people in a short while.

"Is he in the Imperial Palace?" Yun Shang murmured, "No, the guards in the palace have already been replaced by us. If Li Jingyan really gets into the palace, there is no reason for us not to receive the news..."

After a short while, the soldiers had thoroughly searched the Grand Councilor's mansion. There was no Li Jingyan, no Xia Houjing, and not a single person that could be taken as the master. But there were only three thousand soldiers in the Grand Councilor's mansion.

Prince Jing and Yun Shang exchanged a look with each other and looked grave.

After a long time, Prince Jing said, "if we follow the plan, His Majesty will leave for the palace today."

Yun Shang shivered as she realized that they had fallen into Xia Houjing's trap. Xia Houjing and Li Jingyan had been planning to take over the Imperial City from the very beginning. Father was not in the Imperial City, so even if they took control of the Imperial Palace, it would still be an empty city.

Besides, if they could take the Imperial City, they had to guard the Imperial City all the time. The Imperial City was located at the center of the State of Ning, far away from the border. It would take at least half a year to attack the Imperial City even if the armies of the State of Xia took over the three cities at the border. It would be tough for Li Jingyan and Xia Houjing to guard the Imperial City for half a year.

Yun Shang was too eager to avenge herself that she had overlooked something. When she thought about it carefully, a flame of hatred lighted up in her heart. "Xia Houjing wants to attack my father and threaten him to command the world."

Prince Jing nodded and frowned. "I felt something was wrong a few days ago. I thought Xia Houjing had arranged for some secret troops to attack the Emperor in secret, so he sent twenty thousand soldiers to protect the Emperor. But I didn't expect him to abandon the Imperial City with a lie."

Yun Shang's heart sank. With her father's guards around, she hoped that the fight could last for a while. "We must immediately go to support father."

Prince Jing nodded and gave the order. He flew to Laifeng City with his army.

Yun Shang suddenly thought of something that she had ignored. When she met Jing Wenxi at Prince Shun Qing's Mansion, Ruyu said to her, "Everyone in the Imperial City knows that Jing Wenxi likes Prince Jing..."

At that time, her father had just granted her and Prince Jing a marriage

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