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   Chapter 220 Intrigues In The Grand Councilor's Mansion

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Hua Jing was absolutely furious. Li Yingying! After hearing Ya Xi's story and assuring him that she would seek justice for the incident at Suiyu House, Hua Jing had sent an invitation to Li Yingying. Before picking on her cousin, she wanted to be absolutely certain that Ya Xi had not lied. It would not do to get into trouble with her father again. However, upon hearing the extent to which Li Yingying had gone to force Ya Xi, the Princess was infuriated. How dare Li Yingying slobber over her man and humiliate her! Did Li Yingying think she could do as she pleases simply because she was the granddaughter of the Grand Councilor? That was absurd!

The chamberlain entered when Hua Jing was fuming over Li Yingying's actions. Hua Jing asked angrily. "What happened?"

The chamberlain was not expecting such hostility. He lowered his head and spoke nervously. "Your Highness, a servant from the Grand Councilor's Mansion just arrived. He explained that Lady Yingying seeks your forgiveness for not accepting your invitation. She went to Jingsi Temple to pray for the Grand Councilor and Lady Li today, and she is exhausted from the trip. As per the servant, Lady Yingying thinks it inappropriate to meet Your Highness when she feels worn-out. Lady Yingying has promised to pay her respect to Your Highness first thing tomorrow morning instead."

Hua Jing's mouth twisted in a contemptuous sneer. "Pray? Humph! She is such a natural liar that I am questioning my own abilities! All right, since she wants to pay her respects to me tomorrow, I don't mind. Tell her to prostrate three times, and kowtow thrice at each prostration with reverence."

The chamberlain was surprised as Lady Yingying used to have a good relationship with Her Highness. Although there was less contact between them in recent weeks, he couldn't understand what Lady Yingying had done to irritate Her Highness this much. While trying to imagine what had soured the relationship between the Princess and Lady Yingying, the chamberlain respectfully bowed and answered, "Yes, Your Highness. I will tell the servant to pass the message to Lady Yingying."

"Wait a moment!" Hua Jing sighed before standing. Her expression was cold. She knew that the facade of mutual respect between her and Li Yingying would be removed if she really asked her cousin to do so. After all, Li Yingying had a closer relationship with Grandfather and Grandmother, since she stayed at the Grand Councilor's Mansion all the time. Although Hua Jing was always respected as a Princess, she worried that if Li Yingying spoke ill of her every now and then, her grandparents might believe Li Yingying. Hua Jing couldn't afford to let that happen because she still needed their help.

Hua Jing was smart enough to understand that although her grandparents might be inferior to her in rank, the Empress and she needed to count on their support.

Hua Jing frowned as she thought it over. "You don't need to reply to the messenger. I'll go to Grand Councilor's Mansion and visit Li Yingying." Then she said to the maid who had been standing aside. "Get me dressed."

The light yellow dress selected by the maid softened Hua Jing's appearance. Hua Jing nodded in approval before asking for a carriage to be prepared. She also asked her maid to inform Ya Xi of her whereabouts. Then she turned and left for the Grand Councilor's Mansion.

Grandfather should be out at this moment, and Grandmother always felt protective and tender about her daughter, a noble Empress with no freedom. As a result, Grandmother often spoiled her. It would be prudent for Hua Jing to start with her grandmother as she would be easier to manipulate.

After pondering over the whole situation, the Princess reached a decision and accordingly, prepared a speech in her mind. A few moments later, Hua Jing arrived at the Grand Councilor's Mansion.

As she alighted from the carriage, the servant at the door recognized Hua Jing and came to greet her with a bright smile. "Your Highness."

Hua Jing nodded and asked, "Where's Grandmother?"

The servant bowed and answered, "Lady Li is in Jingya* House(*TN: meaning tranquility and elegance)." Hua Jing nodded. Jingya House was her Grandmother's residence, So she headed toward it. As she walked into the yard, the Princess heard a noise coming from inside. Hua Jing frowned and wondered who dared to make noise in Jingya House since Grandmother had a preference for peace.

As Hua Jing approached, she saw a woman in a carmine dress standing in the middle of the room. The woman was smiling with disdain and complaining, "Don't think you can fool me just because I'm from another country. I know your norms. I'm pregnant and I deserve enough nutrition. You cannot deny me that! Although I'm just a concubine, my marriage was granted by your Emperor and I now bear a child of the Li Clan. Moreover, the third Prince of the State of Yelang is still in the Imperial City and I don't think he will be pleased to learn that I'm being bullied here. If you don't give in to my demands, I will go to His Majesty."

Hua Jing frowned as she thought about the woman's identity. Could this be Cangyang Yu'er, the woman who showed an interest in Prince Jing during the Imperial Feast? Hua Jing raised an eyebrow when she recalled the embarrassing situation when Cangyang was caught having an affair with her grandfather during a feast to celebrate Prince Jing's birthday... That was how she ended up in this mansion. Was she pregnant?

Hua Jing walked in with a sneer. "I was just wondering who was so ill-educated to make a fuss here. So it's you, a concubine from a small country, right? Let me think for a moment. What i

r her feelings in this matter as well.

Then he said. "I understand how angry and upset you are now. But it's really inappropriate to involve Fuya. Why don't we let her out and punish her by our family rules?"

Hua Jing shook her head. "Please don't pacify me with that promise, Grandfather. She is pregnant. I don't think you will really punish her when she returns."

The Grand Councilor frowned and glanced at Lady Li, who appeared to be quite pale. Having reached a decision, he spoke, "I was never really sure if the child was mine. Let's see if the child is lucky enough to survive her punishment. It was her fault from the start anyway. Once she's in this mansion, she needs to obey our rules."

The Grand Councilor was not a coward and he was aware of how the situation affected his family. He also knew how poorly Cangyang had behaved ever since her arrival at the mansion, even though Lady Li never complained. However, he had been reluctant to take action since this marriage had been granted by the Emperor, and Cangyang Yu'er was from the State of Yelang. Given his dilemma, he had chosen to keep silent.

Nevertheless, now that they had already made a scene, he couldn't play innocent anymore. Lady Li was also from a noble family. If he didn't tread lightly there would be endless trouble from her family. His big plan was going to be implemented soon and he couldn't afford any risks. A foreign woman wouldn't make much difference no matter what.

Hua Jing felt more reassured after hearing the Grand Councilor's explanation, and agreed to his suggestion reluctantly.

At that moment, she heard Li Yingying's voice. "Is Grandfather home?"

A ruthless look flashed across Hua Jing's face. She lowered her head and suppressed her anger. Then she looked up and saw Li Yingying enter. Li Yingying was wearing a pink dress with a white chiffon coat. There were a few plum flowers embroidered on the tail of her dress. With a casual bun, she looked elegant and radiant. Hua Jing felt envious when she saw how full of youth her cousin looked.

Upon studying her cousin, the Princess realized that Li Yingying was dressed unusually well today. Did she dress to impress Ya Xi? Was she so sure that Ya Xi would be hers soon? Hua Jing became furious at this thought.

"Good to see you, cousin." The angrier Hua Jing was, the more brightly she smiled.

Li Yingying looked at Hua Jing and was surprised by her injured face. Li Yingying asked immediately, "What happened to your face, Your Highness?"

The she greeted the Grand Councilor and Lady Li.

Li Yingying sat beside Hua Jing and explained, "I received Your Highness's invitation once I returned from praying. As I was too tired today, so I didn't come to visit. What did Your Highness need to see me for?"

Hua Jing smiled as she answered, "Nothing special. It's just that I haven't met with you for a while, and I heard people talking about you today. That was why I wanted to invite you over."

"Talking about me?" Li Yingying asked in confusion. "What did they say about me?"

Hua Jing smiled. "I will tell you later."

After the dinner with the Grand Councilor and Lady Li, Hua Jing went for a walk in the garden.

Li Yingying had no idea what Hua Jing needed to speak with her about, so she followed the Princess cautiously. While walking around the garden, Hua Jing dismissed the servants before quietly speaking, "I was chatting with some ladies today, and one of them said she saw you in an indecent place. I found it a serious matter as it was about your reputation. So I came here to speak with you."

Li Yingying panicked. "Wh... What? Where did she see me? Is it possible that she might be mistaken?"

Hua Jing turned to her cousin and looked into her eyes as she spoke. "Suiyu House."

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