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   Chapter 219 Damsel In Distress

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When she heard his excuses, Hua Jing frowned. She knew that Ya Xi was trying to avoid her question. And she was displeased with his answer. Hua Jing didn't think any woman in the Imperial City was more powerful, nor wealthier than her.

She wanted to ask more, but stopped. At the moment, her own reputation was also at stake. Hua Jing had already been warned and punished by her father several times. She couldn't make any more mistakes. If that wretched Yun Shang learned about her rendezvous and reported to her father, Hua Jing would be doomed. And if that were the case, Hua Jing would not be able to justify nor defend herself. After all, as a Princess, she should never visit a brothel.

But Hua Jing wanted to know the woman's name. She smiled and softly said, "I merely want to know her name. You don't have to worry. I won't do anything that's not proper."

Silence reigned for a long while before Ya Xi let out a sigh and answered, "I can't answer your question, Your Highness. This particular guest is your relative. I don't want to be the cause of strife between you and your family."

"What?" Hua Jing raised her eyebrows in surprise and pondered over the woman's identity. After a while, she nodded to Ya Xi, "If you're unwilling to reveal her name, I won't force you."

Ya Xi flashed a smile before sitting at the Guqin stand. He suggested softly, "Let me play the Guqin for you, Your Highness." With that said, he started playing.

As the music started, Hua Jing was a little surprised. She frowned as she recognized the song. It was the famous love song, Courting a Phoenix.

However, the song reminded her of the royal banquet during which Prince Jing played the song for Yun Shang. She never thought much of her step-sister. But at that time, Hua Jing had been envious of Yun Shang. It was every girl's dream to be wooed by such a man of such excellence.

Thinking about that, Hua Jing raised her eyes and looked at Ya Xi. Although the men and women in the Palace were all extremely beautiful, she had never seen a man as attractive as Ya Xi. How could she not be elated when such a gorgeous man played a love song for her?

Not long after, Ya Xi finished playing. Hua Jing stared at him with great intensity before speaking, "Lovely song, Ya Xi. I have little knowledge about music. I have no idea what meaning this song carries. However, I think you are good at whatever you do, so you must have played it well."

Ya Xi bowed his head and flashed a grateful smile. Hua Jing's heartbeat quickened when she saw his smile.

As she was marveling at his beauty, Ya Xi stood and approached her slowly. Hua Jing couldn't help but step back when he walked toward her. She stopped when her shoulders touched the door.

"Why? Are you running away from me, Your Highness?" Ya Xi chuckled. He glanced at Hua Jing seductively.

Hua Jing flushed. She averted her eyes, "Why would I run away from you?"

Before she could fathom what was happening, the veil she was wearing was ripped away and tossed on the ground. Hua Jing looked at the veil in a daze. Before she could react, she felt something warm and moist touching her lips.

Her eyes widened in surprise and she raised her head. Ya Xi's smoldering eyes seemed to be devouring her. Ya Xi smirked before lifting her and carrying Hua Jing toward the inner chamber. He laid her on the bed gently before turning to pull the curtains. Then, he joined her in bed.

From that day, Hua Jing was obsessed with Ya Xi. Every night she would patiently wait for Cangjue Qingsu to visit her. Secretly, she hoped that he wouldn't come. When she grew tired of waiting, she would dress and leave for Suiyu House.

However, her routine was broken one afternoon when Ya Xi suddenly paid her a visit.

At the time, Hua Jing was napping in her chamber. When she heard the report, she hurriedly told her servant, "Show him in!"

After a while, her maid led Ya Xi into the Princess's chamber. To Hua Jing's surprise, Ya Xi looked awful. His bluish white gown was ragged and his pretty face was marred with soot and mud. Hua Jing frowned at the sight. She dismissed her maids, took hold of Ya Xi's hand, and asked fondly, "What has happened to you? Why are you in such a mess?"

Ya Xi didn't answer her question. The silence in the room was broken by the sound of Ya Xi fal

k her. Hua Jing was delighted to see Ya Xi return to his former state. She looked at him from head to toe, and nodded to him with a smile. However, when she saw her maids staring at Ya Xi in admiration, she was displeased. She coldly ordered, "Leave us, all of you."

Although unwilling, the maids didn't dare to disobey Hua Jing's orders. They craned their neck to steal a last glance of the handsome Ya Xi before leaving the chamber.

After the maids had left, Hua Jing took hold of Ya Xi's hand. "I'll send a few guards with you when you collect evidence or valuable remains from the burnt Suiyu House. Feel free to go there when you are ready."

Ya Xi bit his lip before nodding to her. Then he bowed and left.

Not long after, the servant Hua Jing had sent to the Grand Councilor's Mansion returned. He reported to Hua Jing, "I've delivered your letter to the Grand Councilor's Mansion, Your Highness. However, the chamberlain told me that Lady Yingying was not at home. So I entrusted the invitation letter to the chamberlain, and asked him to give the letter to Lady Yingying when she returned."

Li Yingying was not home? Hua Jing frowned as a sense of foreboding overwhelmed her. She couldn't help wondering whether Li Yingying would be waiting for Ya Xi at the ruins of Suiyu House. It was unlikely, but...

Hua Jing didn't say anything. She frowned as she thought over all the possibilities. Then, she nodded to the servant, and dismissed him.

An hour later, Ya Xi returned. However, to Hua Jing's surprise, Ya Xi looked distressed. And the guards following him also seemed as though they had been involved in a fight. Hua Jing asked the maids to help Ya Xi change before questioning her guards about what had happened.

A guard answered, "As per your instructions, we followed Mister Ya Xi to Suiyu House. The building had been badly burnt. There's nothing left of it. After our arrival, Mister Ya Xi began searching the debris, and we helped him. However, Lady Yingying suddenly appeared. She caught hold of Mister Ya Xi by his arm, and intended to take him away forcefully. But Mister Ya Xi struggled to free himself. At the sight, Lady Yingying's guards surrounded Mister Ya Xi, and prevented him from leaving. Since Your Highness ordered us to help, we ran to aid Mister Ya Xi, and saved him from Lady Yingying's guards. Seeing that she couldn't have her way, Lady Yingying became enraged. She started insulting Mister Ya Xi. She congratulated Ya Xi on finding another lady rich enough to have her own guards to protect him. We didn't dare to identify that we were Your Highness' guards. So we didn't say anything. Every time Lady Yingying or her guards tried to grab Mister Ya Xi, we stopped them. Lady Yingying became irritated as she couldn't do anything. Before she left, she promised that she would find him and swore that she would make Ya Xi come to her willingly."

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