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   Chapter 218 Willingly Into The Net

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 9695

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Ever since the Flower Show Banquet, Cangjue Qingsu had rarely visited Hua Jing. The Princess sneered as she wondered why he hadn't come. Perhaps, in his eyes, she was now a useless woman, not worthy of his time and energy.

Hua Jing didn't have any feelings for Cangjue Qingsu, either. In her opinion, Cangjue Qingsu was nothing more than a nomadic barbarian. However, she wanted to use him to escape from the Imperial City. She had other options. She could ask her father to decree that she would retire to her land, Xiping County. But Xiping was remote and barren. Living there for the rest of her life would be even worse than Hua Jing's current condition. Compared to Xiping, the State of Yelang sounded like a better alternative. If she married Cangjue Qingsu, she would be his Princess Consort. Although Yelang wasn't as rich as Ning, her life in Yelang wouldn't be worse than it was now.

"It's late, Your Highness. You should rest." A maid who had been waiting to serve the Princess, cautiously suggested.

Hua Jing was still immersed in her own thoughts. She frowned when she realized she was missing the handsome man she had met the other night. She couldn't wait to meet him again. She dreamt of touching him and having him. Last time, she had given her Jade Pass to him thus allowing him to visit her at the Princess Palace whenever he liked. But he had not showed again. Thinking of that, Hua Jing was vexed. She wondered if he was ignoring her. The thought enraged the Princess, 'How dare he ignore my invitation?'

Hua Jing gestured her maid forward, "Help me change. I need to go out."

Puzzled, the maid hesitated. She peeked at the window. It was the sixteenth day of the month and the bright full moon was illuminating the night sky. According to the position of the moon, it was ten p.m. Why would the Princess go out at such a late hour?

"What are you doing? I said I need to change!" When Hua Jing saw the maid dawdling, she raised her voice and snapped.

"Yes, Your Highness." The maid quickly answered. She trembled as she curtsied to Hua Jing. Then, she pulled out a gown made of violet voile and helped Hua Jing dress. Hua Jing always wore delicate makeup. It didn't matter what time of the day it was, or whether she was alone or expecting company. Today was no different. Although she had spent the day in her chamber, Hua Jing's makeup still looked as flawless as when she had put it on. Apart from the dress, she didn't need the maid's help with anything else. Hua Jing smiled as she looked at her reflection in the dressing mirror. She was satisfied with her appearance. She turned sideways and checked herself again. Thrilled, she nodded to herself. Then, she turned to the maid and said, "Have a carriage prepared. Arrange four guards for me. After that, you may stay home while I conduct my business."

The maid nodded to her in obeisance. With a smile, Hua

had to refuse his offer. She believed that Ya Xi wouldn't have the heart to ignore her the whole night.

As per her expectations, the man who had greeted her at the entrance, appeared soon after Cang Lan had left. He approached her with an adulatory smile. He leaned forward and seductively whispered, "Miss, Mister Ya Xi is waiting for you in his room. This way, please."

Hua Jing was pleased to hear that. She smiled and eagerly followed the man. Before she walked away, she winked at Cang Lan.

Ya Xi's room was located in the backyard of Suiyu House. The building was separate from the brothel. It was two stories high, quiet and beautiful. The man led Hua Jing to the door. He bowed to her before turning and leaving. Hua Jing pushed the door open and saw a figure dressed in bluish white standing in front of her.

As if he had heard her footsteps, the figure turned to face her. When she saw his face again, Hua Jing's eyes gleamed with lust. He was more gorgeous than she remembered.

"Your Highness." Ya Xi greeted her. His voice was hoarse.

Hua Jing studied the man. She noticed that his face was pale. Hua Jing wondered what had happened. She walked up to Ya Xi and asked, "Have you caught cold from our love-making in the lake? But you were all right the other night..."

Ya Xi bowed his head. His eyelashes flickered shut. He answered, "It's not your fault, Your Highness. I was tired the other day after my return and wanted to rest. However, one of our guests was irritated. She took it as a sign of contempt and punished me. I was thrown into a bathtub full of icy water and..."

Hua Jing was enraged, "Who dared to hurt you? Tell me, what is this guest's name?"

Ya Xi shook his head, "I know you're protective of me, Your Highness. But the guest is not a commoner either. She is wealthy and powerful. Come, Your Highness. We haven't met for a long time. Do you want me to play the Guqin for you?"

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