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   Chapter 217 The Sex Trap

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Prince Jing nodded and said with a smile, "Qingsu came here with hopes of marrying a Princess of Ning as it would certainly increase his chances of being appointed as the Crown Prince of Yelang. If the Emperor of Yelang falls seriously ill and is said to be dying, Qingsu will probably return to Yelang lest his brothers kill the Emperor and crown themselves by taking advantage of his absence. That situation would be to Qingsu's disadvantage if he is far away from Yelang. Qingsu has many supporters in Yelang. With their help, the situation in Yelang could be reversed. If he leaves as soon as possible, he may have a chance to turn the tables."

"That's a good scheme. But the Emperor of Yelang stays in the Yelang Imperial Palace, which is strictly guarded. What can we do to make him fall ill enough to seem like he is dying?" Yun Shang said with a frown.

Yun Shang raised her head to look at Prince Jing. To her surprise, the Prince seemed very calm. Suddenly, a thought struck Yun Shang. She stared at the Prince and asked in disbelief, "Is it possible that you already have agents in the Yelang Imperial Palace?"

No sooner had the Princess finished speaking than Qian Yin raised the door curtain and stepped inside. She carried two teacups in her hands. After putting the teacups on the table, she bowed and left the room.

Prince Jing picked up a teacup lid and then put it back on the teacup again. "As Yelang territory is mostly grasslands, it is short of many natural resources. The Yelang people also face difficulty cultivating certain crops and plants that are unsuitable to grasslands. Tea, for example, does not grow in the State of Yelang. As a result, Yelang has to purchase it from the State of Ning. The frying and baking process for tea is done in the State of Ning. At this time, I can do certain things to tamper with the tea. Of course, I would not dare to directly poison the tea. But I know secret ways of poisoning. Some nontoxic objects, if used together, will be poisonous. Li Yiran knows it and so do I."

Yun Shang's hands trembled when she heard this explanation. "So, the Emperor of Yelang is indeed dying from some illness?"

Prince Jing picked up the teacup and took a long sip. "The fate of the Emperor of Yelang is in my hands. Whether he stays seriously sick or not, is my decision."

Yun Shang sank into silence. This must be the Prince's true nature. He was farsighted, crafty, and decisive. Although the Princess had heard from Ning Qian about the Prince's cunning nature before, she could not but feel shocked when she heard the Prince talk about his plots. She could never be so farsighted and prudent when devising schemes, even if she were given another chance to be reborn.

No wonder her father, the Emperor of Ning, had sent Prince Jing on errands to the border for many consecutive years. Had the Prince stayed in the Imperial City all this while, the Empress would by no means be a match for him. That was an understatement! Even ten Empresses would be incapable of plotting against him. It was quite impressive that in spite of his absence from the Imperial City over the past ten years, the Prince had still been able to employ his forces. The commoners considered the Prince as the God of War in the State of Ning. Lady Shu, one of the Emperor's concubines, worked for him. And many officials in the court had close relations with him.

The Prince was so formidable and smart. What if one day he became an enemy of Ning...

Yun Shang was terrified at this thought.

"Qingsu is a troublemaker for Ning. You can do with him as you like. But there is one thing that I want you to do for me as a favor, My Lord. Please leave Hua Jing to me. I want to kill her with my own hands." Yun Shang smiled and looked into Prince Jing's eyes.

Prince Jing nodded at the Princess as he considered her request. "It puzzles me why you bear such a deep grudge against the Empress and Hua Jing. I know that the Empress has tried everything she can to eliminate you. Yet, each time you have prevailed. But that is not enough, is it? She and Hua Jing are by no means foes that we can afford to underestimate. It is better that such vile enemies be vanished quickly. Since you are so eager to terminate Hua Jing's life, I have no reason to turn you down."

"Thank you, My Lord." Yun Shang said gently.

At Hua Jing's Palace, many servants knelt in the courtyard. It was already midsummer. The afternoon sun was radiating its fiercest heat. The servants were sprawled on the ground, which was scorching hot from hours of being baked in the sun. They perspired under the merciless heat, and their faces had turned scarlet red. But they dared not to move a single finger. They held their breath and focused their energy on deciphering sounds coming from the chamber.

"Pang!" Everybody trembled at the sudden noise. Princess Hua Jing seemed to be infuriated about something. Terror quickly spread through all the servants. They all wondered what was wrong with the Princess. Since her return from the Imperial Palace several days ago, she had been moody and short-tempered. She would fly into a rage for even the most trivial thing and then, she would vent her fury on the servants.

"The cicadas are so noisy and annoying. Are you deaf? Can't you drive them away?" Hua Jing rebuked impatiently. Her anger and demand sent shivers along the servants' spines. Soon, Hua Jing's closest maid, Ling Hua, stepped out from the Princess's chamber. Her eyes were red and filled with tears. A handprint could be clearly seen on her face. Hua Jing had punished several maids for their mistakes. Ling Hua was terrified, but she dared not to show her anxiety. Although she had tried her best to stay as calm as possible, she could not help but be bewildered and nervous.

Ling Hua nodded at the servant kneeling in the front. The servant looked at others around him. Then he left with the other servants to fetch bamboo poles to disperse the cicadas.

Ling Hua stared at the other servants kneeling on the ground with a trace of hatred. Then she turned to look at the Princess's chamber. How she wished that Prince Qingsu would come and see the Princess tonight. Princess Hua Jing's wrath would not ease unless Prince Qingsu paid her a visit.

It was late in the night. The Princess's cha

sfactorily. Just as she was about to summon her maids to help her wash, Hua Jing heard a light moan.

Hua Jing frowned. She opened her eyes and looked around. She saw a handsome face. Although she had seen the man last night, she could not help but feel astonished at how handsome he was. She sighed. This man was really attractive.

By the dim light last night, Ya Xi looked like a celestial being banished from the Heavens.

Now, in the early morning sunlight, Hua Jing could clearly see his features. Looking at his angelic face, Hua Jing had to admit that this man was indeed perfect and flawless.

Ya Xi's eyelashes flickered under Hua Jing's intense stare. He turned to look at the Princess too. A little perplexed at first, Ya Xi gained his composure soon. He flashed his most charming smile and said, "The way you're staring at me is making me blush, Your Highness. Didn't I tend to you pleasantly last night? How about letting me serve you again..." He reached for Hua Jing's breasts and caressed them gently while speaking.

Hua Jing giggled softly and said with a smile, "It was wonderful. My body is still weak from last night's passion."

Ya Xi grinned and pecked Hua Jing on the cheek. "I am honored to be able to satisfy Your Highness. As my service is done, I will return to the Suiyu House." He kissed her face again before pouting, "Your Highness, please remember me and come to see me."

Hua Jing nodded, "Of course."

Ya Xi laughed happily before sitting up. He tugged gently at the quilt. Hua Jing raised an eyebrow as Ya Xi's body was revealed to her. He was quite muscular, not as lean as she had imagined.

After getting dressed, Ya Xi turned to look at Hua Jing. He said with a frown, "Your Highness, how do I leave your Palace?"

Hua Jing grinned and sat up to have a look around. She saw her clothes on a bench. She remembered taking them off and putting them by the lakeside last night. Ya Xi must have fetched them for her. Hua Jing pointed at the clothes. "There is a Jade Pass in my clothes. You can show it to the guards at the entrance. They will let you go. If you want to see me, bring the Jade Pass. They will let you in."

Ya Xi nodded at Hua Jing. Having found the Jade Pass as per the Princess's instruction, he bowed toward Hua Jing. He smiled before leaving.

Hua Jing got up after Ya Xi had left. There were many marks on her body. She frowned at the marks of passion, and dressed herself to cover them. She called to her maids several times, but nobody responded. Then she stepped out of the room.

Hua Jing found that she was not in her chamber. Instead, she was in a room in the courtyard near the lake. Ya Xi must have brought her here. As he had no idea in which room she lived, Ya Xi took her to the nearest room by the lakeside.

Hua Jing sauntered to her chamber. All the servants and maids were kneeling and waiting for the Princess. As soon as they saw her, they bowed and said in chorus. "Your Highness..."

Hua Jing nodded. She paid no attention to the servants. Instead, Hua Jing stepped straight into her chamber. The servants and maids exchanged a look of confusion with each other. It was beyond their expectation that the Princess wouldn't find fault with them. Relieved for having escaped their daily punishment, they scurried into the chamber to serve the Princess.

Hua Jing thought her encounter with Ya Xi was an accident. She would never have imagined that it had been planned. When Ya Xi returned to the Suiyu House, he saw a woman waiting in his room. She was beautiful, but her expression was extremely cold.

"Master Qian Qian." Ya Xi bowed toward the woman.

Ning Qian turned to look at Ya Xi. "How are things?"

Ya Xi grinned at her. "Please don't worry, master. I always accomplish my mission. But I'm puzzled. Why don't you just kill that stupid Princess?"

Ning Qian curled her lips. "Kill her? Death would be least painful. What Her Highness wants is affliction. Slow death by torment. Little by little. You did well on this mission. If our plan succeeds, Her Highness will reward you generously. But our schemes are very important. Don't mess them up."

"I understand." Ya Xi and Ning Qian exchanged a smile.

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