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   Chapter 216 A Crafty Couple

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Ning Qian left after reporting to Yun Shang. Since the Princess had promised the Prince to help him renovate the mansion, she decided it was time to focus her energy on the task ahead. But Yun Shang had never undertaken such a project before. She asked the chamberlain to find some skilled craftsmen for her. Then she found some works of calligraphy and paintings to hang on the walls. As Yun Shang sat before her selected pieces of art, Qian Yin hurried in.

"Your Highness, I just saw Cui Liu taking a bowl of green bean soup to Prince Jing's study room." Qian Yin said with anger and despise, "I knew the Empress was planning something when she sent the new maids to Your Highness. The two maids are pretty and always well dressed. Now I see that they are trying to seduce the Prince!"

Yun Shang's expression changed. She nodded at Qian Yin as she thought about the situation. When servants were being selected for Prince Jing's Mansion, the Empress sent two new maids. Six maids from Qingxin Palace and two madams had also been presented to Yun Shang. The number of servants sent by the Empress was in pursuant with tradition. As Qian Yin and Qin Yi had helped select the six maids that worked at Qingxin Palace, they should be trustworthy.

As for the new maids, Yun Shang reckoned that they were spies placed by the Empress. Yun Shang was unconscious during the days just before her wedding. Once she had woken, she recuperated at Prince Jing's Mansion. Her absence from the Palace meant that she had to accept the arrangements made by the Empress. It was clear to Yun Shang that the new maids came with a purpose. However, she had not taken any action as she was curious about their intentions. The two madams had been sent by Emperor Ning. The Emperor claimed that Yun Shang needed help from experienced elders as she was a new wife and knew little about certain things in the household. The Emperor also said that Prince Jing's Mansion needed special care given his high position. For these reasons, Emperor Ning deemed it necessary for the two madams to assist Yun Shang.

Yun Shang's mouth twisted into an acerbic smile. She recalled the desperation Emperor Ning felt which led him to abduct Prince Jing earlier. Since the Emperor had failed to control Prince Jing through other means, he saw Yun Shang as the ideal pawn through which to exercise control over the Prince. Considering Emperor Ning's insecurities, the madams sent by him must have their missions, too. It seemed like everyone was trying to place spies beside her. 'It is their mistake to underestimate me, ' Yun Shang thought.

"I remember asking Cui Zhu and Cui Liu to clean the yard. Who let Cui Liu into the kitchen? I also remember telling you to keep Cui Zhu and Cui Liu away from our food." Yun Shang asked Qian Yin softly.

Qian Yin had, at first, been astonished to see Cui Liu taking soup into the study. She had assumed that Cui Liu's only purpose was to flirt with the Prince. She had been so angered by the new maid's audacity that her first thought was to tell Yun Shang. When the Princess reminded her politely, Qian Yin remembered all the reasons why it was inappropriate for Cui Liu to be wandering about the mansion. "Right. I told the kitchen staff not to let anyone in as per your orders. How did she get in? I'll go ask them now." Qian Yin rushed out of the room.

Yun Shang smiled and shook her head at Qian Yin's behavior. After all, Qian Yin was just a girl. She didn't have much experience in dealing with such things. Qin Yi was more reliable when it came to these matters. But the Princess loved Qian Yin just the same. Not only was the maid good at Kung Fu, she reacted fast to situations. S

lang, the eldest son of a clan didn't have to be the only lawful heir. They selected the most capable son to be their leader. The royal family of the State of Yelang had seven Princes. And Prince Qingsu was the third eldest among them. The competition for the crown was fierce. The second Prince was the eldest son of the Empress, so he was the most suitable heir to the crown. The fifth Prince, as the son of the Emperor's most loved concubine, was also a strong rival. He was the grandson of the Yelang Grand Councilor, and his uncle was the most respected general in the State of Yelang. Prince Qingsu had spent years gaining the civilians' trust and love. Supported by the Chief Councillor of the State of Yelang, the third Prince was adept with both, the pen and the sword. But his health became his weakness. That was why Prince Qingsu was so desperate to take a chance and seek for a politically beneficial marriage as soon as he can.

The State of Ning was Prince Qingsu's best option to form an alliance. If he failed, he could marry one of the ladies from his own state as an alternative.

"What do you plan on doing to make Prince Qingsu leave?" Yun Shang asked Prince Jing softly.

Prince Jing looked at Yun Shang and smiled, "If you were me, what would you do?"

Yun Shang pondered over the Prince's question. Prince Qingsu was here to seek a political marriage. Since Yun Shang was married and Hua Jing lost her reputation, Prince Qingsu wasn't left with too many options. But Prince Qingsu wouldn't give up easily. He would probably ask the Emperor to give a Princess title to another lady so that Qingsu could marry her and accomplish his goal.

Prince Qingsu wouldn't leave too soon unless his plans went wrong in the State of Yelang.

'How about starting a war around the border......'

The thought entered Yun Shang's mind. She quickly put it aside. Starting a war at this time wasn't a wise choice. Even though it was the best time to declare war on the State of Yelang as Prince Qingsu was not in his state, a war would break the truce between the two countries and make the civilians' life miserable. And the commoners only wanted peace and happiness.

While pondering over the dilemma, Yun Shang suddenly had an idea. She raised her head to look at Prince Jing, "I have an idea! If we can make him believe that the Emperor of the State of Yelang is critically ill, we will be able to convince Prince Qingsu to abandon his plans."

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