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   Chapter 215 Prince Jing's Revenge

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Scared by his thoughts, Prince Jing swallowed the following words. He fell silent as he pondered on the matter. Why would he say that? Had he started to feel for Yun Shang?

Yun Shang had different thoughts. She frowned when she heard Prince Jing's request. Then she racked her brains about alternatives. What should she call Prince Jing, if not uncle?

Husband? Dear?

When she thought of the word husband, Yun Shang shuddered. In her previous life, she used to call Mo Jingran husband to show her love and feelings for him. Back then, she thought she had married someone for love, and was eager to express her feelings as much as possible.

But she didn't have such feelings for Prince Jing... Perhaps she would never have those feelings for anyone...

Yun Shang shook her head. There was no point in thinking about her previous life now. She needed to focus on Prince Jing's request! If not uncle, what should she call him? Qingyan, perhaps?

Yun Shang shuddered again. Since the Prince was merely an adopted son of the late Emperor, it was acceptable for them to marry. However, nothing would change the fact that he was almost twice her age. Calling him by his name would be weird. She felt unfilial at the thought, as if she were showing no respect to her elders.

Yun Shang continued to struggle with the problem, whereas the Prince was equally uneasy. He coughed to disguise his discomfort before he said, "I have to return to the study to settle something."

Yun Shang didn't pay much attention. Immersed in her own thoughts, she nodded to him.

She finally came up with an idea. She remembered hearing Lady Shun Qing call her husband, My Lord. The more Yun Shang thought about it, the more the title made sense to her. Addressing Prince Jing as My Lord in public would be acceptable as it would convey respect. Unlike the term husband and all her associated memories, My Lord was neither too aloof nor too affectionate. She wouldn't shudder every time she addressed the Prince. Delighted, Yun Shang raised her head. She couldn't wait to tell Prince Jing. To her surprise, the Prince had left the room. The Princess frowned as she noticed that the bed was empty. Yun Shang was surprised that she had been so lost in thought that she hadn't noticed that the Prince had taken his leave. When had he left?

Since the Prince not in the room, Yun Shang decided to let go of the matter. She sent for Ning Qian as she intended to utilize this opportunity to speak with her guards.

Not long after, Ning Qian appeared in Yun Shang's room. When she saw Yun Shang, the beautiful Ning Qian flashed a smile and derided, "I feared I would never see you again, Your Highness. The Prince's Mansion is wel

s engagement to Prince Jing. Embittered by the news, she swore to avenge herself. Then, Wen Ruyu had done every evil thing she could think of including conspiring with the Grand Councilor to abduct Yun Shang. She even collaborated with the Emperor to abduct the Prince. Yun Shang would never forget her deeds.

"After news of her kidnapping, no one could find Wen Ruyu anywhere. She disappeared for a long time. But one day, she suddenly appeared outside the gate of Wen Mansion. She was naked and covered in marks. Her condition led everyone to think that she had been raped. There are rumors that she was raped by several men." Ning Qian stopped to giggle. Then she winked at Yun Shang before continuing, "A few days later, word spread. They said that Lady Ruyu was pregnant. She went mad and wandered naked along the streets all day long. She had become the laughingstock of the Imperial City."

Ning Qian's eyes sparkled with delight as she finished. She praised, "Your Highness, His Highness is such a capable man. As his plan intended, Wen Ruyu is no longer a threat. With her reputation ruined, she can no longer be taken by His Majesty as his concubine, nor can she marry Prince Jing. In fact, her condition is now known to almost everyone in the city. No one is going to marry her."

Yun Shang was shocked and at a loss for words. After a long while, she replied, "But he didn't do it for me. As you know, Wen Ruyu offended Prince Jing before. I'm afraid he's avenging himself." Still unable to process everything, Yun Shang's voice grew softer and softer.

Ning Qian giggled. She looked at Yun Shang with a smile. The expression in her eyes revealed her true thoughts, however. Ning Qian seemed to believe that Yun Shang was being delusional by thinking that Prince Jing was avenging himself.

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