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   Chapter 214 The Marital Life

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The physician confirmed Prince Jing's conjecture. Yi Xiang was harmless. However, it cannot be used with perch, as the combination of the two ingredients would generate a special fragrance which, although harmless to ordinary people, would cause early delivery or miscarriage among pregnant women. According to the physician, the fish gruel served by the maid must have been made with perch, which had turned the harmless Yi Xiang into a poison for Lady Jin.

Yun Shang wrinkled her brow as she thought over what the physician had said. Her mother had once warned her about Li Yiran's vile heart and malicious conducts. However, as she had seldom faced any obstacles while implementing her vengeance, the Princess had forgotten the helpful advise given by her mother.

Yun Shang could not help but burst into a bitter smile. Yes! It would be extremely hard to uproot the Li Clan who was supporting Li Yiran. The Li family had expanded its influence in every corner of the State of Ning. Even without their support, Li Yiran would be a huge challenge. As the Grand Tutor, Yun Shang's grandfather earned a high reputation and prestige in Ning two decades ago. In spite of the important role of Yun Shang's grandfather in the court, Li Yiran had schemed and married the Emperor, who was then the Crown Prince. From Princess Consort to the Empress, Li Yiran had warded off all threats that would shake her status as the legal wife. Now, she was the Mistress of the whole imperial household. Unchallenged, Li Yiran's influence and schemes had made the imperial household an unsafe place. Yun Shang let out a sigh when she thought of the terrifying imperial household. The Emperor must have married dozens of concubines, if not more, since he took the throne. Had Yun Shang not been reborn, the Empress would have maintained her respect and prestige. Even if the Empress was unable to earn the Emperor's unconditional love and trust, she could earn herself a good reputation both, in the Imperial Palace and among the populace.

In both of Yun Shang's lives, she and Hua Jing were the only children born to the Emperor in a twenty year span, and both of the Emperor's descendants had been girls. Although that might have been the result of Prince Jing's sneaky plots to some extent, there was no denying that Li Yiran had also played a part in eliminating the Emperor's bloodline.

"It is surprising that the Li family dared to offend me and play tricks in my mansion. I think Grand Councilor Li is too conceited to know his place. What a stupid man!" Prince Jing spoke while toying with the jade hanging on his waist. His unexpected statement interrupted Yun Shang's thoughts.

Yun Shang turned to look at Prince Jing. He was lying on the bench with his head sightly lowered. Calmness reflected on his face. Seeing the Prince in such a relaxed manner, Yun Shang's heart skipped a beat. Three days had passed since their wedding. But whenever she woke up, Yun Shang still felt as though she was in a dream. She could not believe that she had married Prince Jing, a man who was so perfect that he could only exist in a dream.

Yun Shang blushed at her thoughts. She

Bureau of Sacrifice and Ritual was accused of abusing his powers. Besides, it is said that when the last dynasty was at war with various rebel forces, its Fifth Prince managed a narrow escape from slaughter only because he had built a secret underground tunnel in his mansion. So, Shang'er, many seemingly trivial things might be of great significance."

Yun Shang raised an eyebrow as she seriously considered the Prince's explanation. As Mo Jingran's wife in her previous life, she was, of course, aware of the significance of daily affairs in the household. Simply put, it was unwise to underestimate a wife's wishes and complaints as they could often be the husband's driving force. Yun Shang knew nothing of the design of Prince Jing's Mansion. But she understood the subtle hints in his explanation. The Prince had a reputation as a hard, cold man. He was undefeated in battle as well. Many people must hate him. It would be wise for him to take certain precautions while living in his mansion.

Yun Shang didn't dare to ignore the task with which the Prince had entrusted her. She nodded and said, "All right. As I have little else to do with my time, I will pay more attention to daily affairs in the mansion. But as for the matter of the Yi Xiang, since it is related to my mother, I'm hoping that Uncle can give me timely updates and consult me before making a decision. Please let me know, because..." Yun Shang didn't finish her sentence. In fact, she was hoping to kill her enemies with her bare hands. However, as the current situation was so complicated, Yun Shang lacked confidence.

Yun Shang grinned, "With Uncle's help, I have no doubt that I will grow smarter and stronger. Uncle, you would also feel at ease knowing that I will be capable enough to protect myself."

Prince Jing smiled and nodded. "Okay, I will consult with you whenever I need to make a decision. But, would you please stop calling me Uncle? It's just..." 'I already feel terrible for rushing you into marriage. Now, every time you call me Uncle, I feel immoral and incestuous, ' Prince Jing thought to himself.

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