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   Chapter 210 Rising Storm

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Sitting in the palanquin, Yun Shang thought about her wedding ceremony. So far, all the arrangements had been perfect. As she was carried down the street, the Princess heard all sorts of sounds from outside. There was joyful music and the crowd was cheering. She heard people's conversations when she passed by. The commoners were discussing about this most exciting event. Yun Shang wondered what the preparation looked like from outside the palanquin. As the people gasped, whispered and cheered, she imagined that the pomp and circumstances of her wedding must have been extraordinary.

However, she still felt a little uneasy. If she were the Empress, she would definitely do something to subvert the wedding. Since the Empress had asked about every detail for the wedding ceremony, it would be easy for her to find an opportunity to implement her plans.

But she couldn't guess the Empress's actual scheme. Yun Shang decided to take measures according to the actual situation. The person she cared for the most now, was her mother. Yun Shang had sent almost all her guards to protect Lady Jin. Combined with her father and Prince Jing's forces, her mother should be well protected.

The palanquin wobbled all the way to the Imperial Palace. Finally, it stopped. As the palanquin was placed on the ground, a man's hand lifted the curtain and reached for Yun Shang. At the sight, Yun Shang snapped out of her daze. She recognized the hand to be Prince Jing's. She quickly placed her hand in his and allowed him to help her dismount from the palanquin.

She was then led into the Palace. Finally, the Prince and Princess reached Jinluan Hall.

After they had walked down the length of the hall, Prince Jing and Princess Yun Shang stopped. Prince Jing knelt and Yun Shang followed. Since she couldn't see much through her veil, she presumed that Emperor Ning and the Empress must be in front of her. A eunuch sang, "The Princess now bows to His Majesty."

Yun Shang prostrated and kowtowed three times. As she completed her greeting, she heard Emperor Ning's voice come from above. The Emperor sounded sad as he spoke, "You're grown up now, Shang'er. I still can't believe you're old enough to marry. My best wishes to you both for many happy years ahead."

Yun Shang kowtowed again. As she sat upright, she heard Lord Zheng announce, "His Majesty has prepared his wedding gifts. He will bestow Princess Hui Guo with a jade pendant symbolizing her royal identity, and a Princess Palace in Her Highness's name. The Princess is also being gifted with a jade pendant symbolizing her new status as Princess Consort, engraved with her title, Princess Jing."

Yun Shang prostrated again and kowtowed as she thanked her father for the wedding gifts.

"The Princess may now bid the Emperor and Empress farewell, " the eunuch sang.

"Farewell, Your Majesties." Yun Shang kowtowed to the Emperor and Empress. As her forehead touched the ground, the Princess felt as though she was in a dream. She made a silent vow. From now on, although she would no longer be a part of this Palace, her hatred and revenge would not be dissolved.

Prince Jing stood before helping Yun Shang to her feet. Holding hands, they bowed to the Emperor and Empress before turning and walking out of Jinluan Hall. As they walked down the hall, a bell rang and music started. A procession of musicians played joyful music as the Prince and Princess walked out of Jinluan Hall. The music continued as the Prince and Princess reached the Palace Gate and climbed into the palanquin. Another procession of musicians, guards, and maids followed the palanquin to Prince Jing's mansion.

It took them nearly an hour to get to the mansion. Gongs and trumpets sounded during the whole journey to the mansion. As the palanquin stopped outside the mansion, the master of the ceremony sang, "Now the bridegroom will open the curtain."

Yun Shang heard footsteps approach the palanquin. The curtain was lifted and Prince Jing extended a hand to Yun Shang. The Princess smiled and held his hand as she stepped out of the palanquin. As per the ceremony, a brazier and tiles had been placed before her. She stepped over them and headed toward the front hall.

"Look! They are a perfect match!" There were exclamations and laughter from the commoners. Yun Shang smiled at the good cheer surrounding her. Her life had changed a lot. In her current life, she had married Prince Jing instead of Mo Jingran. She found herself wondering about how married life with Prince Jing would unfold.

"The auspicious time is about to come. Your Highnesses may now enter the front Hall." The chaperon standing beside the married couple exclaimed with delight.

The Emperor and Empress would have arrived before the married couple. And Yun Shang had received a signal from her guards letting her know that Lady Jin had reached the mansion safely as well.

Since Prince Jing was an orphan, and his foster parents had passed away, Emperor Ning would perform the parents' role during the ceremony as he was Prince Jing's oldest living relative.*

(*TN: In a traditional Chinese wedding, the couple has to kowtow or bow to each other's parents. The Prince and Princess had completed the first part of the ceremony that required them to bow to the Royal family. In this part of the ceremony the Emperor would represent Prince Jing's parents and the Empress would represent Yun Shang's family.)

The celebrations in the hall were less clamorous. Perhaps the guests didn't dare to make uproarious talk and laughter in Emperor Ning's presence. The chaperon helped Yun Shang walk to her spot in the hall. Once everyone was in position, the master of ceremony sang, "The auspicious time has come. The new couple may now carry out the ritual. Kneel!"

"The couple may now bow to Heaven and Earth!"

"The couple may now bow to their parents!"

"The couple may now bow to each other!"

"The couple may now enter the bridal chamber!"

Yun Shang was in a daze during the ceremony held in the mansion. When Yun Shang finally paid attention to her surroundings, she realized that she was in the bridal chamber. The Princess looked around and found herself surrounded by festive decorations. All of this felt so surreal to Yun Shang. Noticing her bewilderment, Prince Jing asked softly, "Are you tired? Do you feel unwell?"

Yun Shang shook her head. She did not walk much during the ceremony. Although the ritual was long, she wasn't too tired. The Princess fidgeted under the weight of the heavy and complicated jewelry and attire.

"Your Highness, it's time to unveil your wife, " suggested the chaperon who had been standing beside the couple.

Prince Jing nodded and said, "I will."

He reached toward Yun Shang and slowly lifted the red veil. Yun Shang blushed and giggled. This would be the first time that she would see Prince Jing in his ceremonial attire. This would also be the first time that she would look upon Prince Jing as her husband. She demurely raised her eyes and was surprised when she

out. Yun Shang blushed. She hurriedly helped Prince Jing up and whispered in his ear, "Your Highness?"

The Prince blinked rapidly before turning his gaze toward her. He seemed to be in a daze with absolutely no idea of what had happened. Seeing that, Yun Shang glared at Wang Jinhuan. The latter hurried forward, bowed, and giggled, "Do please forgive me, Your Highness. His Highness was too delighted. See, he's drunk a little more than usual tonight. I asked him to stop, but he didn't take my advice."

A bearded man shoved him on the shoulder and laughed, "Cut the bullshit! Your advice only stopped His Highness from drinking less!"

Debunked, Wang Jinhuan showed no sign of embarrassment. Instead, he chuckled, "So what? I'm so delighted that I don't feel like myself anymore. You have no idea how happy I am for His Highness! He's 28 years old! He's finally married! I almost felt like an eager and anxious father..."

Yun Shang forced a smile as she fought the impulse to beat Wang Jinhuan. She helped the Prince on to the bed and settled him, before she turned her gaze toward Wang Jinhuan. She quipped, "Mr. Wang, you should work harder if you really want to be an eager and anxious father. After all, you haven't found the person who will give birth to your son yet. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot...I happen to have a father-in-law, who happens to be the late Emperor. Mr. Wang, I'm sure the current Emperor would be glad to learn of what you've just said."

Wang Jinhuan flinched. He quickly coughed several times, and changed the subject, "I was overwhelmed by joy. I didn't mean anything I said."

The others were running out of patience. They were not here to watch a debate and get into trouble. A man shoved Wang Jinhuan's shoulder and urged, "Hey! You are the one who suggested that we tease the Prince and Princess tonight! You said the Prince was too drunk, and wouldn't remember a thing when he woke up!"

Yun Shang gasped and widened her eyes in feigned anger. She glared at Wang Jinhuan, whereas the latter hurriedly waved his hand as he explained, "I didn't say that! You must be drunk too!"

Yun Shang laughed. She turned to the chamberlain who was standing at the door, "My my, His Highness will forget? What a shame! Chamberlain, I assume that you know these Lords' faces and names. Write down their names and present the list to His Highness tomorrow morning. It would be a shame if His Highness couldn't remember these loyal Lords' kind behavior. After all, they have labored so much, and even paid their respect to His Highness in our bridal chamber."

The chamberlain restrained his smile, and bowed to her. But the onlookers were scared. They quickly said, "No! No need, Your Highness! It's just a favor! We couldn't leave His Highness drunk and asleep outside. So we helped bring him to the chamber! It's our duty! No need to mention it to the Prince!"

With that said, the crowd scrambled to swarm out.

"Wait! Wait!" Wang Jinhuan yelled and stomped as he saw the other Lords leaving.

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows, "Why don't you go with them? Ah, you must have other business to discuss with His Highness. And your name will make up for the vacancy on the list caused by these retreating Lords. Chamberlain, write Mr. Wang's name and report to His Highness tomorrow."

Hearing that, Wang Jinhuan quickly turned and ran out of the chamber in a blink.

Yun Shang laughed out loud. She glanced at Prince Jing before turning to her maid, "Qin Yi, please bring the beverage to me. His Highness looks so drunk. We must help him sober up."

Qin Yi hurriedly carried the tray with the beverage to the Princess. Yun Shang scooped a spoonful and fed the soup to Prince Jing. Fortunately, the Prince hadn't lost consciousness. As the spoon touched his lips, he obediently opened his mouth and drank.

In between feeding spoonfuls of soup to Prince Jing, Yun Shang took turns to remove his shoes. When the bowl had been emptied, she helped the Prince to lie down on the bed.

She asked Qin Yi to fetch some hot water. Before her orders could be carried out, a figure suddenly entered the chamber. Her clothes were stained with blood. At the scene, the servants gasped in shock. In surprise, Yun Shang turned to look at the intruder. She recognized the person to be her maid, Qian Xin, whom she had asked to protect her mother. Why was Qian Xin here? She should've been by Lady Jin's side!

Yun Shang was alarmed and a sense of foreboding overwhelmed her. She grabbed the maid and asked, "Qian Xin, what has happened? Did something happen to my mother?"

Qian Xin hurriedly answered, "Your Highness! It's premature labor! Her Highness is in danger!"

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