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   Chapter 209 The Wedding

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Prince Jing's subtle rebuke shamed Lord Hua Guo and caused him much embarrassment. Lord Hua Guo grasped his fist tightly before he stood. He tried to justify himself, but failed. He fell on his chair with a bitter smile on his face. Lord Hua Guo couldn't blame Prince Jing for the way he spoke about his birth and foster parents. Prince Jing didn't know the truth about his lineage, so what he said made sense.

Seeing Lord Hua Guo's odd behavior, Prince Jing stopped smiling. He asked coldly, "Lord Hua Guo, what's wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell?"

Lord Hua Guo couldn't deny the observation. He nodded, "Yes. I'm feeling uncomfortable. I'll take my leave and return to the inn."

Prince Jing looked down at his teacup. He watched as the tea leaves floated in the water. He avoided eye contact with Lord Hua Guo, "In that case, I'll see you another time. Chamberlain, walk Lord Hua Guo out."

After Lord Hua Guo left, Prince Jing put down the teacup and frowned. He stayed in his chair for a long time before standing and walking to the inner room. He acted as though nothing had happened.

Yun Shang was leaning on the couch. In her hand, she held a medical book. Prince Jing sat beside the table and looked at the beautiful girl. Yun Shang seemed to be at ease. Prince Jing spoke after a while, "Lady Jin has returned to the Palace."

"What?" Yun Shang raised her head, half surprised and half worried, "Mother is back in the Imperial City? Why haven't I heard of this? She can't be in the Palace right now. There are too many things happening here. She is pregnant and in a delicate situation. It's not safe for her to stay in the Palace."

Prince Jing put a smile on his face to comfort Yun Shang, "I asked my people to pick her up secretly. I knew you would be worried, so I didn't tell you. Our wedding is drawing near, and I want your mother present. I know that you will not consider our wedding perfect without her presence."

It was unexpected for Yun Shang to hear Prince Jing mention their wedding. Her ears burnt from shyness. Yun Shang smiled, "I'd love to have my mother present, too. But I'm not in the Palace, and the Empress has regained her power. I'm afraid something might happen to mother. Can we let mother stay with us in the mansion?"

Prince Jing smiled. Love and tenderness reflected in his eyes, "Your mother is a Lady. It's against the rules for a Lady to live with a Prince. If we allow your mother to live with us, I'm afraid it would reflect poorly on us. You don't need to worry so much about her."

Yun Shang was disappointed and her expression conveyed her feelings. She knew it was impossible to let her mother live with them. But somehow, she had a feeling that something bad was about to happen. She felt insecure when her loved ones were unprotected.

Knowing what Yun Shang was possibly worried about, Prince Jing thought for a while before he said, "Don't worry, please. I will send more guards to protect your mother. Your father must care a lot about her, too. He hasn't had a child in many years. I believe he will do his best to protect Lady Jin and their unborn baby. I'm sure nothing will happen to her. Don't worry. Your father is the Emperor. If he wants someone to be safe in his state, nothing will happen to that person for sure."

Yun Shang remained silent after Prince Jing's reassurance. After a while, she nodded, "Fine. But I haven't seen my mother in ages. Can you arrange a meeting so that I can see her?"

Prince Jing shook his head, "Your mother is too far along in her pregnancy now. She has been carrying the baby for eight months. I saw her today and was surprised at how big her belly had become. She was exhausted after the long trip from Laifeng City. It is unrealistic for her to come and see you now. Besides, your health is not good either. You are not supposed to move too much. She'll be

wanted to dedicate herself to enacting her vengeance. Marriage was hence, least expected. She consoled herself by rationalizing that her marriage with Prince Jing had an ulterior purpose. She was not doing this for love. On the contrary, marriage to Prince Jing would help her gain more power and security. With such thoughts, Yun Shang thought she could be calm about this event, but after seeing the red color and all that it signified, her heart couldn't help but beat fast.

Despite the justifications Yun Shang thought of, she was terrified. She knew that there were variables that were beyond her control. She felt nervous about the unknown future.

Suddenly, Yun Shang felt something warm touch her hand. Her thoughts were interrupted. She looked down and found her hand being held by a thin, white hand. She smiled at Lady Jin's affectionate and reassuring gesture.

"Shang'er, are you afraid?" Lady Jin softly asked her.

Yun Shang hesitated before nodding.

Lady Jin smiled and comforted her in a soft voice, "Shang'er, you're smarter than mother. I have been a failure in my relationships, so I don't have anything useful to teach you. But there's one thing you need to keep in mind. The most important thing between a couple is not love, but trust." Lady Jin sighed before she continued, "I've watched Prince Jing grow up. He is a good man. I know that after you marry him, you will have a good life. Remember to support and love each other. I want you to be happy, both of you."

Yun Shang kept her head low and said in a soft voice, "I understand."

Lady Jin nodded and tried to blink back her tears, "You still need to greet your father at the Palace. Prince Jing is waiting for you. It's time to begin the ceremony."

Yun Shang stood and said, "Mother, I hope you can be happy, too." Then Yun Shang put her right hand in the madam's hand and walked out of the room.

As soon as she left the chamber, Yun Shang felt a warm hand slide into hers. Standing to her left, the person seemed to be supporting her. She paused. As a sweet and earthy smell enveloped Yun Shang, her lips curved into a smile. 'It's Prince Jing, ' she thought.

"It's time to start the ceremony. Ready the palanquin*."

(*TN: A palanquin is a covered seat carried on poles held parallel to the ground on the shoulders of two or four people. It was used to transport persons of importance in Ancient China.) Yun Shang climbed onto the palanquin. The servants sang in a melodious chorus to announce the beginning of the wedding ceremony. After a slight shake, the palanquin was lifted.

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