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   Chapter 208 Lord Hua Guo‘s Visit

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As they stepped into the front Hall, Qian Yin helped Yun Shang into a chair. The Princess hadn't married Prince Jing yet, so Qian Yin draped a curtain made of crystal beads in front of the chair. As she settled into the chair behind the beads, Yun Shang wondered about Lord Hua Guo's true intentions.

Not long after, the chamberlain escorted Lord Hua Guo into the room. Yun Shang turned to study the man. Although she could only see a silhouette through the curtain, she could tell that the man was in his seventies. Despite his age, Lord Hua Guo still radiated a majestic demeanor. He seemed healthy as he kept his back straight and steps steady. He didn't seem to be afflicted with the symptoms of old age.

Yun Shang flashed him a smile and ordered the chamberlain to bring a chair and a cup of tea for Lord Hua Guo. Then Yun Shang said gently, "What a nice surprise. His Highness should've hosted you himself, but he is not home. As his betrothed, I'm bound by propriety. As I cannot unveil my face in front of a male guest, I must apologize to you for the discourteousness."

When he heard her explanation, Lord Hua Guo emitted a loud laughter. He bowed slightly to Yun Shang, "You flatter me, Princess Hui Guo. As an unexpected guest, I should be the one asking for forgiveness. My visit today is driven by curiosity. I've heard of the Prince's forthcoming wedding. Prince Jing is a prestigious man. Although I am from the State of Xia, I've heard a lot about the Prince's skill on the battlefield. It's quite a shame that I couldn't meet him on the battlefield in person. Considering his nature and achievements, I wondered what kind of woman had tamed him. Today, I heard that His Highness's betrothed has moved into his mansion. Curious as I was, I was so bold as to pay a visit. It's very kind of you to meet with me, Your Highness."

A gleam flashed in Yun Shang's eyes as she listened to his words. Although a generous smile was plastered on her face, the Princess sneered inwardly as she now knew Lord Hua Guo's true intention. Since Lord Hua Guo had identified Prince Jing to be the late Xia Empress's child, he wanted to know whether Yun Shang was good enough for his extraordinary grandson.

"You are too kind. His Highness would be overwhelmed by your praise. He used to say that Lord Hua Guo is gifted at military affairs. The Prince also said that Lord Hua Guo is better than him at marching an army. In His Highness's opinion, it's quite a pity that he didn't meet you in your prime years. Although I'd see it as luck that His Highness and you haven't fought on the battlefield." Yun Shang returned his compliments. She didn't dare to offend Lord Hua Guo at this crucial point as Prince Jing's identity was still unconfirmed. Yun Shang also didn't have the opportunity to speak with the Prince and understand how he felt about his supposed identity. However, the meeting with Lord Hua Guo reminded Yun Shang of the soldiers hiding in Mount Kirin, as well as the fight in the forest, and her injury. Although she had restrained her real emotions, complex feelings surged in Yun Shang's heart as she gazed at the old man. Placing soldiers on Mount Kirin wasn't a rushed plan, and surely Lord Hua Guo was involved.

"Really? He said that? Hahahaha..." As Yun Shang had expected, Lord Hua Guo was pleased. "Please tell Prince Jing that I would openly welcome the opportunity, should he so desire to test his skills."

Yun Shang chuckled and covered her mouth with her hand. She nodded to Lord Hua Guo, "I will relay your words to him."

Lord Hua Guo nodded. He tapped the armrest in satisfaction and smiled, "You are such a delightful girl, Princess Hui Guo. You could've been a good wife. If only you were not a Princess of Ning."

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows. It sounded as though Lord Hua Guo didn't think she was good enough for Prince Jing. But he made a point. If Prince Jing was truly the eldest son of the Xia Emperor, according to lineal primogeniture, he would be the Crown Prince by default. And if Prince Jing wanted to be Xia's Crown Prince, he needed to build a sound political foundation. Since he had grown up in the State of Ning, Prince Jing's status in Xia was unestablished. Thus, the only way for Prince Jing to thrive was through political marriage. In that case,

attract Prince Jing's attention.

Prince Jing continued to ignore him. Instead, he took out a package wrapped in oiled paper from his sleeve, and handed it to Yun Shang. "I had a meeting at Yuman Tower. They recently made a new pastry called Jasmine Blossom. It is made with taro and jasmine. I ate one and thought it tasted good. So I brought some for you. Feel free to have some whenever you want. But you can't eat too much. After all, you are taking medicines, and shouldn't have too many sweets."

Yun Shang bowed her head and accepted the package with a smile and a slight nod. "I see. Thank you."

Prince Jing nodded before helping Yun Shang stand. He asked softly, "Have you taken your medicine yet? I'll escort you back to your chamber. Please try to get some rest. You didn't sleep well last night either. You kicked your quilt off your bed many times. Although the weather is warm now, you still have to protect yourself or you might catch a cold."

Despite Yun Shang's ability to stay calm in difficult situations, she could no longer maintain her composure. She flushed red at Prince Jing's words. She glared at him, bit her lower lip, and didn't say a word as she turned toward her chamber.

Prince Jing grinned as he escorted Yun Shang to her chamber. Lord Hua Guo was still waiting when the Prince returned to the front Hall. Prince Jing pulled up a chair for himself and sat down. He then asked the servants to remove the crystal curtain. Then he frowned as he gazed at Lord Hua Guo. He said, "I've heard about the disturbances in the State of Xia. I'm surprised you had the time to visit Her Highness."

Lord Hua Guo coughed to conceal his feelings. He glared at Prince Jing before speaking plaintively, "When we happened to meet the other day, I felt that you are a promising young man with rare talents. Thus I paid a visit today."

As they were talking, the servants handed a cup of tea to Prince Jing. He lifted the lid and blew the tea several times before speaking calmly, "The late Emperor was a good teacher and a good father. He treated me like his own son and taught me everything he knew. But I don't think I have to elaborate on how extraordinary a person he was. I'm sure that you are fully aware of his military prowess."

Although Yun Shang wasn't entitled to know about political affairs, the Prince was, and he was intentionally wounding Lord Hua Guo with the facts and the praise. Shamefaced and angered, Lord Hua Guo said bitterly, "Father? But I heard you were merely his adopted son, Prince Jing."

Upon hearing that, Prince Jing turned his gaze to Lord Hua Guo. He smiled mockingly, "I am an adopted son, indeed. But he cared for me deeply. I am fortunate to have been raised by the late Emperor. Sometimes foster parents are kinder than biological parents. In my case, it is clear which was better and which is worse."

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