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   Chapter 207 The Visit By Lord Hua Guo

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Yun Shang didn't sleep well. It had been a long restless night for her. She felt as though someone had pressed on her shoulder, causing her great pain. She didn't even have the strength to open her eyes. But she kept trying because somehow, she felt that there was something really important that she needed to do. She remembered having the same feeling when she was giving birth to Huan'er in her previous life. Huan'er had been a premature infant and she had almost died during the delivery due to complications.

"Your Highness, Your Highness......" Half asleep and half awake, Yun Shang heard someone calling her. The voice seemed faint and distant. After some time, she felt a person come closer to her and hold her. She felt some medicine being placed in her mouth before Yun Shang heard the cry, "Bring the physician here! Hurry! Take my horse!"

The voice seemed genuinely worried. The deep concern reflected in the voice almost made Yun Shang cry. 'Who is it? Is it Mo Jingran?'

Yun Shang felt her head became heavy as she thought about people and events from her past life. She fell asleep again. Since she had been unconscious, Yun Shang didn't know what had happened. However, once Prince Jing learned of her injuries, he became furious. He took action against Grand Councilor Li, Xia Houjing, and all other persons who were involved in the events that led up to Yun Shang's injury.

Yun Shang woke six days after their trip to Mount Kirin. When she woke, she felt like her body was falling apart. Yun Shang opened her mouth. Before she could say anything, Qian Yin quickly asked her, "Your Highness, Your Highness. How do you feel now? Are you awake? Are you feeling any better, Your Highness? Are you thirsty? Or do you want to eat something?"

Qian Yin threw several questions at Yun Shang all at once, which made Yun Shang want to laugh. But even the idea of laughing took too much strength. The Princess almost passed out from the growing pain in her chest from suppressing her laughter.

"Your Highness, don't speak too much. Let me do the talking. After you and Prince Jing returned from Mount Kirin, you passed out. The imperial physician diagnosed that you were seriously injured. Prince Jing has been by your side all these days. He hasn't rested much. He was required to attend to an urgent matter which is why he is not by your side. He should be in his study now. Please don't think that he isn't concerned about your well-being. I'll tell him that you are awake." Qian Yin rushed outside after she had finished speaking.

Her behavior made Yun Shang want to laugh again. Qian Yin didn't even wait for Yun Shang to answer any of the questions she had thrown at the Princess.

Yun Shang couldn't stop thinking about what Qian Yin had said. Had Prince Jing been by her side all this time? How many days had it been? She had lost all sense of time. What day was it?

Yun Shang looked around

knew that it is not convenient for Your Highness to move or walk too much, so he asked his servants to bring the wedding robe and jewelry for Your Highness to try on. If they don't suit Your Highness, he will ask the craftsmen to make some adjustments. His Highness also asked me to convey that on the day of your wedding, You Highness can leave from Prince Jing's mansion to greet His Majesty and return afterward. According to the wedding ceremony, Your Highness and His Highness are supposed to cruise around the whole Imperial City. His Highness canceled the long trip as it would be exhausting to Your Highness."

Yun Shang smiled but said nothing. Qian Yin was the younger of Yun Shang's two personal maids. It was Qin Yi who normally took charge of such household matters. Qian Yin was a quiet person by nature. Yun Shang wondered when Qian Yin became so voluble.

While they were talking, the chamberlain entered. "Your Highness, Lord Hua Guo from the State of Xia is requesting a meeting with you."

Yun Shang's expression changed. She was reminded of Lord Hua Guo's words in the forest on Mount Kirin. If Prince Jing were the eldest Prince of the State of Xia, then Lord Hua Guo would be his grandfather.

"Have you told Lord Hua Guo that Prince Jing isn't here?"

The chamberlain quickly answered, "Your Highness, I have told him so. But Lord Hua Guo said that he would also love to meet you. His Highness told us that as the Princess Consort, Your Highness can take charge of everything in the mansion during his absence."

Yun Shang quickly summarized that Lord Hua Guo had come to visit her not Prince Jing. Given Lord Hua Guo's power and resources, it would be easy for him to know whether Prince Jing was in his mansion or not. He had come to the mansion an hour after Prince Jing's departure, which indicated that he wasn't here for Prince Jing at all.

Yun Shang pondered before she nodded, "Please bring Lord Hua Guo in."

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